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Grammy || Baku Series S3:E2

They gon’ think I won a Grammy, They gon’ think I won a Grammy, YUH Gotta thank the homies, Gotta thank all my fans, & everyone who supported me. All them haters, got SWEPT UP. YUH. Look, I only got one song, but you know I only had to do it to em one time. (APPLAUSE) Hol’ up, I got to make a call real quick. Hello? Yung Cash Register, AKA LIL BROOMSTICK. Brody, you watching the Grammys? for what? I just won a grammy, YUH. I don’t know anything about your grandma. Nah, bruh. I got an award for my latest song, Swept Up by Yung Cash Register, a.k.a. Lil BROOMSTCK. you know I started from the bottom. YOU STILL AINT GOT SHIT GOIN ON. dropped outta ICDC College, to make it out here. YUH. Soundcloud game on point, My clout maxed out, My paper looking major, And my speakers too loud. LooK You really need to get your ass on Told you I was gonna get this Grammy bro. I’m on stage right now. My song went, Quadruple platinum, in 3 days. no features. that weak-ass song I vro you man jealous right now, but I’m offer you some redemption you will get clout Okay, yuh I’m back at it homie. I’m coming for the gramy. ight you not gonna be on my phone again wrapping that bull? (disconnects line) (recalls) Think you lost connection homie pay that phone bill Yuh, you need to get off this soundcloud shit get off my phone and get off this BULL i was poppin and Crackling I got some rice krispies, and then I started snapping I know my people miss me y’all know I get his slapping. You ain’t never had shit slapping I’m working on these lines but uh My dick look like salami your girl call me Mommy. Yeah BREH Okay, you may not win a Grammy But you gonna get an Oscar for acting like you ain’t trying to hop on this track You won’t get an Oscar for acting like these lines ain’t trash. I told you time and time again. I’ll have to pass Sam I am looking at you think you got more sauce to young cash register aka boom-boom state Think again, homie you’re just a hate and asshole with no kraut stain broke boy (gaud pay yo billz son) That boy so mad that boy Unbelievably mad, I knew he wasn’t about it. I I got the Grammy. I got the clout. I got sauce Hey, who stole my Grammy?


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