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Grammy Awards to Present Tribute to Victims of Gun Violence

Grammy Awards to Present Tribute to Victims of Gun Violence The common thread with these artists is that they all played at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. That was the festival upon which Stephen Paddock used legally purchased firearms to kill 58 innocent people and wound hundreds more. According to The Wrap, the Recording Academy wants to “honor the victims lost to gun violence and terrorism at various live music events over the course of the past year. Recording Academy president Portnow said:. Live music events have always provided a safe space for fans to gather in a shared celebration of music. Sadly, that wasn’t always the case this past year. We believe it’s incredibly important to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in these senseless tragedies, and to remind musicians and music lovers alike that live music will continue to be a powerful force that unites us all. Grammy Award executive producer Ken Ehrlich added, “In many ways, our show encapsulates the year in music. Although that usually means a focus on achievement and excellence, sadly, last year was marred by a number of senseless tragedies that took place at live music events. We didn’t feel like we’d be doing our jobs if we didn’t reflect on these tremendous losses.”. No political motivation or agenda was suggested. Rather, just a tribute to those killed in Las Vegas and other concert venues during 2017.

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