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Grammy Awards Bruno Mars & Olha o Gás – Making Noise #01

Today we decided to come and talk, let’s talk about the musical news that happens in the world And everyone will have the right to look for a news and we will talk about this news Comment on who you want!
Who wants! Who does not want to, then you can also comment there, then no, now that you are Watching now, you can comment there!
Makes sense! Now, that’s not Anal! It’s Now! Okay, it was you who spoke! Hey, what trip is this trip? There is every joke, that it was better not to hear! Are you connected? Dona Maria, who liked to pitanga rose in the foot of mango to taste passion fruit Fell from there, ripped his buc…. sewed with black line for anyone to distrust His Manoel, tinho the hairy chick and made the face whistle, Fiu fiu !!!! Save some people! We are here at Making Noise !!!! It’s us! Well then, for us to start the first news today, talk about the 2017 Grammy That we will have, nothing more, no less, that the participation of Bruno Mars Okay, you’ll be making the most of this new 24k album. Whatever you say in passing is a fucking album, right man!
And it’s expensive, does not it? Damn, 24k Bruno Mars guy, has been releasing, he has been rescuing this new line of Funk, right! Bringing, since his clips, has that most funky footprint, older school, And it’s time, why is it a Funk that does not have “my dick loves you”, for example Too bad, it starts that way, right, In fact, FUNK, FUNK, we know that Funk, Funk.
Funk is that quality Funk, James Brow James Brow, homesick James Brow
The Funk we have here hurts! It hurts, it depends, mainly
Mainly if my dick loves you Ringing bell
Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee You see, someone just came in. This is a
recording and somebody is ringing the bell. Here, it’s not going to cut a fucking mess But now it’s mine, I have rights, I want to talk, mine was special, I got it Give me Daddy!
Give me Dad, give it to me! Boy, stop! Look at this news, old man, this is
awesome. Those news that change the world! Look at the news, Paula Fernandes and Marina Rui Barbosa pose with flowers [ laughs ] Dude, I do not know I did not understand
what he said! I did not understand! How nice!!!! Send her, call her, I’ll tell her Put
that good little thing, that’s good! NO But I also did not understand what a subject of this is doing in a respected music portal, you know! Man, this is very complicated, why the guys, like that, sometimes they have no stuff to throw But, what flower, do you want a flower? What flower?
Flower is the name of the song, at least, fuck! And the plastic flowers do not die right!
As the Titans would say! No, but that’s what I’m fucking
like, since there’s no matter? It has so much musician, artist. There’s a good thing. No, You have to say that Mariana Rui Barbosa posed with flowers No, and with Paula Fernandes !!! Although Paula Fernandes has been giving some lately huh! Let’s not even comment on the subjects because it’s the bone too! I found this very sensational.
Orra! With flowers, right? I’m going to drop mine now, which I’ve seen from Anereu’s hand here. And I think mine has to be Before his, to close with the golden key Nothing more or less, than Bruno and Barreto, great Bruno and Barreto Great, who is it? They count [laughs] I do not know They tell, in the matter it says thus:
Bruno and Barreto, rely on the strength of the interior To grow up in the country One minute! Is it the strength of the interior? He is meditating The force that comes from within? Need to see if he started doing
Acupuncture That Chacra stop should be! The nests, here the shovel! That stop It’s going on a lot of Psy Trance party, it’s on.
The mantra! The Shiva! I swear, I thought about providing, as we live on the hinterland, providing an outlet there from home for them [ laughs ] But the following, needing a strength of the interior has the ESEnergy that makes solar plate there It is true! ESEnergy, put the solar panels in the show, Every infamous joke! Old Just can not do show at night! [ laughs ] Nope, but one thing that’s serious, alas, about the news! That the strength of the interior By the way, the little joke, it was cool, infamous, fine! Po, the tip is the people, support the people of your city, who makes music there too! Good!!!!
[Applause] Let’s strengthen the movement there! Give that strength there Someone said something It’s a nice thing, I think it’s worth talking about here. Is that sometimes the staff gets very focused.
Oh, let’s go on the show because it’s São Paulo It’s in the Palmeiras arena, it’s in Maracanã, I do not know
what, Man, there’s a lot of good show also rolling inside! And the guys inside go a lot in the face shows!
Many of the people who were in the capital seeing Gun’s, we had, do not know what, do not know what there.
It’s like, 80% of the guys from the interior that stayed locona There, got a handle, bought it and went. So old, it’s worth bringing good show for the interior too Giving encouraged for the local artist Also, it has
a lot of good face here that does not give value Everybody starts In addition to the event
producer know that they have an audience The event producer has to know that he has to give opportunity to good people Even has a post, which is rolling, rolls a lot on Facebook. I think it’s sensational! I think I’ve shared it a few times already! That is, to which musician you are a fan today!
He already started one day, he was already someone’s fan! It’s already gone.
And even today it’s still Everyone starts! He was once friends with someone.
So value yourself, if your friend has a talent Sometimes it is not only in music, but it is in art, in any, valorize face, value your friend’s talent Give the opportunity to pay 5 reais, pay to watch the guy play, sometimes you go there And see a fucking talent you did not know your friend has! But anyway, let’s go to the next news! In recent weeks, the Gas Funk! [ laughs ]
Bombed the internet! Have you seen this? This gas rub is terrible Mano, I’ve heard
this business since I was a kid. Ultragas Oh the guys made a funk hand !!!! No, but did you see the guys?
Have you seen the dance of the video? This is it!
And it will be the Hit of the carnival! All coordinated! Coordination is what you’re having here! O the Gas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope so!
Why do not I have to listen, it gave me a wave! This is at least funny! I’d rather hear the gas canister than hear my dick love you! So the guy starts like this: it said that I’m going to do it, no, no, not at Carnival! At the carnival, can not you say it?
No, you gotta get it done! [ laughs ] Gives mo trampo mano, not carnival! Dad lie!
For today it was! huh! This is the old Making Noise!
Let’s finish this, old man! After that! I think it’s important that you guys watch and see the content as such a fun thing And the people you do not like, please do not sue us, why are we starting here! We’re starting, like I’m going to have to prostitute myself to pay More?
Will not give that money! How do you sign up?
Sign up there! Come in, leave it like, if you liked it, click on liked it, if you did not like it, click on liked it too Why it’s on the side, it’s already there!
You have to enjoy !!! Comment !!! Let’s help the brothers!
So this one was the Making Noise !!!!!!!!!! Did you like Linão?
It was kind of crap yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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