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Grammy Award-Winning Musician Ludacris’s No. 1 Tip to Be Prepared for Anything

Take a shot of cognac is the best
thing that you can do when you’re feeling bad
because it gets you right back up. To get into the zone, believe it or not man,
before a show I pray and really thanking God
that I’m living on my dreams and doing everything that I’ve set out to do
and accomplishing my goals because I feel like we have the number one job
in terms of, you know, it being therapeutic to get on the stage
in front of thousands and thousands of people and for them to know your music, and just have this job
that you’re being a, you know, a rock star. And just pray that the show goes right,
you know, you gather your loved ones and the people that have been rocking
with you on stage for the longest, every element, and I think it just gives us that boost of confidence and obviously reminds us
of how blessed that we are. So that’s my ritual, pray.


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