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what's going on guys Victor here and I got a really special treat today I got this giant African pompano it is my biggest one and I'm really excited number one because I've never eaten them before you can eat him sashimi style all sorts of ways I'm gonna prepare a couple different recipes with this guy and I'm just stoked because I got to break in a new rod Brooke and I just had an awesome day on the water so stick around for the fishing portion of this video and then you guys are gonna meet me back at the flight table we're gonna fillet this guy up [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so here's where we're at guys we trolled all morning and I'm talking not just us there must have been I'd say a hundred and fifty votes out here because yesterday was epic I've heard I heard when we got reports of several boats a lot of the charter boats out here you know going like 10 for 20 for multiple boats getting to three for wahoo which is not that common for our area and it was just yeah we tried yesterday afternoon we got one nice black favorite we'll make a video of a catch and cook and thanking fish we've talked to a bunch of buddies and there have been very few all who caught this morning um so what we're gonna do now is there's this other wreck and 300 feet close to Boca and we're gonna go try that and see what we can pull up we got some live dogs right here Brooks jigging I'm gonna rig this guy up and we're gonna get ready to make another drop big circle hooks line Oh circle hooks and 80 pound fluorocarbon leader you want to fish heavy heavy gear around the rack because these fish will take you to town they're sharks down there the wrecks down there oh boy yeah wow that was fast insta bite on the guard that was literally just freight train maybe I pop into our grouper Oh guys this reel is the first time I've gotten tight on this reel in this rod it feels so good you mean from the top yeah it looks pompano he doesn't it it does take a big African pompano what is it oh it's a big African pompano it is sick get him babe get him in the head yeah there we go good job babe look at that gaff shot hell yes all in the new konley rods okay those things throw down oh that was on a live guard guys check that out these things are beautiful beautiful fish and really good to eat too and this guy's our keeper chase after a different species that's it what's that circle hook in the corner of the mouth that demon circle my favorite circle hooks big old African pompano let's see its head babe these things are such pretty fish guys and very prevalent around wrecks that's my biggest one alright guys so we Brooke and I were actually just about to switch spots or get back on this wreck and do another drop and I was reeling the guard up and I thought I got hit I wasn't sure Raj is doubled over and you some nice action on the rock yes I love it this is the new colony rod you guys saw in the video and it's perfectly set up to drop down big stuff on Rex in a light package because I got the rap drawn here and it puts out a ton of drag because you guys normally you see me using my 50 but um it's so much more fun to fight him on this I love dropping down on the REC love dropping down a lot of God because you really never know what you're gonna hook you guys like a black group or mutton AJ African pompano anything I don't know it's a jack yeah it is so Jack it's an Alan look oh well look he's fit the gone backup thing fought way harder than that African populated these things pound-for-pound just throw down circle hook now I feel like I'm limp vice Alma Kojak these are also very good for the dinner table you guys can tell all MCOs have a really tall pointed dorsal fin and they have more of a broader body right as opposed to greater amberjacks and lesser amberjacks as well so normal you guys see us keep up the jacks is usually a plate for shark bait I'll actually let in that one go so you guys see this hole right here this is actually the gaff shot from Brooke who's behind the camera and that is exactly why you want to go for fish in the head or right around here you don't ruin the meat I'm excited to fillet this I've never played one before but just like with any fish I always check right around the head because a lot of times fish dolphin and other things their head meat will protrude into their head a lot of times it'll cut off right there and it looks like it's soft right here so that's exactly where I'm gonna start with my knife you guys see it it runs right down there and then what I'll do is I'll come right around here and I'll run my knife right alongside all the way to the belly and over the ribs and join my section right there and then I'll start right here by the head meat running my knife along the backbone trying not to saw just to really run it running it straight down and solid motions and whenever you Philly a new fish it's always different because every fish you know it has its little nuances and there's tricks and treats to every fish fishes anatomy and body so it's my first one but we're up for the challenge now we do the exact same thing and oh my gosh is this meat looking good guys can tell it's firm this fish is not bloody and you guys hear that that's the sound of my knife running along the bone and that's exactly what you want to do you always want it to run right along that backbone if you don't hear it that means you're probably missing meat like I did right there and see that what I'm talking about that head meat you could miss a nice little section right there you know that's a nice little fish sandwich if you bypass it a lot of people would just start right there and fully white and these fish are just so beautiful I mean they got all this silver on them and when they're smaller actually like the other a while ago Brooke and I went out and she caught a bunch of juveniles on knives and they have these tracers when they're when they're little and they lose them when they get to be adults such as this size bigger fish what I like to do I like to do it in kind of sections and loins so I do a top loin and a bottom loin it makes it easier that way you don't have to keep lifting that flab up so I'm gonna run my knife right alongside the middle right here all the way down to the bone and all the way to the tail and then I can do it in sections you know I do have top loin and a bottom line you get all this right here my knife is right alongside that bone beautiful beautiful meat and the funny thing is these are not pompano these are called African pompano but they're not in the pompano family at all they're actually jacks and a lot of people do not like jacks because the meat is really red they're very they're a game of your fish they're an oilier fish but this does not look like it jack whatsoever really really white firm place some of the best looking fish I've ever seen most fish what happens is their meat will kind of concave up towards the middle so if you run your Nate knife kind of parallel you're gonna miss meat right alongside that backbone that's why you always kind of run it down when you get to the other side so you know how I told you guys every fish has its own little nuances in anatomy well these guys are very bony at the outsides of them and trying to cut through that is not easy a lot of times you can just go right through that but these guys are very bony in that area and then now we get to the belly guts section and this is where you don't have meat this is all gonna be waste I'm kind of just always with fish you have that bottom loin but you have a lot more waste in the bottom line than you do the top loin because fish is all fish their Anatomy all their guts are usually on the bottom line and then you cut around here so fish like this Jackson tends to have a really big ribcage right around here and you lose a lot of meat right there as well kind of just got to try to coast your knife along above those bones rather than go through otherwise ER is gonna be giving yourself a painful time you see that you guys hear that those are some thick bones and I know a lot of people what they'll do is all around the world they take the rib cage meat right here they'll cut the ribs out and they'll make soup out of it when we were in the Bahamas the Bohemians you know they laugh at all of us all of us Westerners because we just take the Flay's that we discard the fish they take the belly meat they take the rib cage and that's the most flavorful part of the fish they make fish tea they make fish soups out of it so there we go say pretty good for our first time playing an African pompano in a pea my favorite part of the video I'm here part of flying is checking the stomach's of the fish and this guy's got some gnarly guts a lot of times you get fish based on the species and they don't have a lot of guts some of them do so let's check this guy's oh there's something big in there so this is what was inside a stomach this is a goggle eye and you can tell it actually looks pretty fresh but I don't know what the heck this is from I don't know how he did that maybe when he inhaled it crushed it with his crushers but other than that this guy was hungry see you later mr. African pompano I hope to catch your big brother one day he's gone for his last swim a perfect skin job right there chef Vic coming back at you with another voiceover now I don't want to toot my own horn guys but I'm telling you right now this recipe was to die for so pay close attention now the first thing I'm doing I took 1 medium sized onion chopping it up mincing it up as well as some garlic which I'm going to smash up and this is gonna be the base for the sauce that I'm about to whip up because I'm going to be poaching my fish but first things first is I got some garlic and onion now this is the amount of garlic I used it was about half of a head of garlic and I found this is the easiest way to smoosh up your garlic and get those shells off going into the garlic press and as well for our sauce this is going to be of a tomato-based sauce I got some tomatoes right here don't have to go anything crazy just small pieces you know what I mean but definitely best to use fresh tomatoes not canned tomatoes because the flavor of fresh tomatoes you just cannot beat it and before I move on to that I'm actually also gonna be making a sashimi bowl with the AP so I got some soy sauce some mirin and some rice wine vinegar and this is gonna be a trifecta to make a sauce to dip my sushi me in so I got the soy sauce going in and got the rice and wine vinegar and the mirin and this is all kind of I did equal amounts you know probably a third third and third as well as some scallion I'm gonna be going into our mixture that trifecta and I kind of just let this marinate sit in the fridge and oh my gosh was it so good to dip your fish now here is my African pompano you guys notice how I have it in a nice kind of like box like shape that is because I want my sashimi to be in slices into thin slices that's the most enjoyable way I think to eat sashimi you want nice bite-sized pieces and you guys this this fish was just so good you see how it kinda just glistens it's screamin bite me and eat me now I got some basil I'm gonna chop this guy up because this is also going in our sauce and I know these clips are kind of out of order but this is the way I did them I got some radishes also being sliced up and this is gonna be for the garnish for my sashimi platter as well as some cilantro leaves as well as some scallions diced into diagonal sections and I try to get a little fancy here you know always trying to push myself in the kitchen with that scallion now we got some butter going into a medium-high pan gonna be melting this down and now next things next is going to be my onions I gotta get my onions in there and I got to brown them up and the reason I chopped them up so small because I want it to brown very fast you guys see them that's about the color that I want after they got Brown tossed my tomatoes in my diced tomatoes and did not cook this very long maybe two or three minutes in which I proceeded to add my garlic and making sure I don't burn my garlic as you guys see the hot key is still high you know kind of just get it a little bit browned and then next is the lemongrass I did not find fresh lemongrass of public so I just wanted more head and out of this pace very key ingredient for this recipe you want to talk about flavor and aromatics lemongrass oh my gosh was it so good I got to start using it more often now we got coconut milk I went ahead and added an entire can I think it was a 12 ounce can of coconut milk in here brought it up to a boil this is where I added my fresh basil and I let this sauce develop for at least you know 15 20 minutes reduce the heat to low let it really simmer you guys see I'm adding a little bit more coconut enough to get the right consistency now back to our sashimi platter those are some celery leaves as well as some radishes going on there you got the scallion the tops and you know this this was my first time really making a sashimi platter and I've come to realize you know how much detail and creativity there is in the kitchen and you know it's all about just colors making those greens and reds and everything pop I got some basil leaves going on there and some radish stalks some celery put some you know sriracha on there get a little spice going and I'm always kind of just trying to work and push myself okay I got four of the African pompano slices going and try to get them in uniform pieces and I am poaching my fish in this sauce to get it really nice juicy and it does not dry out your fish at all and you guys are gonna see people's reactions it was very very good I took the fish out and I added some spinach probably half of a bag of a big bag of spinach in there let that cook down didn't take more than five minutes and voila look at that you guys juicy juicy fish I'm gonna start poaching fish more often there's some jasmine rice to go with it on the side and I'm tellin you guys we've got to try this it was one of my top 10 favorite recipes so she me platter going right there you know just a nice little presentation and this guy was gone within minutes everyone loved it it was a big hit it's my favorite fish egg salmon excellent very good number one number one that the sauce I don't know how you did it you have to describe your reviewers but the sauce was so and what do you think about this is she need yep yeah they're gonna taste the fishy taste very small fish very good all right let me just say I am so glad that I came to Victor's catch and cook tonight cuz it was so good it was probably my favorite fish recipe I've ever had it was creamy it was just all-around amazing I would honestly want more of it I could eat it tomorrow I could you know the next day it was so so good you guys heard it you heard the verdict it was a very big hit and I have heard you know when I caught the African pompano a bunch of people messaged me in Commons and they're like dude you're gonna like it I've never eaten at Brooks cotton tea and I'm so happy that you know I made it a couple different ways last night at Brooks House pride excellent texture on point tonight we made it sushi me style one of the best fish sashimi style I've ever had let me tell you guys poaching oh my gosh it was so good I think that's why everyone liked the sauce so much because all those flavors developed they said it everyone here at the table said it was their number one recipe that I've done and I honestly think the same and this was the first time every single piece of fish everything was gone everyone's plate is completely empty I mean we went as far as putting the rice back into the sauce and eating it like that cuz it was just that good and regardless of what kind of fish you get it doesn't have to be an African pompano try this recipe I promise you your oh yeah it flavor for aromatic just is just really good cuz I want you to do me a huge favor and Brooke a favor she also has a YouTube channel too guys don't know this is my girlfriend and she was actually the one who got this pompano in the heads but without her this video wouldn't have been possible so go ahead and check her Channel and that will be in description box below so thank you guys as always for watching the video and we'll be seeing all you guys our land sharks in that next video


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