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Grammy Awards 2019 REACTION (Eng Subs) | DIGT

Today I didn’t even have to use my AK I gotta say, it was a good day Alright ladies and gentlemen. We’re back. We will talk about the Grammys. And to be more precise about the HipHop acts. Music. For this we will go through our professional A4 papers. Best music video. That was a very nice announcement. Both of you simultaneously. This is America Yes. Yes. Justly. Justly. Ape Shit was nominated too. Beautiful video.
Recorded in Louvre. I have to admit that Childish Gambino really had the best video of the year. Easy. Easy. Simply the best video of the year. With a hundred meters head start. I remember it to be a hype the day it came out. Hectic Conversation** Even NOS (The Dutch BBC News) reported it. Director: Hiro Murai I know him because of Earl Sweatshirt – Hive. And he worked with Childish Gambino already in the past on his video for Sweatpants. That is a very bizarre video. Describable as his kind of style. Aronvg: Comparable to Tyler the Creator. Best Producer: Pharrell Pharrell wins the price for best producer of 2018. Kawi: And you do not agree on that.
Luciano: No get out of here. Luciano: Pharrell, damn it.
Aron: Why that? Do you find him a good producer in general? Aronvg: I don’t find him that great either. There is only one real producer winner who happens to be Kanye West of course. He launched like 5 or 6 albums? He brought us 5/6 albums in one year. Bringing high quality in such a large volume. Each and every one of them very good. Even the one by Teyana Taylor, which I didn’t listen that often. Let’s agree on that he has been very active this year. More than Pharrell.
Luciano: Super active. All this was released in two or three months. I agree with you on your statement that Pharrell has won due to his pop-sound. To be honest I am a major Pharrell fan. And I think that he has the right to win. But if I put him next to Kanye in general… focussing on this year or last year. Then I have to side with Kanye.
That’s a thing I can agree on with you. A little.
-Luciano: Thank you. I see on my profession paper that Pharrell had Stir Fry. That was a cool one, not bad at all. Now we jump to best rap album. What do we think of this based on the nominees? Lucianio: Oh, oh, oh. And Cardi B has won. I really don’t know what to tell. She probably had worked very hard, I can tell. It’s neither the best rap album of the year, nor of this list. Kawi: Not even top 10. You know the thing with Cardi B? When we were little they sometimes gave losers a trophy. They call it an attendancy awards?
Luciano: A motivational medal indeed. Basically saying: You know… You’re shit. But you can have an award too. But that’s not what happened. What happened is that The Grammys decided to continue their… Stupidity. No, haha. Just to show how ‘socially correct’ they are, they gave it to a female rapper. Because they haven’t done it before and it is ‘super dope’. ‘So dope’.
‘So nice’. That album doesn’t belong there on that list at all.
Let alone win. I think it’s mostly because she had the most plays on the web this year. Even compared to Astro World?
Sicko Mode was the biggest track of 2018 I think. She just had a lot of bangers. Even with Latin singers. Summarized: Everyone was surprised. The three of us were surprised too. The whole society was surprised. And even Cardi B was surprised. Because? Cardi B has deleted her account. Temporary. She will be back of course. I think she will call it envy At least, that’s what I think she will call it. But listen. If everyone, nearly everyone who loves HipHop… Does not agree on this specific award win, in which she won the best HipHop album. Then it isn’t ‘an opinion’. This is what the public says. This is the way it is, Cardi. Taking other albums in mind too. Who deserved to win?
Who had the best Rap album? Kawi: Astroworld.
Aronvg: I think Travis for sure. Yeah, yeah. You? For best Rap album none of the nominated but Saba. If it was up to me. That was the strongest one. Strong. Absolutely. I agree. But this album will never be on the Grammys. I know. I am aware of that. But it should win in an ideal world. Won by Drizzy. God’s plan. Not surprising. Aronvg: Yes. Luciano: It is, man. What about Sicko Mode? Come on man. Look, I think the same. I do. Like you call it: The Bohemian Rhapsody of HipHop.
Luciano: This generation. I totally agree with you. But remember… It is the Grammy Awards. So the nominees were God’s Plan, King’s Dead, Win by Jay Rock, What the fuck?? Lucky You by Eminem.
Kawi: That’s so fucking random. ((Win)) It really is a random nomination. How did it end up there? Nice. But for the Grammys?? King’s Dead was a strong track. Yes it is. But lately I can’t stand it anymore.
Kawi: It deserves to be on the list, but shouldn’t win. I can still listen to Sicko Mode though. For real! I don’t know why, but it doesn’t get old. I really don’t know how. Luciano: It’s fo evah. And if I feel that It’s getting boring, I put on the music video and it becomes nice again. Kawi: It’s because you relive it. Praise the Lord by A$AP Rocky should have been on this list too. Who deserved to win? Aron: Sicko Mode. Period.
Kawi: Sicko Mode. **Repeating Sicko Mode one after another.** What a shame! Okay, wait. Now we jump to the song of the year. This is America, God’s Plan and All The Stars.
Luciano: Who’s track is that? Aronvg: Kendrick and SZA.
Luciano: The soundtrack? Luciano: Black Panther?
Kawi: Black Panther, indeed. Kawi: There were more tracks on the list but I wanted to keep it HipHop. Luciano: With ‘Sizah’ right? All The Stars.
Kawi: Yeah… You pronounce it as RZA? Aronvg: Really?
Luciano: SZA? No, I think it’s pronounced as Szaah. But you pronounce it like you pronounce RZA. Hectic Conversation** Yeah, but I know for sure it’s ‘Sizah’.
Kawi: Are you really sure? Luciano: Yes it is. Heavy Breathing. Whispering: ITSWRONG. Whispering: EXPOSED. Aron: Ok, Ok, Okay, guys.
Kawi (sarcastic): Damn, stuffy. Another Grammy for Childish. ((Gambino, who else?)) Aron: Well deserved, God’s Plan wasn’t that special. Not a Rap winner.
Luciano: Nope, Country if I am correct. Nominees: Black Panther. A strong one. Luciano: Meh, meh.
Kawi: I enjoyed nearly all of the tracks. Scorpion by Drake. What do you think Aron? That Scorpion by Drake could have won. Fucked up. I am a Drake fan, but all those tracks? What’s this compared to Take Care? Put those two next to each other. Take Care scores in my point of view a 9 out of 10. But with Scorpion he ‘Score-pions’ a… Luciano: Don’t know if this should be in the final cut… I think he scores a… A 5.3 ((out of 10)) **chuckle** Way too specific. How do you come up with 5.3?
Aronvg: I don’t know. Views From The 6 it was called, right?
That one was 23 times nothing. Kawi: 24 times nothing. 25 times nothing.
Luciano: You enjoyed it? ((To Aron)) Those tracks were good for the mood. For the winter. I find Scorpion better than that album.
Luciano: Me too. So I can’t say that Drake fell off. Aronvg: No, no, no.
Kawi: Sure, if you compare it to Take Care. More Life was better than Scorpion too. More Life???
Luciano: Yeah. Kawi: I don’t think so. But cool.
Take Care was better. And IYRTITL even more. That’s your favorite right? ((Drake album))
Aronvg: That one is /// hard. Luciano: Yes it’s my favorite.
Kawi: And yours? Take Care? Aron: Take Care.
Luciano: Yeah Take Care is fucking good. There are not a lot of people who agree with me but:
Nothing was the same. Kawi: That’s my favourite.
Aron: Meh. Meh.. Luciano: I think a lot of people agree with you actually. Beerbongs & Bentleys by Post Malone was nominated too. I can bear it but it wouldn’t turn it up myself. Surprisingly H.E.R was nominated too. Nice that she had been nominated.
Kawi: Sure. I’m happy for her even though I find it ‘slow music’. Aron: I find it good music. Aron: But you’re not into slow R&B. Kawi: Not even a bit. I hate it. For real, I don’t fuck with slow jams, those RnB things.
Aron: I don’t know why, but I do. Aron: What about you?
Luciano: Yes I do like it. Frank Ocean… He has a couple I really enjoy. Like Pyramids. Nice that she had been nominated.
She had been nominated for more. Sorry, man. I try to work on my future, over here. Luciano: Your future? Look where you are. ((office building)) This is the only thing I have left, Aron. Do you want to take this away from me? H.E.R. She had been nominated for a lot of Grammys.
I like to see that. Although it’s not my cup of tea. But it is nice to see how fast one can come up. I’m really happy that Black Panther didn’t win. You dislike it?
Luciano: No I like it. But if I have to hear King’s Dead one more time I’ll get bored of life, for real. Especially when it begins with ”Haaaeeee”
I’ll be: No. No. So I’m happy it didn’t win. What about Future? His part? Oh, shit. You’re right. (sarc) Yeah, Black Panther should have won. Nathan. Thanks for the beats! -Thanks a lot.
-Very sweet. I just took a sip of your coke when you were not looking.
Did you know? Asshole, are you serious?
Luciano: Yes. Umad? Nah, man.
Luciano: But since you know now, does it piss you off? Nope. I’m not germophobe.
But I do find it fucking random. And all that while you’re chatting. Aronvg: How come you didn’t notice?
Luciano: I really did that. Hectic Conversation** It’s Valentines Day tomorrow and he is practising.
Drugging his victims. ((Irony. Don’t get offended, twat)) Thanks for watching, man!
And see you next week! That one contained power.
Luciano: Who am I now?


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