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GOOD NEWS πŸ’₯ UK New Point Based System Explained πŸ’₯ | Get UK Residency Easily

Hi! Welcome to STUDENT FORUM. First of all
a very warm thank you for giving us so much love. We are now a family of more
than 10000 subscribers. Recently we ran a poll asking topic suggestions for
our next video. Going with a majority of votes, here is
the video on the UK point-base system. This video will give you a brief about
the current point system and proposed point system. You might be having a lot
of questions in your mind. Let’s answer them one by one. What is the
point-based system? The points-based visa system is the main UK immigration route
to come to the United Kingdom for working, studying, investing, or to get
training. It separates applicants into five tiers.
To be eligible for a visa in any of the five tiers, you must pass a points-based
assessment. these are the five different tiers. Okay, now let’s understand the minimum
required points for the current UK PR system. Tear-1. You’ll get highest
points if you below 28 years of age have done PhD or earning more than 40,000
pounds. In addition to this, you can also get additional points for IELTS and other
things. For Tier 2 visa, highest points will be rewarded if you:- Have done PhD,
have prospective earnings of 24,000 pounds and have certification of
sponsorship. UK government don’t call the temporary workers outside the European
Union. So, there is no use of Tier 3 visa. Tier 4 visa is mainly for the students. Under this, students need to score 40 points. 30 points for CAS and the other
10 points for maintenance. UK’s newly elected PM Boris Johnson proposed a new
immigration policy. Which is completely based on Australia’s point-based system.
this system will significantly benefit students workers and the one seeking
residency in the UK, especially from the Asian countries. But what is the need for
the new immigration system? As you know, UK is getting separated from the
European Union and now have a Brexit supporter PM as well during his
political campaign, he announced to implement post-Brexit immigration policy
based on the Australian point system. Current immigration system allows
employers to decide whether someone is qualified for the job or not.
But in Australia point system candidates are being selected transparently with
their academic and professional skills. The system in Australia is also
decentralized which means different states can try to attract migrants with
certain skill sets depending on the shortage of Labours. In certain areas of
the country you can learn more about Australia’s PR system by clicking this I
button here UK’s new immigration system will help it to take care of its economy
post brexit and also to get skilled employees. This new immigration system
can be made official post brexit. we will be the first to inform you about
this official announcement. If you don’t want to miss that video hit this button
right now and this one too. To get notification instantly after uploading
this video. By the way, you must hurt a lot about brexit is it going to good or
bad for you? Comment your views below. stay tuned. See you next week πŸ™‚


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