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Ok,good morning class. Good morning,Miss Jasper. Ok,so today we have a new student. Her name is Hui En,let’s welcome her. Please introduce yourself. Hello everyone, my name is Hui En. I come from Congo. Ok,so your first lesson, You said you”come”from Congo,right? It’s supposed to be… So you said’I come from Congo”is supposed to be “I came from Congo” In this case(past tense) you should say Ooo,i “came”from Congo.Thank you. Yes,ok, you can take a seat. Hello,guys! Hello! My name is Hui En Hello i can’t spoke English well,but I still want to join you. Oh,it’s”I can’t speak English well”,not”I can’t spoke English well” Oh,thank you! Do you want to join us? Yea!

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