Gold Medal Gauntlet: Jogger Medal

hey guys it's ax and here and welcome back to the gold medal gauntlet the series where I teach you the best ways to get gold medals in Pokemon go in this episode I'm gonna be covering the jogger medal which all you have to do really is to walk the thousand kilometers to get it gold and well that sounds like a lot there are some things that I've found out that you can do to speed up the process but before we get into those let's talk about what exactly you get sort of doing this badge to get the bronze version all you have to do is walk ten kilometers and what you get for that is the jogger visor the jogger watch and the jogger sunglasses and while you might think you'd just unlock these and you can put them on your character whenever you want to you actually need to pay some pokey coins for them before you can lock them nice the silver version of the badge you don't need to walk a hundred kilometers which is quite a bit more than that ten kilometers to the bronze badge but it's still pretty easy you can do it in a couple weeks and if you do this you unlock the jogger shorts and the jogger shoes both these things also you need to spend pokey coins on so I don't really know how worth it that is I don't know and then for the gold medal you have to walk a thousand kilometers this is the tough one the one that I think we all care about if you're here in this video Afghanistan kilometers that's a lot there are ways you can speed up this process though and I'll talk about those in just a second if you do complete this medal though you get a thousand kilometres all you unlock is the jogger tank top and it doesn't even look that good so I wouldn't worry about unlocking this medal for the actual rewards it's just to put another one in your collection so a thousand kilometers can sound like quite a long distance especially when you're first starting the game and also you might notice the game doesn't track your distance perfectly a lot of the time so there's not much you can do about that the most important tip I have for you for this metal is you use adventures and it gets a yeah that's not really a new feature anymore but it's definitely an important one it makes it so whenever your games turned off you're walking that you do every step you take that's tracked and it counts steps like a pedometer it's not just distance so if you're on a treadmill it counts all those steps if you're just walking on the house it counts all those two so it definitely helps to have that going in the background and also one of the things about adventure sink is because it does track your steps you can literally just take your phone here and shake it like this and that counts that counts as walking for you so you even have to leave the house if your yes board you want a hatch an egg that's all you have to do you could also just drive slow around your neighborhood in your car if you have nothing else to do but that's about all I can really say for the gold jogger metal it's not very hard so stay tuned if you want to see another video make sure to get up a like and subscribe and I'll see you in the next one take care

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