Global MIKE Award 2018

this is a short video introducing the global microwatt in 2018 the global mic award is organized by the International global mic study group and supported by the knowledge management and innovation Research Center after Hong Kong Polytechnic University telling us an association of the no network established the global most minded knowledge Enterprise make research programme in 1998 a number of regional and national mix studies have been conducted annually since its birth the make award has witnessed and progressive maturing of knowledge management which enabled the making of many successful companies and organizations worldwide due to the retirement of mr. Murali chase of Terriers based in London he announced the successful completion of the global make award in 2017 after closing of the award and the international working group has been formed to continue and build upon the make framework to a new dimension through the make awards which stand for the most innovative knowledge Enterprise what is the Micra Ward the most innovative knowledge Enterprise microwatt builds an original most minded knowledge enterprise mink award as conceived by mr. Rory chase of terriers in 1998 an international global mic study group comprising world experts has been formed to continue the global study of identifying best practices about how companies and organizations cultivates and converge their Enterprise knowledge into superior products services and solutions based on an intellectual capital framework we aim to identify the best 100 global companies Mike 100 index that excel in innovation and knowledge management in a new knowledge economy the mics award was launched in a ceremony back in March 2018 Ching hua university the global microwatt is supported by many countries as you can see from this animation as time progresses we expect more countries to join us of 2018 the asylum representatives from various countries supporting the Micra Ward as for the benefits of joining the microwatt there are many firstly successful applicants will be recognized as a global Mike 100 company there's more joining the microwatt provides an opportunity for the organization to conduct a self-assessment with reference to other organizations on knowledge and innovation processes thirdly organizations receive feedback from an international panel on benchmarking with worldwide practices last but not all organization can also join an annual networking forum with like companies for details on how to apply an application deadline please visit the following website we hope to see you at the micro board

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