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Grammy Awards 2012 – Performances and Meghan Tonjes’ Predictions

LAUREN GOTTLIEB: The 54th annual
Grammy awards are live Sunday night. The Grammys are by far the most
entertaining awards show of the season, with performances
that are sure to be talked about the next day. This year’s lineup is Nicki
Minaj, Adele, Coldplay, Katy Perry, and Bruno Mars,
just to name a few. Let’s check in with Meghan
for her Grammy picks. MEGHAN TONJES: Hey guys, it’s
Meghan Tonjes, tonjesml on Youtube, and I’m here to give
you some of my Grammy predictions for DanceOn. For album of the year, for me
it’s clearly between either 21 by Adele, or Born This
Way by Lady Gaga. And I want it to be 21, but
I feel like it’s gonna be Born This Way. So for song of the year, three
of my favorite artists are in this category, which makes
it impossible. I have Mumford and Sons and
Bon Iver, but I think that Adele is totally gonna take it.
(SINGING) There’s a fire starting in my soul. Like, that gets stuck in
your head, and you can’t get it out. Then we have best new artist. I would love for that to be Bon
Iver, I think he’s genius, but I think Nicki Minaj is
actually gonna take it. Then we have best pop
solo performance. I think that Bruno Mars actually
might get this. Like, his vocals on
that are insane. So I think the best pop solo
performance is going to go to Bruno Mars. Then we have best
dance recording. I’m gonna have to give this to
Robin, Call Your Girlfriend. I think that that track and that
album is kind of genius. So if there’s any song here
that like, if it started playing, I’d totally be in a
club dancing, it’s Call Your Girlfriend. It’s a little bit angsty,
it’s a little bit dance. Crying and dancing is always a
good thing, at least that’s what they tell me. And finally, we have best
dance electronica album. I want her to, I want her
to win all the Grammys. So I’m going to give best dance
electronica album to Robin, Body Talk Part 3.

  • The talented and beautiful Lauren Gottlieb always does a great job on these weekly reports. I look forward to them every week.

  • This Meghan .. tells that the song of the year is rolling in the deep and she cant tell the first sentence..

  • well she c play many instruments, can write mny songs is trained in classical, jazz musical theartre and pop etc…imnot saying adele isnt good cozshe is. and sh is extremly creative and mixes art and music and fshion and technologie an has thetricallity. also why bring up image ive seenher with no ake up in her books? soo what?

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