Gold Medal Plates 2013

it was an evening of sampling socializing and for the chef's sweating 600 guests gathered at the Delta Grand Hotel on Saturday the ninth for the grand finale of the gold metal plates competition here ten chefs from across the country came to compete for the title of Canada's champion chef of 2013 there is representation from Vancouver BC all the way to st. John's Newfoundland some great musical performances by Alan Doyle from the great big sea and Barney Bentall entertain the sold-out audience as they enjoyed food and wine hair by the chef's guests could also bid in an auction that raises money for the Canadian Olympic foundation over the past eight years this event has raised over seven million for the cause sold it at 9,500 way over there thank you very much great through the 10 competing chefs it was a journey to get here they had to first win a regional competition to qualify and then cook their way through two days of intense competition here the bronze medalist tonight he cooked lamb of the goat cheese crop that he puts see you later Pinot Noir it melted rebello from the hotel saskatchewan radisson plaza and Regina this is a test for any any chef every chef wants this once a big part met some awesome people here and made a lot of friends I love this experience it's a good feeling Milton made history that night by being the first ever chef from Saskatchewan to place in the top three it definitely was intense they're the best from every city in my v everybody's a winner everybody Savannah silver was given to Jamie stunt from Ottawa and then an unexpected winner was crying this is a Shifu he lost points this morning in the black box competition and that's usually fatal and yet he still had enough to come through and the dish that finished everything tonight will say foie gras terrine people ever ask a question mark so Jack Canadian culinary champion marks are Jacques from 0 based upon the area completely unexpected I was so fortunate all weekend to be cooking besides some amazing amazing chefs I I certainly was didn't take anything for granted and was not expecting any kind of great result I thought that it was such a close competition and we had some amazing amazing talent so it was an honor to be here Steven Castle reporting for go Okanagan

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