Gold Rush: Russia tops final Sochi 2014 medal count

goldrush continued for russia into the final day the host nation cementing their place at the top of the medals table with two further gold medals on Sunday the latest coming in the four-man bobsleigh event now Alexander zubkov and Alexey Voevoda were part of that crew meaning they've added to the gold that they'd already won in the two-man competition that was Russia's first bobsleigh gold since the fall of the Soviet Union they very quickly added their second elsewhere today there was a first for Russia at these games they secured a 1-2-3 gold silver and bronze they completed the podium in the men's cross country skiing in the 50k mass start Alexander Levkoff finishing first in what proved to be another thrilling climax so let's see what all of that has done to the medals table and as you say Russia outright leaders at the top the hosts lead it's their best display since the fall of the Soviet Union and an even more surprising turnaround as four years ago Russia put in one of their worst ever displays winning only three golds but it seems that the investment in coaching and facilities in the last four years has paid off 13 gold medals now and 33 in total but of course there is a fine line between success and failure and a fine line between a joy and despair my colleague Andrew farmer now takes a look at the highs and lows of Sochi 2014 the longest ever torch relay igniting the most expensive the most compact and one of the most-watched Winter Olympics in years against stunning backdrops gripping stories of heartbreak and joy emerged on a daily basis Russia's red machine taking seconds to light up a nation's heart then deflating it days later with a quarterfinal exit Russian figure skaters left the world dizzy with a veteran and a youngster helping them grab the first ever team gold but hopes have more glory buckled under a bad back a media hype heaped on tiny shoulders only for another star to sparkle and shine and take her country and fans to new Olympic heights the ups and downs came thick and fast and so did new Russians an American who married a Siberian sped to snowboarding gold for the hosts while a South Korean slipped to glory in short track repaying the faith of his new adoptive country these just some of the amazing Hollywood like stories searches produced to keep millions tuned in worldwide and should be remembered long after the Olympic flame finally goes out over the Black Sea Andrew farmer / RT Sochi

  • Medal count correction:  Russia  12 GOLD
                                            Korea:     4  GOLD.  You got that? 

  • Как  же  сильно  Американский народ  подвержен влиянию  сми!!! Они  до последнего  верили  и в  ручки  и  туалеты  и  прочую  ерунду желтой  прессы. Олимпиада  в  Сочи получилась  просто  превосходной. Спасибо Всем  спортсменам  и  спасибо  Путину. А  нашим  братьям Украинцам мы  поможем. Вам  пора  бы  уже  хоть  одно  обещание  выполнить  и  убраться  из  Афганистана, закрыть  гуантанамо и  не  лезть в  жизнь  других  стран и  народов. С  собой  разберитесь, американцы.

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  • Congratulations brother Russia! Everything was great just like you are! And those west can be only jealous lol. Greetings from Serbia, we are always with you!<3

  • Congratulations Russia, you made us proud…. Much love and respect from your Allie, Orthodox brothers and from the birthplace of the Olympics Greece

  • Russia's four golds were by the imported athletes An from Korea (3) and Wild from USA (1). Another gold was robbed from Kim Yuna of South Korea. Russia also bought one bronze through An. So, five gold and one bronze medals for Russia are not really legitimate.  

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  • In my opinion the last hockey game (which in my opinion gold means winning the Olympics) should have been us vs either Russia or the USA.  We easily took Sweden but congrats on Russia for being #1 in the gold count!

  • Russians are the hardest workers. Only one way to do what they did, relentless practice and determination. And it shows in the medal count. Hats off to them.

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