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GOT7 HOTLINE #22 (Awards Ver.)

Today… (V sign) (V sign) We have a cute dance break prepared (Feeling sort of proud) I think… you guys have been wanting to see us perform these songs so please look forward to it! Let’s get it! (Mysterious cute dance break!)
(Off to pre-recording!) Hey, could you teach me that? Right (BamBam, the adorable student)
(Jinyoung, the kind teacher) – Right!
– From the top? (Thanks to Jinyoung who choreographed
‘THURSDAY’, BamBam mastered the moves) (#INTRO) (#COME ON) (The dance break BamBam mentioned!)
(Cute and lovely members) (‘COME ON’ REMIX VER.)
(The dance break is over) (and the ‘THURSDAY’ performance
follows right after!) (#THURSDAY) (Cheering for GOT7 as always)
(Well done, I GOT7 ♥) (Feeling proud) I’m hot I don’t get why it’s so hot in there (Can’t let go of my mini fan ♥) It’s cool! (Happy) (Happy) CHEERS to your beautiful eyes…★ (JB’s line came out of nowhere)
(They’re ignoring him) (Flustered)
(Why aren’t they responding?) (Met eyes with Jinyoung) (Looking guilty) (Jinyoung, wait for me…★)
Jinyoung! (JB’s sad-looking back) (Why did they prepare cute-looking
GOT7 characters?) (To pick a member and send
a new year’s message for 2020!) (Careful) (Careful) Oh! When I think about this person I’m so grateful! He was… there for me when I was weak mentally when I wasn’t feeling well physically and when I was feeling down He was a huge help for me During 2019, thanks to this guy I could hold on until now (Which member is it???)
Thank you so much (Did you fall for it?)
Yes, it’s me 🙂 (Confident) (2019 has been a great year)
Thanks, Jackson! (Goodbye) See you next year! (BamBam’s turn)
(Which member did he pick?) (BamBam…★ Did you pick yourself?)
Oh (Flustered) Well… I picked myself What… should I tell myself…? Okay, well… Things can be difficult at times but I’d like to say that you’re doing great You’re doing great You did a good job in 2019, BamBam The mistakes you made this year… don’t repeat them next year So try harder You’ve always dreamed of the stadium tour, right? I hope you do well so that next year can be an even better year Have a good end of the year
and great job! (He hears a song coming on) (Kill this love) (I won’t miss a single song!)
(Playful BamBam) Yes, everyone! And I GOT7! Thank you for working so hard in 2019 (To I GOT7)
Happy New Year ♥ BamBam, good job (PHOTO TIME) (Don’t forget Yugyeom) I’ll hold him for you (BamBam looking out for his friend) Everyone! We finished our pre-recording today! We’ll see you tomorrow! Yes, see you tomorrow (Bye) (Bye) (#MBC) Ta-da ♥ (Picked JB who was right next to him)
Oh, it’s JB! (Shy mode)
Well, he… He has led our team in 2019 Leading six troublesome members must have been a lot of work I think that’s why his character
is still sleeping (JB (Leader for 6 years running))
(Has trouble opening his eyes) He has his eyes closed He must be too tired I think that’s why There have been many hardships and many blessings We were to able to get past those times
since we all stuck together That’s what I think I’d like to ask for your support
in 2020 as well At this point, instead of saying
‘let’s do better’ I’d like to focus on building
great memories and sharing happy moments together (JB! Let’s build happy memories in 2020!) That’s my wish for myself and JB in 2020 (Shy) (Shy) (You know how I feel, right?) One, two, three! (It’s Youngjae…)
Yugyeom! (To the wrong person)
We worked hard on our album together… Oh, it wasn’t Yugyeom, it was Youngjae! (LOL) (LOL) Why would you do that? Oh, Youngjae, thanks for working so hard And it’s almost 2020, another new year It’s the Year of the Rat – Year of the Rat?
– Yes! – Oh, really?
– Yes It’s apparently the Year of the Rat, so… Since this is his year I hope everything works out for him! (Looking) (Looking) (Looking at Youngjae while thinking about
how to make fun of him) (JB found it!)
Oh, I know what I’m grateful for Thanks to Youngjae I memorized Lee Juck’s ‘It’s Fortunate’ (LOL) (LOL) He kept singing it in the car (Not just in the car, but also
in the waiting room) I know it’s something very small but it was fun to ride in the same car
with him (He was happy getting to and from work
in 2019 thanks to Youngjae) I’m being honest this time I wish you a happy 2020 Good luck to you in all your endeavors and I hope you can be happy In 2020 I’d like to ask for your support (From Youngjae, too!) (Watching the video of himself singing
‘It’s Fortunate’ at his brother’s wedding) From the beginning, I almost cried… I saw my brother’s face and I felt like I was about to cry but my dad… (Copying his dad at the wedding) was crying like this (Seeing his father shedding tears
helped him hold back his, lol) (I’m so sad) (Watching the video is making
Youngjae teary-eyed) My lips were like… (※ He’s trying to say they trembled a lot) My lips kept shaking (Youngjae in a beret) (JB & Youngjae)
(Off to do their collaboration performance!) (#JUST A FEELING) (Playful JB & Youngjae) (JB’s sweet voice) (The collaboration performance is over!)
(Youngjae wearing glasses) (Slowly getting into it) ♪ I’m different from them, DALLA DALLA ♪ Wow, that was cool Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick (Adorable)
(Youngjae’s version of ‘ding’) (A new year’s message)
(Who did Jinyoung pick?) (They must be soul mates ♥)
Oh, I picked Jackson Great job in 2019 It’s the end of the year and all so you must be tired from doing
a lot of performances Take care of yourself In 2020 I hope you stay healthy and
accomplish all your dreams I wish you all the best Thanks, man (Who did Mark pick?)
(It’s Yugyeom!) Yugyeom and I live close by so he calls me up sometimes and asks me if I’ve eaten and if I haven’t
we eat together (Yugyeom & Mark have been
eating together as neighbors) I felt less lonely because
we were neighbors Yeah, I think so Let’s also eat together in 2020 (Being adorable) (The selfie master appears) (Before taking a selfie
Jinyoung is checking his appearance) (Shy V sign) (Youngjae’s review of J. Y. Park’s concert)
I liked how there were multiple performances The show was divided into many parts so each part felt refreshingstuck with me the most (Youngjae’s favorite?)
That’s my favorite song by J.Y. Park It was awesome when
g.o.d songs came on ♪ When you’re tired ♪ I sang along to most of them I realized that J.Y. Park wrote
a lot of good songs He wrote a lot of hits, you know? People have more fun at concerts
when they hear songs they know (He had fun and learned a lot)
It was so fun! He was amazing (J.Y. Park) (Best) (Playful) (Playful) (#MBC MUSIC AWARDS)
Three, two, one (The members welcomed the new year
together as always) (The best ♥) Wow, it was so much fun I knew it They were all so talented and incredible! Good job! COME AND GET IT! GOT7!
Hello, we’re GOT7! Finally, everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! (So exciting!) It’s 2020 already You guys have stood by us always so we’d like to say thank you very much It’s a shame that all of our members couldn’t be together for the end of this year I hope you guys say healthy! Take care of yourselves Also, next year we have so much prepared (For GOT7 and I GOT7)
So, next year is going to be even better (To I GOT7!)
Happy New Year! ♥ (Bye) (Bye)


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