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I tried to make my look edgier because Grammy’s… Hi, my name is Grace Helbig. If you did not know, now you know. Your life is different now! You can read the title of this video, so lets get right into it! Caveat! I have not watch the Grammy’s at all tonight. They’re currently still happening. I’ve been seeing lots of tweets from Tyler Oakley about… how shook… he is… … uh… … oh … there’s another one. So I’m sure much has happened. I have no idea. I’m just here to look at the fabrics on their bodies. Let’s do it! Skrillex! This is, like, how I think I look to the rest of the world on a daily basis, but deep down, I know it’s incorrect. We have extraordinarily similar aesthetics. T-shirt with chain necklace and side-swept messy hair. I like this. You look like Skrillex. So that’s cool. That’s one thing I like about the Grammy’s; is that it feels like there’s no pressure to be completely formal. You can have more fun. I’m not saying that this is, like, super fun, but you don’t have to be… umm… buttoned up. Literally. Not a single button there. Tori Kelly! You’re the green dress, blond-haired version of that Flamenco dancer emoji. Very millennial! I’ve said in a lot of previous fashion review videos that Tori always seems to look like she’s smelling a fart. Multiple farts. A symphony of farts on the red carpet. And this looks like you’re smelling, like, the tail end of one small, possible fart. Cute! Enya. I. Had. No. Idea. This is what Enya looked like. I use the Enya song in so many of my videos and I had no idea what she ever looked like, ever. You look like you could be a second grade teacher that got a makeover on, like, the Today show. You are so nice looking. Adele! This is nice. She always looks great on red carpets to me. I’m a big fan. She’s just got such an elegant aesthetic to her. But I know you drink whiskey and get crazy. Which is why I just want to be friends with you but I know it’ll never, ever happen. Elle King! *gasp* You look like Coachella King… I’ll exit, oh… … yeah. I really like this because the dress is super elegant, and feminine, and there’s a flower crown. But her tattoos are still out and proud and I would love to see her just chain-smoking a box of cigarettes and shooting whiskey. Is that- for some reason it just, it all makes sense. This is like putting pepperoni in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Ryan Seacrest! You look like a couch. A cute couch. You look like you’re- you look like Bruno Mars dressed you, and that’s cute. Cute! Girl Crush! It’s not a real ball pit unless she’s got, like, a dirty old band-aid floating around in that skirt somewhere. Cute! Diplo. You look like a professor priest. Lady Gaga! Yes! Yes, yes, yeah, yes, yes, yeah, yeah, yes. Lets ask the Magic 8-ball. Outlook? Yesssssss! Give us a new era of WEIRD! Ughhhh! This makes me so happy. Gaga is notoriously crazy on the red carpet in terms of fashion, and it’s gotten a little tame, and then… yes! Give us biker badass. Here’s every available part of my chest I’m allowed to show you. S&M. BDM. M&M chic. That’s how you describe stuff, right? I love this. We got leather diaper. Arms that look like sexy car wash washers. You’re bringing back the chain wallet. The boots look extremely complicated, and you’re showing us just a slither of boob that we don’t get to see very often, so thank you Ga. Rihanna! Okay. Cumbersome at its best. I don’t hate this. Glamorous Sporty Spice on top, layered up-cycled truck tires on the bottom? Alright, I’m all for that. John Legend. Don’t you look adorable. You look fancy, be having fun. What’s on your tie? You can’t tell if, like, a fountain pen exploded on your tie or if it’s some sort of pattern. Either way you’ve got that permanent “I’m having a decent time” smile on your face. Classic you. Cute! Taraji P. Henson. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. I want to own this dress. This looks like you found a really beautiful purple satin dress and you made a quick trip to Joy’s Fabrics and DIY’d the s**t out of it. Patches are very trendy this season. I’m into it. Chance the Rapper. I would love to procreate with you. No pressure. Just throwing it out there. You always look so good, and interesting, and cool, and hip, and fun, and adorable, and you always seem like you’re having the best time ever! A good attitude never goes out of style. I’m… would like to just… Mmm! Solange Knowles! Ooh girl – yes! You look like a decoration that I got from Party City for like a graduation party that was kind of bent out of shape, but then you made it into a dress, and it looks good. I like that this outfit says “Symmetry? F**k that s**t!” It’s really pretty. Celine Dion! Yes! What? How? What? You look amazing! Oh my God. I am talking at such a high register. As if you’re like a dog that I’ve never met before that just ran into my house randomly. You look beautiful! Where’d you get that chess plate? Crate and Barrel? Jennifer Lopez! Oooooh- -kay. Also just wanna point out that this area of the female body; very trendy, this Grammy Award red carpet to showcase. I like that it’s very gift bag up top, and Grecian goddess on the bottom. Unexpected combo. Cute. Katharine McPhee. Everything’s very sleek. Like, everything’s been put into place. Looks like a little bit like you might taken a monster s**t. But that’s okay. Cute! Laverne Cox. Don’t do this. Don’t do this. Don’t do this. Don’t do this. Don’t. Do. This. To us. This is very good. Katy Perry! Oooh! Can I say I really like blonde Katy Perry. Can I also say I’m really not trying to copy her hairstyle. I like everything that’s happening here. So many textures, so many fabrics. It looks a little bit like a muppet that’s sneaking into the Grammy’s dressed as Katy Perry. They just put on a Katy Perry mask, and just like, try to put a dress on as far as they could, and they couldn’t get all the way down their muppet body, they’re like “This’ll do. Just hold onto the hip area”. Demi Lovato! Ooooh! You look like the sexiest doily I’ve ever seen. Like I said, this area. Side boob – f**k off! Give us inner boob 2017! You look amazing. You look like a sexy dream catcher from Urban Outfitters. I’m into it. Faith Hill! Got the- this area memo. I think this is pretty. You wear a red dress you look pretty. I don’t know what else to say about it. Heidi Klum… is there. She is, yes. I missed you girl, and I gotta say, pretty conservative for you. Just a subtle chain mail dress? All right. You do look a little bit like you’re going out for the night on the Jersey shore. But real elegant though. Very, very elegant though. You’re gonna get so many free test tube shots. Charle XCX! Oooh, this is so elegant. Also, I’ve no idea where the carpet stops and your dress starts, and that’s cool. Carrie Underwood! Also got that inner boob memo. And you’re doing another “red carpet as a dress” dress but with glitter on it. Cute! I gotta say, though, I’m a little concerned about the slits that go straight up into the vagina, but… maybe it’s far more breathable. So you do you girl. Halsey! Okay. Yeah. Why the f**k not? We got our inner boob. Thank god. Are these pleaded, cargo, hammer pants? It’s like you took every trend that a guy could wear to not get laid and put them all into one pant. And you were like, I could f**k anyone that I want to. Sexy, mafia-inspired track jacket on top, and like virgin IT guy glamour on the bottom. Why not? Nick Jonas. Got a spray tan. And… owns a Bedazzler, apparently. Pentatonix! You guys… look incredible. You look sophisticated, edgy, fun, young, talented, kind, rounded, coy, modest, full of humility, work ethic and… *coughs* Sorry, my body is failing because I’m just… Beyoncé. *sighs* It’s Egyptian space Coachella and I wasn’t… ready! This is how you do a flower crown, people. This is, like, Virgin Mary imagery meets Cleopatra, meets modern day Coachella in chain mail, meets tribal flower child. She’s just- she just decided to do every genre of everything all at once, and… errrgh… I … believe in God again? Okay! There is my commentary on the Grammy’s red carpet fashions. Let me know what you guys thought and what your favorite look was in the comment section down below. And if you liked this video, give it a thumbs up, and click this button to subscribe to this YouTube channel. Um… I- my brain has- I got- I’m going to- I can’t- I’m I have to leave now because I have to go watch Beyoncé’s performance. Okay? You understand. I don’t know. CeeLo Green. Yep, this is good. I hope this is commentary on how the Emmy trophy has an unrealistic body image, and this is presenting an alternative, healthy, realistic body image trophy figurine. Thank you.


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