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Glassdoor’s Top CEOs Award 2019

(lively piano music) – I’m Andrew Chamberlain, the
Chief Economist at Glassdoor. So what that means is I do research on the tens and millions of reviews that we have on the site, and help people filter through the noise and find what are the best jobs,
what are the best companies? And in this case, who are the best CEOs? – [Interviewer] Could you
tell us a little bit about Glassdoor’s Top CEO award for this year? – Yeah, well we’ve done this
award for seven years in a row. This is one of the world’s only
true sources of information on what is a great CEO? So this is CEO quality,
not from the perspective of Wall Street, but from the perspective of workers themselves who are on payrolls. Those who work right alongside CEOs and see them on a daily basis. – [Interviewer] Why is
great company leadership important to job applicants and employees? – What really keeps people satisfied and thriving in their
careers is things like the culture and values of the organization and whether they have a mission that goes beyond being a business. Whether there are great managers who fulfill your
potential, or bad managers who are terrible to work with. So knowing whether there’s a great person at the helm or not at a company can really make a
difference for your career. – [Interviewer] Thanks, these
are great things to look for. So how can a job seeker
evaluate leadership when they’re considering a job? – I think that most people
would tend to neglect CEOs when they’re looking for a new job, but I think you’d be surprised if you look at the research. It matters more than you’d think for finding a great job.


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