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we know how good Oscar Brown has been in the Spanish league scoring seven goals in 11 games and helping his team get to the top four in La Liga but in the last episode Oscar Brown took it one step further as he scored twice in the Europa League round of 32 helping his team reach the round of 16 one of the goals he scored was a sensational stride from outside the box and that was the goal that sent his team through to the round of 16 where they'll be facing by 11 of course if you're gonna be putting in performances like this you're gonna get the recognition and you probably deserve it as well and it's that time of the year where the Golden Boy award nominees are announced now this is an award given to the best under-21 player in the world the most promising the most talented and of course Oscar Brown has managed to get into the nominees which is huge he may not win this award but to get here itself is just huge is gonna be attending the event where he will see the likes of killin and bar pay Vanessa's jr. all along with him and if we can win this award it will be huge a long time ago it was Leo Messi who won at the Golden Boy award and most recently it was Mathias the league so some big names have managed to win this award and if Oscar can do the same it will be huge we'll see who wins this award Oh for now Oscar's got to remain focused because we've got some big games coming up for our Betty's I know these are exciting times for Oscar Brown but the focus needs to remain on what's ahead of him which is of course the Spanish Cup semifinals against Atleti and two games against my Leverkusen in the Europa League let's get this episode on the way hey guys how's it going it is s to G and welcome back to another episode of the mind flayer career mode series and oh my days it's today's episode massive first stuff just take a look at Oscar Brown's overall he's 73 dated now he's gonna fight seven ratings this season hopefully by the end of this one we will see Oscar Brown being 74 ated or possibly even more eleven girls so far in at 19 games he is on fire as I said now Pettis and Oscar Brown do have some really difficult games in this episode second leg of the Spanish Cup against Atletico Madrid in the first leg did not end well so we'll see how things go in the second leg also will be facing Bielema Kusum twice in the round of 16 of the Europa League Oscar a superb last time around in the Europa League can he deliver again hopefully he can honestly I've just got to thank you all for your incredible support on this series so far the lights the views it is just incredible and let's keep it going boys 1,500 lines once again would be absolutely brilliant and if you are new around here make sure to subscribe for more FIFA 19 career mode content be getting closer and closer to 100,000 subscribers so let's get there as soon as possible last episode we gave Oscar Brown some really cool tattoos and you guys really liked the look of it but the hairstyle well it was really mixed in the comment section some of you guys liked it some of you guys didn't so the plan is will use this hairstyle for a few episodes now and then we'll change it to something different like within two or three episodes and keep it fresh I think that's the best way to go about it I kinda feel like changing Oscar Browns celebration for a few episodes and we're gonna do exactly that some giving Oscar these stand tall celebration funnily enough this was a celebration Wayne Rooney did an when Oscar Brown has been dubbed as the next Wayne Rooney by a few people so kind of makes sense so we're gonna be using this celebration for maybe three or four episodes here's a quick look at our player objectives things seem to be going in our favor right now we just five girls away from completing the barn to score challenge the tink Eden challenge is probably gonna be one that we won't be able to complete it's just too difficult and this moment but we should be able to complete the more than a striker challenge very soon just two more assists needed and of course we're still alive in all three competitions maybe not so much in La Liga but definitely in the Spanish Cup and of course the Europa League and of course a few headers and volleys would certainly be helpful for the lethal poacher challenge for now though it is time for possibly one of our most important games of the season in front of our own fans the rial Betty's faithful will be playing Atletico Madrid we will need the fancies backing for this game because it is not going to be easy in that first leg Atletico Madrid vitas 2-1 now we do have the away goal part Atleti still have an advantage over us but if we can score early a one nil win should be enough to send us through to the finals it's gonna be a dramatic game against that let's see okay so after looking at the lineup I'm not that confident I mean look at our defense they're not fully fit at the moment they're having stamina problems and even in midfield players do look a bit tired so I'm not sure if we've got enough in the locker to overturn a 2-1 deficit we've got to believe in Oscar Brown and the rest of the teammates there you know scored a few girls and hopefully we can get the job done it's at home let's give the fans something to cheer for let's get right into it finds kike Garcia we're on the attack now cross comes back into Oscar or brilliantly lays it off to kike Garcia who does score Oscar and kike Garcia playing for the first time together and it's worked wonders Oscar Brown provides DSS tika Garcia with the finish and with that reality sub level things up in fact we've now got the advantage against that let's see on away goals we're going through to the finals off the Spanish Cup unbelievable start to this game now our job is to defend well after him against Atletico Madrid and although we didn't create the most chances in this half it's been the perfect game for us we've controlled possession from the first minute we've dominated that lets it go we've got the goal that gets us to the finals let's see what the second half brings but I'm hoping we can you know play in a similar fashion or Yorgos Oscar on a run there beats one I still Oscar Brown on his right foot goes for goal it's blocked but the shots taken on the rebound by I think lost cells so but it hits the post that is so unfortunate this is looking real nice both finds its way to Oscar tries to turn his man still Oscar on his right foot goes for goal but that is just wide a fantastic attempt there from the Englishmen but couldn't keep it on target out why Helena's back to Oscar Brown that's a brilliant touch there from Oscar can he go for gold he can are the keeper makes the save that is the outside foot short raid coming into use which we did unlock in the previous episode what an attempt from Oscar but to be fair from that position Oscar really should have converted Oscar gets the ball in a great spot fake shot pass one still Oscar Brown he's going for that goal now still Oscar goes for : Oscar ground with a sensational goal against Atletico Madrid and he's gonna do the new celebration as well Real Betis will be going to the finals of the Spanish Cup by the looks of it they've turned around a 2-1 deficit that's the kind of form realities have been in we were 16 at one point in the league but then we've turned it around we're now in the top four in La Liga and in the Spanish stop we've turned it round as well knocking out potentially Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals absolutely brilliant there is a reason why Oscar Brown has been nominated for the Golden Boy award and he's showing why he deserves to be on there a brilliant goal from Oscar he's second in the Spanish Cup and we've done it we've turned the round a 2-1 deficit against Atletico Madrid we want to nail in the second leg at home Oscar Brown shaking hands there with Antoine Griezmann I'm sure Griezmann would be disappointed after that but doesn't matter they are petit signed the finals of the Spanish Cup where we'll be facing a real Madrid comment of season big players deliver in big games in Oscar Brown has done exactly that a nine point three match rating for him a goal and an assist hundred percent passing percentage in this game as well Oscar's form right now is just unbelievable 25th May 2019 Oscar Brown said our betty's will be facing around Madrid in the finals of the Spanish Cup a chance for us to win a trophy I did not expect this at the start of the season but there's a real possibility of us doing exactly that I think for the first time in this series Oscar Brown is number one in terms of squad ranking for that striker position circularly on Danny Welbeck ek Garcia Lauren joylent and all of them are below him in the pecking order for that striker position just shows how good Oscars been this season as expected Oscar's not been picked for this one against it's a fait was literally a couple of days after that atletico madrid game but good the team again delivering Lauren and Canales with the goal as Ralph Betty's get another win in La Liga okay Wow so with that winner realities continue to remain in the top four of La Liga app let's go Madrid do you have a game in hand but even if they win that game they'll still be a couple of points behind us I have no idea how we've managed to get here in the top four imagine if we can secure Champions League football for next season that would be crazy would you believe it Oscar Brown is secured yet another Player of the Month award for the month of February funnily enough he didn't really play in La Liga March in this month but I guess even Copa del Rey games count and that is why Oscar Brown has won at this month's award which is great to see and of course he's going to get himself a beautiful purple 82 rated striker card in Altima team of which is awesome to see as well for now it's time for a trip to Germany as the real fetish will be up against Violetta cous in the first leg is away from home we got the job done in the Spanish dump can we get through the round of 16 and move on to the quarter finals hopefully we can Leverkusen are going to be a really really difficult team to face it's actually great to see that most of the players are fully fit for this one anyways Oscar Brown is starting up front alongside Garcia and of course brown and Garcia did combined really well against Atleti so hopefully similar stuff will be shown on the pitch those Celso starts as well in midfield well dardo William Carvalho Marc Bartra is back in the lineup after a pretty long injury which is huge strong team let's go out there and not Leverkusen out it's the first leg we need to get away goals on the score sheet this is actually an incredibly strong Leverkusen team they've signed Jesse lingard which is interesting 1b Sarkis well we know how good CAI have it says he's playing in midfield Volant and Leon Bailey as well this is not going to be easy or the pressure from Oscar Brown was too much for that player there and Oscar's trying to bring it inside but he ruined the chance and well that's well recovered by the by Leverkusen defence but you kinda expect Oscar to score from that situation oke k finds Oscar Brown massive transfer Oscar can he score from your Oscar chips the keeper he makes a big mistake going for the ding and of course the keeper saves that Oscar getting too cheeky there or here's Oscar Brown somehow keeps the ball and he goes he's pretty quick guys Oscar Brown on the attack could go for the cross he does go for the cross it is a brilliant cross but how on earth is Francis not stored there a massive chance gone for Albert he's we've had three unbelievable chances two of which Oscar's missed and this one was probably the easiest of them all Kevin Volland linking up well with his teammate and now it's a chance for Jesse lingard power Lopez making a great save both teams missing pretty simple opportunities it's a corner for by Leverkusen good delivery guy haveit's with the header Paulo PES keeping us in it good save from the Spaniard again never cruising on the attack once again Baumgart Liga with a great gloss sky hovers with an unbelievable attempted acrobatic effort I have no idea how power Lopez has managed to save that it that was just crazy stuff this half has been nuts with opportunities for both teams and both teams have literally wasted all of them Oscar Brown now on the attack tries to fake shot it doesn't work but William Carvalho sends Oscar through could this be the moment for Oscar Brown fan v1 against the keeper this time he does not mess up an Oscar Brown his foot Real Betis into the lead William Carvalho with the assist and on the counter-attack by Leverkusen couldn't contain him it was a brilliant run from Oscar he timed it to perfection William send him through and then Oscar did the rest a brilliant finish shot this time the keeper couldn't savor and after both teams wasting tons of chances finally Oscar's managed to get his team the breakthrough he continues to score in at the Europa League so it is full time against fire Leverkusen and we've got ourselves an advantage for that second leg we've beaten Leverkusen 1 nil but tell you what it was a tight game of football another very good game from Oscar 8.4 match rating in this one one key passes well a goal as well which was a sublime finish and there you go the guy continues to perform have a look at this with recent performances Oscar Brown has become one of the favourites to win the Golden Boy award the bookies have entered behind Rushford and Vanessa's Junior imagine if Oscar can win this award the season after Manchester United let him go the Real Betis were literally nothing that would be nuts on Oscars part as well as a stupid decision for monks the United spot but we'll see how things go if Oscar can win a trophy this season whether it be the Europa League or the Spanish Cup I think he's got a great chance of winning this award let me know in the comments section your thoughts on this device thing Oscar's done enough to win this award or are the other players just better as expected Oscar's not in a lineup for this one against Seltzer Vigo he strictly being used in of course the Europa League and the Spanish top games which I guess makes sense at the moment cuz realities anyway seem to be getting the job done in the league a three nil win against CELTA away from home that is nuts so it is time for that second leg against violent Kuzon as we face them at home we've got a 1 nil advantage from that first leg and we're playing in front of our own fans let's knock out by Leverkusen and hopefully we can do it in style have a look at this guy's Oscar's played only four games in the Europa League and he's in the 22nd position for the top scorers for the award with three goals so here we go it's time for the second leg against bio Leverkusen we've got a 1 nil advantage from that first leg but we cannot take anything for granted Leverkusen have some quality players like I have us and also it's gonna be a tough challenge but hopefully with the backing of our fans we should be favourites to get through by Leverkusen and move on to the quarterfinals of the Europa League not good as Leverkusen putting a lot of pressure on us and Leon Bailey almost equalizing therefore Leverkusen thankfully the shot from him was off target he's been in great form in at the Euro poly you would have seen his name with the top scorers list so we've got to be really careful when we defend against them oh no no no this is not good news it looks like Oscar Brown has picked up a knock this is terrible I'm hoping it's not serious tan Oscar continued I'm not so sure but it does look a bit serious alright so it does look like Oscars managed to jog the injury off and it doesn't look serious at all hopefully that's the case we'll only find out once the game has come to an end Leon Bailey pushing forward whips in a fantastic cross sky have Earths with the goal and well the advantage that we had completely gone just before the halftime whistle is by Leverkusen have managed to equalize and it's the goal from Batman Kai harvard's again he's one of the nominees for the golden boy awards as well so there you go kai Howard's delivering for his team and it's one all on aggregate now Leon Bailey combining really well with him and it was a deadly cross no chance for the keeper there for the first time in this series we're going to extra time this is not good news because the thing is 30 minutes more in this game left if Leverkusen's go one more they've got the advantage because of the away goals rule so we're in a tough spot now let's see what extra time brings oh this is looking nice there goes Oscar on the attack gets tripped but he still has the ball still Oscar Brown going for gold Oscar tries to shoot but that's well defended by Leverkusen did a top team – Linton on the attack now this is massive year's Oscar Brown's chance I'm waiting for some movement there's literally no movement Oscar goes for gold still Oscar Brown another chance maybe and that seems somehow the keeper has messed that up and Real Betis have scored in the 117 minute you cannot write this stuff guys real betis look to be the team that will be in the quarter finals of the Europa League it wasn't Oscar's festive games he needed to be bailed out by his team made and this time his team made of lives I mean look at that for a shot to be fair the keeper really should have saved that but he did and it is unrest worth order the captain who not makes one of the opposition players and still manages to score as he puts us into a 2-1 advantage on aggregate as long as we don't concede now we are through to the next round of the Europa League and it's done we are through to the quarterfinals of the Europa League the drama was just unbelievable in this tie by Leverkusen played their hearts out in this game they had so many chances to win this but they couldn't we had a few opportunities here and there but ultimately undressed guardado in the hundred and 17th minute or the hundred and 18th minute scored to send us through to the next round look at that traveled 3500 yards in a match Oscar Brown did that he put in so much effort into this game sometimes I just failed to understand this manager feedback system I mean look at this Oscar's got a 68% passing percentage but then the coach praises him about how is fasting is so good I just don't understand it we just about managed to scrape through by Levesque ruse and knocking them out to 1 over 2 lengths and the quarter finals we've drawn in sir Milan wow it's gonna be an amazing game a trip to San Siro what an opportunity this is going to be again for Oscar Brown he already traveled once the San Siro to play AC Milan but this time it is the other Milan club Inter of course looking at the other games Arsenal Hoffenheim Valencia iyx Frankfurt and Marseille some really big teams left in the competition so we end off today's episode with Oscar Brown being a 74 rated player I'm pretty sure he's very close to that 75 mark and also a few of his stats are edging up to that 80 mark sprint speed 79 finishing 78 love to see that we continue to do pretty well with our player objectives just three more goals to go for the bond to score challenge and also one more assist and we'll be done with the more than a striker challenges well we're in a Cup final so we've got a chance of completing the silverware challenge as well things are looking up for us I genuinely can't wait for that next episode potentially playing Barcelona at home we've got ryfi corner but most importantly those two in Semillon games quarter finals of the Europa League I can't wait for it man so that's that for today's my player career mode episode a lots happened especially with gameplay that came against Atletico Madrid was on drill and then of course the drama in the Europa League but hopefully you guys enjoyed today's episode and if you guys didn't like would be absolutely fantastic if you're watching my content for the very first time do subscribe for more FIFA 19 career mode stuff and I'll catch you guys next time


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