my friend I am currently reporting live from LA if you guys haven't already clocked from the title I am his PEP when I tell you that this is a Jew country like this is a fucking dream country I got invited out here by bees he took us to the BT Awards and to lift the whole beachy experience which I'm super super super grateful for we landed yesterday so I'm gonna just cut when I entered my room and the little room talk about two girls seeing my room I forgot my friend Harriet I am here leave his outfit she caught me off like imperfection also matter within actually penned this possibly be pretty pretty they gave you two beds not too embarrassing that's when I feel we actually look guys her you know this fucking view I said I was doing two staying at the Marriott Hitoshi that I've seen this room is really nice I got two beds in the back bitch said today a lot of fun stuff for going to the beach he experienced like day festival thingy and then also and then that we're gonna go to a concert so I'm gonna be taking you guys along with me and yeah let's get a bitches so yo girl is that the fucking baby fucking coca-cola stage where there will be performances ready for McDonald stage we're gonna be selling fried fish a bitch is supposed to be on excited it's the one thing I love about me is you know they prefer black beans with this there was a section of evidences or any of our line black million black fashion and don't say in who their brands was this is my little behind scenes and yeah I'm gonna come back seat as well class I have chick-fil-a for the first time and yeah wish me luck I'm in time yeah yeah and look at how these Americans are doing up Smirnoff do you fucking see the size of these later you guys like my job I look like a spanning Barbie I'm going to a basketball game so I'm just like a thought so that if I see the game he don't see that I'm about this guy Oh God two hours later the next day hi guys so today is the day today is the day of the BT Awards guys I'm wearing for your thing do you bougie bitch I'm so happy that I get to take you guys along with me because yeah like I said normally you're not allowed to record these things cuz they want it to only be shown on TV they don't want like behind the scenes and stuff like I said yeah BT gave me a media file so I get to record anything for you guys I do my gosh I was so concert last night and I was caught if you perform I wish makers perform was dope aiming for him and I just want to say that BT for the best concerts like their lineups are ridiculous like the staple center right the mood in the state personnel is just crazy honestly I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys I know I said it's good time but I'm just super grateful and I wouldn't be nothing without the people that watched me the people that support me I wouldn't be nothing but my friends and family that are always down to film videos with me and they're always down to you know like trashy on my channel and I wouldn't be nothing if it wasn't for you guys start subscribing and I wish me all the time so I just want to say thank you thank you thank you love you guys see you there is none of fucking waste time here is Octavian who you were in today don't know about ABC ever get to those Google that quickly yeah you get nominated today a new international best hat it was great it was good to start being done somewhere good day for the UK man but therefore the you can win something [Applause] how is Mike the body's dripping we don't get no better hello are you playing the bad guy again make sure you guys check out America so on BET's any 2020 [Applause] [Applause] was the trip that you have done now why are you wearing them have no recoil and I'm saying Liberty Prada and it's another plane with a big birthing bed how much you figure way together give us a total of how much oh and I had a jerk right now yes today today I cannot wait to come I'm gonna go guys [Applause] in the summertime baby we can do a scale or see which ones we can sleep a wink me now so the little cross is beef our channel put deep brown spots


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