Giannis Antetokounmpo Interview | 2019 NBA Awards Show

already three talented players up for MVP but here's one of them Jana standing by with another legend Kareem abdul-jabbar on the red carpet at the NBA award show and now we have him with us on the main set Yanis and you brought the whole crew with you for solely who do you hope you got right here got my lovely mother over here I got a little brother Alex my lil brother coast is in my older brother Parnassus all right very nice family affair now Yanis I know you always say winning is the most important thing and all the matters the championship and you're not a me first player but what would winning the MVP award mean to you you know I the end of the day we came here as a family to you know have fun enjoy the experience is the first award show we've attended to and obviously during the year you know I did whatever it took to my team win and just gonna be hard work that paid off but if I don't win it I'll be back next year trying to win again you know I mean next year first I want to say I thought the rock brothers looked alike but these exes the combo boys Shrek was quadruplets we handsome boys handsome boys we are all that came from my beautiful mother okay if you weren't running for MVP who would you vote for you were not in the running who would you pick me that's a you know hard decision I think Paul George and James Harden had the unbelievable season they did whatever it took to help the team win that stuff our concern now Yanis i want to focus on the brothers for one second if you guys are playing one-on-one who gives you the best run for your money all right it's uh I think it's different finesse is way stronger than us you know he could get lured got a lot of gravity fast explosive coasters you know went up Lakers closes he's like he's like me is like basically playing against myself we got left but I'll put my money in Alex I think alex is learning the game in two three years it's gonna be a bitch all right very nice he was hoping you said that he was like but now we know you had a stellar year what's next what are your goals for next season I'm just trying to get better I'll try to learn the game try to make the game easier for me and hopefully you know I can we can do what we did this year make great basketball win some games and put ourselves in a situation again that we can for people it's out all right thank you so much and best of luck nice to meet you all enjoy this time as a family it's gonna be a magical night thanks for coming


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