Giannis Emotional MVP Speech & Moved To Tears After Winning Award! 2019 NBA Awards

oh man nervous okay so first of all you know I won't thank God for blessing me with this amazing talent I will didn't you know B this position that I am today made so yeah yeah I won't thank God for putting me in this abyss where I am today everything I do I do it through him and I'm extremely place and Maria lessness all thank God I won't take my team a team first of all on take my teammates he takes more than one person to win 60 games every time I walk to a locker room I saw my teammates they were ready to go to fight they were ready to go to war with me the laced up their shoes they went out there and they gave hundred percent I don't think the coaches staff for them okay I won't take the coach that for teaching us pushing us every day is a good day believing in us teaching us what it takes to win I think I think the front office the ownership for that you know believe me I don't think the the front half is the ownership for believing in me and I was 80 years old my keys you know they allow me to live the same trust me and I don't think the City of Milwaukee I don't think my country Greece and the G of always supporting me you know back in Greece when the wise the game is 5 a.m. 6 a.m. so they always stay up and watch the games and said to me no message support message in the deficit me and the team and my family I won't think my dad obviously you know my dad's nicer with me but you know two years ago in you know I had to go in my head that I'm gonna be the best player in the league yep I'm gonna do whatever it takes till my team win and I'm gonna win MVP and everything every dealer I step on the floor I was thinking about my dad and that motivates me and it pushed me to you know play hard and move forward even though my body's sore if you know man I I don't feel like playing I was going to show up and I was going to do the right thing I wanna think my amazing brought this you know I love you guys because you're my right to die even you guys are my role models man I look up to you guys thank you for everything you guys do for me and I won't take my my amazing mom my amazing mom I think my missing mom she's my hero she's you know we always feel very kid you know you don't see the future right and you if you have a good parent your per se sees the future for you and she always saw the future in us you always believing that she was always there for us this is the power dish of this family you're my true hero you're my true hero my agents you know thanks for believing in me take to motivating me thank you for a stain of my lanes when the season starts and you guys don't bother me a lot and but you know at the end of the day this is just the beginning this is just the beginning my goal is to win a championship as my dad saw me you know always one more but never be greedy my goal is to win a championship and we're gonna do whatever it takes to make that happen thank you guys [Applause]


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