Gino Roque IV & Kiara Takahashi | TWBA Uncut Interview

you know welcome to the program good luck thank you I know I'm you know as I had moon calendar Sansa look nobody queer actually it's more of finding myself I said well I want to do something different different to what my parents are doing tapas you know you know boom concept lat strangers inside one house Annamarie array is something so exciting for me that excites you okay eight years old kapalama Noguchi aunt Akana yes boom you earned I think first thousands of vessels when you were what eight years old okay it's actually boy it's like the latest when I when I transferred from LaSalle that was Lumi but Paul was a say international school now realize go and dummy my extra money my classmates core tapas awfully an allowance ko Yuni began on parents go sixty pesos long and back then that was Liam for ice rinks so exact belong so if I needed extra money I needed to do something that's time come on you give cards I started selling content twenty pesos topo stock Akita for poor appealing in Macau so I um with my mom rare cards doesn't any more pressure top was to the pointing in Dark Magician 500 this I know it son card so Peter does international school but big ocean he thought not for a while for a while first up was the King fire on people in Vila Omaha but I was earning my three to four thousand pesos now top was people are starting to look now so I had to wrap it around the you contain a couple is some see-through so I put tape around and I would go and do the classroom all you want when you say people are saying Calabasas and is yeah well make lemon Magoo language among teacher yeah that's what happened for after after a few months for the the principal can also mean that I go see Navin apparel or Jean okay sell anymore casino Ilana your mother well I don't lunch money your mother classical for a while so you know what you're gonna go show that I didn't know Nikita more some mom and dad you know an exposure because they were they've always been in business and if I wanted to earn extra income because they're poor like I'm gonna go on cometa yeah Bachman pizza was I think six seventy pesos so I needed that extra ten pesos the bar all right exactly okay Casa Luker Ian Wow Casa Luker Ian bacopa mozzarella Kuya a new bag negotiable so so right now well for that we do mala underground battles we do mala obstacle runs and you have tournaments as well as a clothing line port no the clothing line is a family's business there are you own events the canoeing gentle I got a negotiable yes well that's interesting yeah so we did a student versus student MMA battle so it's for the underground then we do a is mixed martial arts martial arts para UFC you do you do that um I do boxing pop and I'm a better I'm also buzzer actually okay I know but let's buy boxing car let's go well before poor well I was into water polo then I did cross CrossFit tennis tempest cross country pot and then you were organizing these events up in smoke and um kita i'ma get that Inca say you chaining that aku harm or someone McCool and more die hill you are in the clothing business also pickin up on market beacon calling you mama Gulen and the cockatoo ah i pug summer actually hindi KO to say in the renege not any good to superior in smokey oh yes for um so what happened was no so obviously I did my other businesses and stuff tapas no like high school of us and having a parents go well we'll start grooming you're not so hollow Paran manager now or something I was thinking high school about huh Thomas didn't love us a factory that was also game on tank anomaly shoots so latinum shirts the report when you go to a garment store the the tags are usually sellable or DITA so my armpit area hi Landon don't focus a Maha Palio and Intelli kappahd no miss me on butas him shirt reject okay damn you can reject that so don't gonna compass rs400 then it gonna to to car what Maru new comics can skate appalling that sketch nope oh but I can I can I used to know how to make patterns for sure it's okay I'm oh come on a patterns pair okay I'm Oh God yes to my head it's a sewing machine but super that's not easy sewing machine kaya mo I was able to show my own pants sir whoa very important Palma biindiy gonna go bomb oh yes I said of course you pack yes for I don't fix a peanut packing packing is too for example like from for the shirt miss more ketchup oh it's not like other stores no piling you get it off the rack they put it in the bag and give it to you on our line of business before they you would pick one from the from the rack I want this one get it from the from the misma stockroom Globus my papel my plastic my pop Elna top was my parent cardboards Sally good but at least parent presentable oh you have to do it fast same costume elegant anus al-abbas usually we pack it beforehand ah beforehand so a factory soaked up antenna done by sighs nah my cool I'll ha ha ok but I want to show how you do it Oh little animal see Tito boy Naruto we have some shirts and this is what we're talking about tonight did Boy Abunda sure it's you momineen try buying Lionel shirts so how do you this is this is how you do packing yes for just the specs are a little bit different with in Singapore but a long demonstration Osceola if we lay out the shape we have to lay out fullness of the shrimp layout okay well for this shirt boyacá no no but not flat flat that's okay liquid ito yes okay and then well for the shirt major rectangular you know yeah so that but but that you sure can support it won't fit all right okay and then this is what people don't really get can say for usually you just fold here you fold here bummer purple you'll have lines where you don't want line so for example boo million a customer they put on the shirt I mean my line dieter oh so what you do is you fold it here without folding at all okay you try your best to fold it you fold it here okay without folding this para bug food more food more alright okay top was doing it then yeah the other ways apart without folding the other okay boss okay now illaallah game adjourn and then the the technical for me what I learned this because I some people your mom beginners I'm get out go on in Lodi they pack like this Oh Kathy and Olympia done but then the problem is do me the kit sure so it takes longer okay so what you do is so at least play them what you fold their seafood Michelle the boy can I can I try can I try to give up so I'm Dan upon you or in a t-bar so get it to who yen cuz I'm Mako tsunami no but apakah me a telegram on a t-shirt so I use in me an correct Manila no Koha okay that was it oh I illallah game with it now what people don't realize is that para walang murca are you try to fold this as much as you can Tom aback that pairen-chan and then food kadhi tow yes for boom-boom okay and bankable annum an eye cream then along second star potato that was genuine okay top was it oh that was it all yelling okay i'm pato Juanito I Toto Yang who Hindi Muhsin ABI sergeant I would have done it this way that he'll see not be more the pelea para Hindi – McCabe casts a control Adam oh you own portion nah my ticket tapas indica may pass of pyronite pass on arena Fonte I am okay I am move tonight with viable – thank you you know it's a ball a pocket beginner likes a costume [Laughter] Samuel Gino kenina the reason why you're getting into the house of hoo yeah is aside from many things it's to you know to find yourself yes what are you expecting to find love inside the house of hoo yeah well we'll see PO I mean see I don't know what to expect for Drogheda no young expectations yes haha lame I see Batman have you always been this daring nope well you know well they they would tease me no parent or fee and stuff like that I mean on question I poor picking up a suburb ah yes what yeah you've had girlfriends I've had one book one girlfriend and then like an M you know high school I mean you know okay a pocket you know Toto pay maybe anyone again um cuz it Paul like for example you're you're a group of friends all guys stop us Oh anyway and that was the hype you sort of hyper okay bye bye medomak friends stop meeting in Silla super nervous for somebody oppas you are for somebody as good as you are you're a good boy or good son ah no thought behind in bow a llama you know in the business we also don't know what's gonna happen I mean that this is one of the best things about show business that he'll he'd be nothing along Farnam Dhara thing halimbawa lamang it would be to Narayana babalons you know but animal Sasabe here but animal anong sabi Hin more Sacre's more look at the cam Marianne see Barbie Imperial okay with a crash what would you tell Barbie go ahead five four three two one action we're sure in the mobile like you don't know me but I see something about yourself I am I feel like I am good enough [Laughter] very very nice okay Bobby come no no no I mean thank you I mean she's a good sport but she's very very pretty yeah okay maraming salamat and all the best thank you for the best sabi moon are you coming into the house of Kuya without a game plan anything can happen so all the best thank you okay let's do fast talk okay waiting he do nothing during a fast dog okay how much time do we have two minutes okay Gino birthday Azul Azul a gihan Hapuna I got an boxers briefs boxers childhood crush Amy a girl from my school one thing money can't buy love Sian Kadima Colleen Bluto my dad Apple gamba say oh I don't go anymore haha Jacinto most famous person in your phone contacts Papa written to no dog but he talked oil orange what makes you angry people who are late my Papa girl is uncanny big brother ananka salon and more may be trying to hide pocket cow on departmental big winner casa por todo total of us as a really cool and I feel like the Philip you know the Philippines will know that they are Apogee big by giving champagne sexiest part of your body coming up lights on or lights off on sex or chocolates sure freaking guy as eczema what I mean we're having salad Jim thank you I will see you I mean a couple weeks Malika Sabah cuca Nina I'm a Kiki lalana teen young Japan bargain housemate Nick we are sanusha Balarama Unidas Republican team w [Applause] Tara welcome to the program boom Osaka I am super happy and nervous at the same time but now I'm here in front of us a number tapasya been a practice knock upon it or nikunj area in the interview Cuccia tell me the story I know but Abajo Abajo McGee sabaha young mom Kona good work so I would wear my mom's clothes top Estella – okay okay – boom certain extent the moon and that's one of the reasons why you know how to surf yes I know on Quinta da Hill you you should no no no you should know Eko yes the Ilana he's a good friend of my dad my girl Apostle Michael Allen and dad Co my dad he's been living in the onion for 20 years your dad is a Japanese man Japanese okay mahogany on Oh Pina Nene when in la mañana and he's been surfing there for so long okay so um I'm naruse a human surf I am dad more who is a good friend of echo jericho rosales do Tobin ah your dad still has his restaurant yes Oh Cassie pugna poop on the Scylla echo was like a second yeah what's the story they visit him right they visit and then they eat there with Miss Kim and quia Jericho he's so sovereign nation so noble so Bromberg nacional de cochon but epochal but then last year when I started living very nylon yarn then I hit on a Charlotte sentimental osha and so brahmbhatt Newport kill Anakin Anakin begin yeah yes okay that's good cos a Sikh guru maha one up twenty years ago I did an interview with echo doing independent and uh uh son one Taba I know peaceful paranoia and dominant are right he was just starting during the time and I did an interview with echo doing me some like a la camisa de la pasión thought oh well I'm cool oh can we get my baton baton kakasii a better dining yonathan Cunha tonight oh these are the surfboards yeah okay the hill Danella Metallica Ito okay Danny O'Neil I want you to take me to the time when your dad was teaching you how to surf teach people boy okay so first it a boy you wanna bet oh yeah now Saku big day and it's not that easy it's moving so haha walking Matano Kumasi seguro ya na hindi hindi luna book moko float lumpur shot but some ugly long push ie you know what what Egan on a so they'll anime balance a okay and then the would wanna Savoy yeah okay you wanna father father little pero he did took a look at Alex I'm among a wave sleep and then we predict new wave shall upon people push school but the ass or yeah or or you wanna go inside the wave alright okay okay so while waiting for the web you can sit down you can sit uh-huh look for the waves all right little on balance illa Popa anti don't wait and then with the wave comes what happens okay yes okay and that's when you stand up okay that's a long word push you want to do the Hang five I'm still practicing are you getting there okay so come you dig up Amish donar oh and you should stay here yes but Calloway take a detour okay did you tie your Hubble Nexus earth i/o 2010 Atlanta oh okay pretendin area no more waves wait okay there you okay seppuku nothing na einai Allahu Allah so began an Athena come on Taha bantayan it's a surface here on a wafer now today became again more may wave may wave okay hildie Carmellini Chiara go [Laughter] you've always been going on so you've been singing since you were stay on the board that's okay okay everything's a child okay Callie pero uh you went to Japan when you were what seven years old Petaluma he's a loner and from birth to seven okay go ahead wedding girl para comfortable anyone see Kiara wait [Laughter] there okay us again so cam Quinto Kiara I okay you were a child and then your parents separated and then and then then my dad started moving in LAN young Tonka coming from Manila all right and then he fell in love like every now and then you remember dinner on Calumet surf yes don't eat Omaha panhu NATO how old are you 4 5 6 7 yeah until seven uh okay I'm seven years old nawafil we moved to Japan me and my mom I guess mom works there my mom and I lived with my mom for almost nine years in Japan don't want an elementary in high school but you were doing gigs in Japan yes as a singer thing so don't kind of bloom do mana discover that you could actually sing yes Wow interesting I'm fine oh I mean come on tackle on ha ha like Asia and then you know the art the artist from the Philippines they would encourage me to join in showbiz in the Philippines a thesis in Japan where you would do front a performance for that yes to lad jeez alright shamrock mr. mark Duplass okay sir when t cornet hall oh I miss Wednesday and then why did you try going back to the Philippines and start a singing career yeah uh do you know some Japanese songs I know so you know looking out there how about next to surf I like this eh how about next to sir go hey keep me alone you're not alone I'm always here with you there was a time at your relationship with your father was strained yes bucket ananias I aspire see guru per se I my mom brought me to Japan and of course she got a feeling an essay on job he explained to me now if you lived with your mom you live with your mom and nobody can understand you know jalapeños a fan ganyan and now in Laguna be reached out with Sonia so I own there are the fact that when you were a kid sinasohn do can you talk about surfing was an indication that your dad loved you yeah pero hindi ko mu and maybe mahogany cultura that if you decide to live with your mom you stay with your mom I didn't know that in Hindi cannot understand about a fire yes okay I shall say I decided to visit my brother solonian and then don't panic start young communication admin Sabina automatically know onion so because happened it's not someone they loved enough oh this is your dad talking my dad doctor it all started there and then the business and then nikka bonding come and have a go septum me okay when you told him that you were coming into the house of hoo yeah I know making reaction on that day super happy so grand supportive and even my mom she's always supportive and Sabina come on you wish to more support and get back pocket castle money it's a PBB young up way ever since number tahoe been upon our economy imagine cunning self kanessa boy nasa PB because of Sakuya so param bata Polanco who stuck on a Putin such a dream this was my dream and you're living your dream now river stay there stay there because we're going to do fast ball this is the first time it's happening how about the hubbub it's a surf ok velocity bungling Gua energy Nogami put your eyes are you careful gonna line up well I'm gonna terms now like the five five Hang five I'm sorry hyung five high five well I know a bong terminologia high five from five or hang ten hunter oh yeah okay now let's hang fast ah yes okay alright Bocas Sarah Moreno mestizo Moreno Maura Maura who Luka pursue kilo in kilo in arigato sayonara arigato I adore adult teen housemates ogling the mimosa Papa Papa recent Le Cellier okay Jodie son but pinaka say Oh best Filipino singer of all time Santa Nam para que big brother who yes Alcantara I say and convert the tango or him they killed basketful Mia yes pulling this is not in ricca-san karma smuggling but Lulu topical eNOS bull Puckey tickle and epidemic in big winner because I have been driving this my whole life and I know I'm deserving solve your life right now a few lines if you like happiness because I'm happy clap along if you know what happiness is sexiest man in the Philippines y'all love my squirrel but I mean what I mean still our thank you very much god bless you Santa hat motapod a new moniker gotta say hello to Kuya okay thank you voiceover la cámara de boracay dr. Steve my gun Geoffrey and vine of Astoria Plaza Susan compare go join the last 10 years of IMG under life move on clothing my atheras true money maraming maraming salamat my book is still available natural books or outlets all around the country gathered up in an iced tea boy live and love in abundance and always making Anna proud be kind abundance good night [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


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