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Getting PHONE NUMBER from TAMIL GIRLS 😍 Prank | Coimbatore | JamsaTV Entertainment

Hello, welcome to JamsaTV… We started our channel only few days back, but already have 2,500+ subscribers… Thank you so so much! If you haven’t subscribed yet…
Please do subscribe. We’re going to be uploading so many video like this… In this video… let’s see how Coimbatore girls react when we ask them for their phone number in a friendly way. *MUSIC* Excuse me… Uhh, what’s your name?
Swetha Actually, I’m new here. I study at PSG Tech What college are you? PSG only… Okay… Actually I’m making friends… so can we be friends? Yes, I’m Swetha… Your name? My name is Sarvesh Sarvesh. Which department? I’m IT. IT? You’re? Okay.. Which year? 4th year! Okay fine.. I’m second year.. But I’m 1997 XD Okay so can we exchange phone numbers? Like… I haven’t seen you. Ohhh you’re second year. Yeah.. I’m new. So.. you.. you’re uhh calling everyone!? No, not everyone. You’re the first! Oh, I’m the first!! Yeah! So can we exchange phone numbers? 8-6- Excuse me? Uhh which college are you? PSG Tech? Okay.. so actually I’m new to this college.. I’m lateral entry only… So.. I’m creating friends. Can we be friends? Can I get your phone number? You give your number. I’ll text you. It’s fine.. you give your phone number. You give your number. I’ll text you. It’s fine, you give it. What, you don’t believe me? It’s not like that… You give your number. I’ll text you. Which year are you? I’m 3rd year. You give your number!!!! I’ll text you!!! 9-6- Don’t forget to message me. Excuse me? Which college are you? PSG Medical. I’m PSG Tech. Actually Lateral entry student only… Which year are you? I finished. I’m on internship now. I’n new here.. so can we be friends? Can I get your phone number? Why randomly!? Yeah… I’m new here, don’t know anyone really. Your name? My name is Sarvesh! 9-8- Which college are you? I’m not in any college. Okay.. then? Why? Just askin’ Why? Why are you asking? Dharshini Okay so which college? Are you asking me what college is this? No, what college are YOU? I’m PSG Tech. I’m not in any college… I’m doing direct CA. Ohh.. direct CA! Okay so are you Kovai? No.. why? So why are you here? for college? I mean for studying CA… I came here to write exams… Ohh for exams… So which city are you? I’m Tirupur… why so many details? Just asking so we can be friends… No its fine! It’s fine ahhh Why, are you terrified? XD No, not terrified… but why differently!? We both came together.. why did you call me alone? You’re more beautiful! Excuse me, it’s okay.. Can I get your phone number? Ahaan no way, bye bye! Hey.. don’t get me wrong, it’s just a prank! Excuse me… one min please.. one min Which college are you? *walks away* Excuse me! Look over there, my friend’s recording. Aiyayooo…. Come hereee! Hello.. we’ll blur your face, don’t worry… Aiyooo… not me… Subscribe to JamsaTV. I knew it was a prank. But.. it’s really good… Subscribe to JamsaTV. Can I get a handshake from you? Yes. Thank you so much!


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