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Get Tons of SEWING Requests? How to Say No! | LIVE SHOW | SEWING REPORT

hey everybody and welcome to the live
edition of the sewing report so I’m going to just gonna adjust a light real
quick and I’m Jennifer Moore I’m the host of the sewing report and every week
every Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time we’re going to be having a live
conversation about issues and topics that affect us as the sewing community
so welcome if this is your first time here that’s what we do on Thursdays I
also post a video it could be anything from a tutorial a product review a haul
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hopefully video so if you like that sort of thing feel free to subscribe and
today’s topic is just that we are talking about the plethora of sewing
requests you are bound to get if you start sewing and how to say no but in a
way that is nice and also helps to educate your friends and family about
what we do so we’re just gonna jump right into it so if you’re joining me
welcome and I let me know in the comments said what is well first the
first question is do you get a lot of sewing requests and if so what is the
weirdest one you’ve ever gotten or most out there because I’ve been asked
anything from you know doing alterations making dresses or making skirts I also
get a lot like it if I do upholstery or you know home decor type stuff like
making new cushions for someone’s couch that sort of thing and that’s an area
that I I’ll be honest with you I am NOT that skilled in so hold on one second
I’m actually just going to log in on my computer so that hopefully I can see all
your comments and I figured out sort of a jerry-rigged way of saving all the
comments during the live show so that everyone can watch them afterwards after
the show is over I can actually copy and paste all of them and then put them in
the first comment somebody start doing that and penny in the comments before
Matt’s a little jacked up but hopefully it will be okay so anyways the reason I
wanted to talk about this is because we were on a car trip last weekend No
last weekend a weekend before and we we’ve been listening to this podcast
James turn me on to this it’s called making it and I’ve linked that episode
below that pertains to say no to people who ask well you saw something for me
will you you know make something very own the trademark line I’ll pay you
because that makes it all better right so I’m gonna link that podcast below and
okay so Karen she yes so she gets asked a lot if she’s going to repair clothes
and she says she hates doing it so thank you Karen for weighing it we’ve also got
comment from Greentree 202 i quilt is what liz garments so i recently got a
request to make oh a t-shirt quilt yeah we’ve all gotten
t-shirt quilt requests hello gay from nebraska wow so great trees friend
wanted a t-shirt quilt in a week yeah that’s and and anyone who quilts knows
that quilts definitely take longer than that especially since green tree works
full-time in this three small children so creature i’m sure you’ve got oodles
of spare time right just to bust out that t-shirt quilt right so anyways yes
if you join me that’s what we were talking about we’re talking about sane
how to say no to people who ask us inevitably because once you tell people
you so it kind of opens the floodgates up for people to ask you all kinds of
crazy stuff so yeah so this is a conversation so please feel free to
weigh in let me know what you think and also um if you have any tips for what
you say to say no nicely let me know because I would love to hear and I’m
sure our audience would love to know your tips and search strategies for also
doing that um so yeah we are live right now it is Sunday and I have no real
reason for wearing this shirt but um I found it in the closet and I thought it
was a lot of fun you know said of a party shirt so I thought I would wear it
anyways I got it about 10 you seriously I got this shirt like 10 years ago from
the store expressed does do people remember Express does anyone still shop
at Express I don’t know but I did and I got this
shirt I think it was on sale quite a while ago
and I thought it was fun but in true ready-to-wear style the sequins are only
on the front so you know they gotta find a way to cut costs somewhere so but I
did really like this shirt and I thought I would wear it today I probably haven’t
worn it and I don’t know five years something like that like we have another
comment from Lucy being asked to resize a skirt and she was shocked when she
realized I would ask for money in return are you serious Lucy is this where were
these people coming from and also why why do they assume you will sew for them
for free or for like next to nothing um and in I yeah I know i’m kind of going
going all around the place here but when we were listening to this podcast though
let me tell you about this podcast and even though this podcast so the podcast
is called making it and it’s hosted by three woodworkers and at first thought
you probably like jen why are you recommending a woodworking podcast but
they talked about so much more than just woodworking and i think a lot of the
topics that this podcast touches on it really affects us as well made the maker
community and i think a lot of the things they talk about could just as
easily be applied to the sewing community so i wanted to recommend it is
linked below and the the episode was called like say
no or just no and they were talking all about people that um asked them to make
furniture or make things on wood and you know and i thought the conversation that
they had the flow they had going on was excellent
so it’s definitely worth a listen to if you have if you have not heard of it the
podcast is hosted by three woodworkers david picciuto bob clagett and jimmy
diresta and all of them are really big on youtube clothes you see all of them
are really big on YouTube and if you haven’t checked out their
channels really great stuff and I think um I think the maker community in
general I think we need to stick together I think there’s a lot we can
learn from other makers even if it’s not something we do ourselves so that
podcast is excellent and this one guy Jimmy Diresta he has had some shows on
like the DIY Network FX HGTV he has in history being a television
host and I really liked his comments the best like they were talking about people
that would ask them you know like this guy Jimmy Diresta up close scuse me he
makes furniture for corporations and he does projects for big brands and he
could charge $20,000 for something and then he’ll if he was mentioned he’ll get
some friend that will ask him to help them refurnish something they found at a
flea market and he’s like are you are you serious so I want to talk about some
of the ways that we can say no to people who ask us to make things for them but
kind of doing it in a way that’s one not super harsh we don’t want to turn them
off or make people think that everyone who shows is you know a horrible person
but also in a way that I think one by one we have an opportunity to share
information with these people help educate them on what sewing is all about
and why it’s not realistic for us to make a t-shirt quilt for them in a week
so I mean I personally um because I run this YouTube channel do sewing report my
normal response and I have only sold for money I think once and I way
underestimated how much time this project would take me and I charged far
too little for the project ended up taking me like four days for vacation
days and I only charge $75 for four days of my time so that was a huge mistake
but here’s the thing um I was mad about it but I was more mad at myself for not
for not thinking it all the way through and the person that that had hired me
you know they didn’t know and about it they didn’t know what my time
was worth so really we need to be the ones that set the prices for people if
you are going to so for money um more recently I had someone ask me someone I
really did not know it all asked me to make a quilt they saw a picture of a
quilt top I made and they said they wanted something similar for a queen or
a king size and in full disclosure I have never made a king-size quilt or a
queen sized quilt so that project definitely would been way over my head
and would take me forever um so I told them I said look um I really helped so
for four I don’t sell things I make I really only make things for myself or
his gifts and I and I told this first I said if I did charge you for the quilt I
would have to charge probably between two and four thousand dollars and the
conversation kind of stopped right there they’re like okay you know I get it
they’re like you know I was I’ve been wanting to teach myself to quilt for a
long time but I just haven’t gotten around to it and that’s what I love when
people say I don’t have time for that it’s like do you think I have the time
for it like why are you assuming that your time is more valuable than mine and
that I have all this free time and you don’t so that kind of irks me a little
bit when people say that because I’m not a stay-at-home mom I do work full-time
and I also run this project so really um out of everyone I know I probably have
the least amount of spare time um out of the people in my circle um
I don’t do anything um James and I we don’t go out we don’t hang out with
friends we really don’t do anything socially the only things we do our work
and work on these video projects that’s really it we do really not very much
else I only watch TV or do anything like that or listen to podcasts while I’m
doing something else so that I’m double-double upping so that I’m being
more productive but I won’t just sit down and watch a TV show I have to be
doing something else while I’m doing it and I
help people flat out now I’m sorry but I just you know I just don’t have time I
only make things for these these video projects and they’re only personal
projects so I’m not going to hem your pants and one thing about me too is that
I don’t have a lot of experience with alterations so I can honestly tell
people look I really this really isn’t my area of expertise either I would hire
a professional and I’ll recommend people findable sigh hey here’s three
seamstresses in the area why don’t you call one of them they actually do sell
for money but I want to tell people you know and I think this is something we
need to help spread the word on we need to tell people look these people are
charging for their time they’re not going to charge five dollars to have
pants they might charge twenty so you need to be prepared to pay someone for
what they’re worth and I think that’s really important for us to get across –
I’ve got a few more comments Hayley I’m awful at saying no but recently tried
the line my services are not for sale sorry which worked really well that’s a
good one Paula’s here and she says if you so well enough and have the time go
ahead and make a person with what they want make it so expensive so that
they’ll never ask you again and I think that’s key when you Nick drop a price
and it’s a lot more than they expect that usually kind of they’ll be like oh
I’ll get back to you and then you just never hear back from them again so
that’s one way of saying no um Denise says hemming pants no problems simple
baby quilt okay anything else I am not that good most of my sewing is done by
Karis Lee watching YouTube Oh Dena says you and James are my kinds of
friends Dana sit right back at you Kirsten’s here she says it seems a lot
of people who haven’t been exposed to sewing view those of us who do it as
lesser mortals as if it’s an old-fashioned throwback activity ah oh
that’s so that drives me up the wall a green tree – OH – I’m not sure what your
real name is but if you want to let me tell me your name feel free to do so I’m
willing to show my so much shipmates the uniform tags I’m assuming you’re in the
Navy of some sort a name tag Service tag right kick Signia forty that is usually
only a few dollars even at a tailor I think that’s very
kind of you to do and for those of you who do so for family friends more power
to you if that’s something you truly want to do I think you should do it um
but I think the issue is really when you don’t want to do something like if it’s
a project um I put out this topic on Instagram and someone commented you know
I don’t like to do boring and what’s in my opinion boring our mundane sewing and
I don’t think anyone does if you love sewing on patches that’s one thing but
if you hate it um I don’t think it’s out of line for you to not want to do those
types of projects that’s totally reasonable and I don’t see anything
wrong with you turning people I don’t see anything wrong with turning people
down for projects you’re either you either don’t have time for don’t have an
interest in making or are completely out of your skill set and I think this goes
back to the topic we talked about a couple weeks ago which is people just
think that if you sew they see the word so is your seamstress they think it
means all of it they think you do everything and that’s just not true um
but again if you have not I would definitely if you want to get some real
like here’s some really good thoughts on it on soy further people and just on
turning people down definitely check out the making at podcast I know you’re
probably thinking why would I listen to a woodworking podcast it’s so much more
than that I’m promising you you will like it if you try it so definitely go
check out the making it podcast I’ve linked the episode below you can listen
to it and you can listen to it while you sew that episode was all about saying no
and um and the one guy Jimmy dressed I thought he had some good thoughts when
he you know and again woodworking is is a pretty expensive hobby you have a lot
of you can have a lot of expensive machines and wood is not cheap so he
would get people asking him to make like a table or something and he’d be like
hey just so you know that’s six of the dollars in wood just for the just for
the materials and they’re like oh that’s really expensive and he’s like I know
and I haven’t even added in my feet so he actually will tell people I would
actually just go and buy that from a store and that’s
very honest but also very you know really not cutthroat but I think in some
cases you don’t want to mince words and I think that’s a very honest brutally
honest approach and I think once people get those numbers into their head
they’re like oh I didn’t realize it was that expensive like if I was gonna make
a quilt I didn’t realize that was two hundred dollars with the fabric alone so
I think once you start bringing dollar signs into it I think that really helps
bring people back down to earth in my opinion I don’t know alright we got a
couple more comments and Malita says I was just thinking about the subject I
have decided to just say now I have done a couple quilts to finish peope I have a
couple quilts to finish people and then I’m done and I think that’s the thing
like you know and again I don’t sew for people and when I’m making things I also
have to think in my head would this make a good sewing report video as well and
if it’s not a project that I’m excited about and you know think would make a
good video I don’t want to do it either I get asked all the time and one thing I
think is um kind of brings people out of the woodwork is when you bring a gift to
someone like if it’s up like a bridal shower or at a baby shower and you make
something and bring it that’s when all of a sudden people like oh my gosh I
want one too um but again you give me something as a gift is a lot different
than making something for someone for money and the other time and someone
brought this up on Instagram was when you post pictures of stuff you make on
Facebook so I was thinking about this and I have stopped posting the things I
make on my personal Facebook page just because then you get those types of
comments and questions all over again and then you can end up sounding like a
broken record because you’re trying to explain to people
everything about sewing and that can get real old real fast um so I think one way
to cut down on people asking you do stuff is not to post all those pictures
I know it’s hard sometimes because some some of the stuff you make is really
cute and you want to share it but just know that every time you post
a picture of a girl’s dress you post on Facebook you’re gonna get a bunch of
bums asking you to make one for their kid um I think the other thing um that
jimmy director was saying in this making it podcast was he’ll just tell people
hey you know maybe five time for it and then he just never ends up getting
around to it so they end up kind of going away or someone will be like well
like he’ll ask him to do something and then the person will be like well I’m
tired of waiting around on you so I’m just gonna go hire it out myself and
they’ll be like yeah you should do that because I don’t have time and if you
want this done in a timely manner you should hire someone who actually sells
those services and I think that’s another good point
um the other thing I was thinking about too is that if you are ok champagne
twist says a wise person once said no is a sentence and that is completely 100%
accurate um the other thing I think we need to encourage people to do is to try
to make it themselves um okay Marie says I don’t so for anyone
only because because I only want to sell what I want to make and that’s how I
feel as well I don’t like I like picking out the fabrics for my projects I like
picking out the patterns and when you take that away from me the fun is kind
of zapped out of it if I know if I’m working with fabric I don’t like and I’m
doing a pattern I don’t want to do our project I am NOT interested in it’s not
fun and then it becomes a chore and it becomes work um but one thing I was
thinking too is uh if you like I think we need to encourage
people to start sewing so open up the conversation say you know hey this is
actually pretty simple project if you come over to my house I’ll show you how
to make it and then you could make your own and and tell them how much fun
sewing is because that’s why we got started in the first place
um I have tried that a couple times and I will say um I have not had much
success with that but at the same time I also that also was my way of saying no
so I’ve had people ask me like if I wear things to work that I make people ask
hey will you make me one too and I’ve now started saying hey instead
of me making you one if you come to my house I’ll show you how to make it and
walk you through the process just because I want people to know what goes
into it and I don’t know if they were affected but the person never ends up
getting back to you so that is again a way of saying no and if I do have a
taker on it I would gladly I would gladly take my time and show the person
how to make something but that’s the thing I think if I do make something for
someone that requests that I want them to know how much time I spent I want
them to know how long it takes to cut out a pattern trace the pattern do the
fit alterations or you know even even alter something just for their size
because even though I sell garments for myself sewing garments for someone else
is a whole different ballgame because they’re not the same size you don’t know
what pattern alterations to make for them you do have to do fittings and um
it’s like starting over again so just because you could make a skirt for
yourself doesn’t mean it’s super easy for you to make a skirt for someone else
um even if I’m doing a new pattern for the first time it takes me a lot longer
to do because I’m carefully going over each step I’m trying to figure out what
the best methods are for finishing and it just ends up taking like probably two
to three times as long for me to do something for the first time then for me
to do something in subsequent times so I think that’s something that people just
don’t understand and I don’t I’m not blaming these people I I think that the
issue is that they just don’t understand what goes into sewing so I think that’s
one thing that we need to keep in mind as well is that these people just they
don’t know what we know I already got a couple more comments Haley a fellow
Sohus recently held a sewing party in our house where she invited OVA people
over to sew their own skirts so they would know how expensive the materials
were and how much time and effort it is Haley that’s a great idea and I have to
ask did they get a lot of people over did they get a lot of people who
came over that were interested in sewing champagne twists how comes some
designers are questioned about their costs but some of them sells for a
living for fun or a living are yeah and I would agree like you know people will
pay twenty thousand dollars for you know some Monique Lhullier dress but you know
if you’re sewing a custom dress you know all of a sudden they offer you 50 bucks
Kirsten says once people understand this sewing is architecture inside out and
backwards they develop as a respect for a pretty fast teaching them a little
works and it feels really good when it happens hello access do you have a
tutorial for stretch fabric hello act I do not yet but I’ll keep
that mind for future videos and if and anyone watching if you have a good
tutorial for stretch fabric feel free to link to it so hello act can find what
they’re looking for champagne twist says for example since
some wouldn’t bat an eyelid over the cost of a Chanel skirt but if someone
makes it it’s an issue and that’s totally true like because you’re not
some big-name designer that your time is worth less Paulus is a fun way of
setting the unknowing straight about sewing would be to turn them onto haute
couture I think that’s a good point and and that’s what I tell people to is that
you sewing things is is making your own personal Couture your own custom Couture
and that is really expensive and that’s why I try to tell people a little about
garment sewing just how long it takes me and you know just how long and and part
of it’s not even actual sewing it’s just getting that fit right and altering the
pattern and try to figure out what what best fit what alterations to make it’s
it’s a very complicated thing to do a custom fit for even yourself um I bought
that craft C class is drafting your own bodice slipper and all my gosh like my
brain is just like there are concepts in there that I can’t even get my head
around yet and I’ve been watching those videos over and over again trying to get
it so I think that’s something that people just just don’t understand they
think it’s a super easy thing um and you know and I was even in a face
group recently and and someone asked like we I was talking to some other
youtubers and someone’s like hey would you make me an outfit for like a
Coachella type outfit you know it could be like a collaboration and I was like
hey unfortunately it takes me like that sort of project would be out of my
comprehension right now and it’s not easy to make things but people just
think it’s super easy and quick for you to make things and that’s as you and I
know that is not at all the case so yes if you have any good ways of saying no
to selling your quests that’s what we’re talking about this hour and let me know
what you think and also uh what what ways what are your strategies and tips
for saying no to people who ask you to sew for them and I think another reason
why I don’t sew is I think once money is introduced that’s when the person gets
kind of nitpicky like and and I don’t want us like once you start paying for
them then it becomes really stressful because you’re like oh if the stitching
isn’t perfectly straight what if they want to return it or what if they don’t
want to pay me for it you know so that’s another thing to think about is that
once you introduce money into the equation um the person could get a lot
more demanding about what you’re doing how it looks whereas is if it’s if it’s
a gift are you doing it for free they really can’t complain about it because
you’re getting it for free but once you introduce that dollars those dollars
into it yeah especially if you’re charging a high amount of money then
then then people can start to get really um picky about the details and I’ve
heard some horror stories and Facebook groups about people who seamstresses
who’ve had some nightmare customers I want to deal with that sort of thing
that’s why I just make videos about what I’m doing for you guys to watch but I am
NOT going to sell things and sell them I’ve gotta get a comment from Brendon
maybe instead of posting pictures or finishes we should post pictures of all
our seam ripping and reduce I think that’s a good idea
so when people when you’re posting things on social media they’re seeing
more of the process and not just that finished item because they have no idea
what it took for you to get to that point and in fact I’m actually thinking
about doing some more videos for sewing report
it’s hard to produce videos where you’re showing the entire process but I’m
actually going to be doing some of those just so people can know what all goes
into making a dress or making a skirt I think it’ll be valuable to other
seamstresses hopefully maybe they can pick up some tips but also for people
who don’t so just to say wow that took her nine hours to do and I think I think
we just need to make sure we are really communicating the time effort skill and
attention to detail that all of our sewing projects make to people this is a
this is an ongoing war it’s not just a battle the war to get people to
recognize what we do we got Xena here people see my machines and they assume
I’m an expert at sewing I’m still learning how myself very frustrating and
I hear I hear you there um and I think someone was suggesting in a future video
we talk about how to sell things and get the price you’re worth and I think
that’s a good topic to talk about and I’ve actually gotten so I’ve actually
got some really good real life examples of people I know who are able to sell
handmade goods at a very lucrative price I think it’s challenged it I think it’s
challenging but I don’t think it’s impossible I think a lot of it though is
your marketing and just your brandy just that you know you are selling luxury
items you’re not selling bargain-basement stuff and I think
that’s important too to express to people um champagne twists says one
thing I’ve noticed recently that many sewing YouTube channels are more are
becoming more and more like cow catwalk runway shows and I noticed this myself
and I I agree with that champagne twist um that people just show their makes at
the end or they show a few outfits they made I do think it’s important though to
have some b-roll or footage of herself actually making the item um because it’s
becoming less fun and more commercially oriented yeah I would agree and I I
really like doing a my personal I personally like doing videos where not
only am i showing the finished product but I’m also showing what it took me to
get me there talk about my frustration certain patterns if I had issues how I
came those problems and having it more be offer valuable information than just
showing Instagram ready for pictures and videos um I have I do like to get some
b-roll of myself in my makes but I also think you need to show your self sewing
it show different steps and also offer tips for other people trying to make the
same garment alright if a person requests you to make clothes how do you
set a price hello ACK that is a good question I think you need to make sure
you are charging a fair amount for your time for all the materials and also
Emmys you know so you need to have some sort of profit built into there just so
that you can so that it’s worth your time we got Michelle I have someone who
wants to do a trade I’m scared they will do crochet items for one skirt and
Michelle I think that’s up to you you need to figure out um what can they make
you that’s as valuable as to what you’re giving them cuz and actually uh the
making it podcast which I’ve linked below talked about that as well in one
episode I swear I’m getting addicted to this
podcast but it is so good and it seems like a lot of the topics they talk about
really can resonate with the soy community as well and I’m like yes yes
yes um but they talk about Barberie on the podcast and that if you like maybe
there’s something you could do okay or do a mediocre job with but it would be
better if you paid someone who actually had the talent for like if I was a like
for instance myself I’ve been actually making all of my own graphics for sewing
report but I’ve actually been thinking maybe I should actually hire a
professional to make something better or to make it make make better made to
really so that when you watch these videos and that you know if people are
coming to the channel for the first time they get to see it if it’s best for but
not just in OK form I’ve been thinking about that we’re actually thinking about
trying to get better graphics for James’s channel more approved and tried
up our game with just the photography and the graphics in the music and
production level um just because I think that’s really
important to make something the best you can and to always be taking it up to the
next level I hope my videos have gotten better over time and I’m trying to
invest more time and resources into making them making them better for you
so I think that’s something that that’s one of my focuses for this year next
year all right we got champagne to us Michelle I think the fact that you’re
scared means that you really should think about if this is right for you and
I would agree with that if it’s something that you don’t think is a very
fair trade Michelle don’t do it girl don’t do it I’ve had some you know I’ve
had some situations where I’m kind of like it and in that and if you are
thinking about that in your gut then maybe that’s not something that you
should do but yeah so we’re talking about how to say no to people and again
that’s one instance where Michelle you might want to say no or say especially
it’s not something you want or need like you don’t need crocheted items or if you
don’t really want them then why do I do it I don’t know so Dana says I bartered
two pillows for a cross-stitch I got the deal that time hey that sounds pretty
good for me yeah pillows are pretty simple to do um and that’s the thing if
someone and if someone does once do want you to make something it might have a
skill you want like maybe someone who’s a graphic designer wants you to show
them something instead of paying you maybe they can give you some free
graphic design work or a photographer you know wants you to maybe so a dress
for a photo shoot or something for a photo shoot maybe they can give you some
free professional photos in return for your blog I think that’s something that
we should look at more seriously and that’s a way that everyone can get
something that they are looking for in that situation Malita
I made a queen-sized quote for a bench and entry door cubbies it was a great
trade hey that sounds actually pretty good yeah queen size quilt and then you
get some free furniture that actually sounds like a pretty fair trade um and I
think borrowing is a way that we that again everyone can be happy in the end
and get what you’re looking for um but I think it’s when you feel like you’re
getting the short end a video or if you’re trying to or if you’re not
offering someone I think that that goes around um if someone has
skills like if they’re a graphic designer or a photographer you also need
to offer them something that’s valuable in return or pay them for the work pay
them their actual rate and not try to not turn a nickel and diming we get a
discount because I do think you you get what you pay for I think that’s very
true but I think I think say no to people can be really hard um I am so um
so yeah when I’m when I say no to someone I am now saying look I’m really
sorry I don’t have time to sell things for other people generally I only sell
things for myself or gifts or for the channel and then sometimes in the in the
making a podcast the one guy was like oh well people will say well hey you could
just make a video out of it but at the same time it has to be the right project
for you so if someone was suggesting a video to me for sewing report and it was
an item that I really didn’t think would bring value to my my viewers and it was
not a project I was excited about I wouldn’t do it even if I could get a
video out of it um you know I really do want the videos I make to have value for
the people watching and if it doesn’t have value the people watching then why
make it at all that’s that’s all I’m saying um oh and I do want to let you
know also yes the Pearl mug is back and I am trying out I’m trying to branch out
my seamstress skills I’m trying to make my first ever collared shirt with
buttons we’ll see how that goes I would like to make a video out of it but we do
have a bit of a challenge since both James and I are making videos now it’s a
little bit tough because um if I want to use the camera sometimes he’s using the
cameras so we really have to manage your time well and try to schedule things out
and plan in advance so that like I might be editing while he’s shooting or vice
versa so that not one of us need the cameras at the same time or the lights
like right now I’m using one of our lights so it can be a little bit of a
struggle to to manage all this when you have two people in the household that
are making YouTube videos but we’re doing our best um but I would like I
we am cognizant of the fact that I really want to make more videos that
show the making process and have more b-roll of me in tips of different
aspects of the pattern so that I can share them with you
um I have linked a couple things I found some really fun and every week I’m gonna
try to do this I found some really interesting sewing articles so I’ve
linked those in there and I also want to share with you on if you really enjoy
this channel and you like what I’m doing here and you enjoy these live shows and
you want to help support sewing report but again I’m not starting to page right
at this point or anything like that I know a lot of people I’ve asked you know
I’ve had some people suggesting I start a patreon or something like that but it
does seem like everyone has one now um so I’m not going to be doing that but if
you would like to support this mission and the mission behind this on your part
is to share I really want to share my love of sewing with the world and
encourage more people so that’s really the whole goal if you’d like to help
support the channel without it costing you anything extra um I have linked and
I linked products at all of the videos like if I use like a servo tracing paper
or if I use a certain tool I linked it and I’m part of the Amazon affiliate
program and all that means is that if you do click on the link and you buy
that or any other for any other thing in Amazon within a certain amount of time I
get a little percentage of the sales it’s called Commission that’s one way
for me to help generate some sort of revenue through this channel and really
I’m investing it back to the channel I want to invest in more a better lighting
kit I would like to invest in more equipment better audio just to make
these videos better so if you would like to see that happen and you enjoy these
videos you like what I’m doing um definitely support you know really the
way you can do that is by clicking on one of those amazon links and then
buying that product or buying another product it doesn’t matter actually what
you buy an Amazon as long as you got to Amazon through one of my links I also
found this website there’s this website called kit comm and it helps you share
some of your favorite things so I was on there playing around with it
and a day there’s a cool set up so if I’m doing a project like next week I’m
doing a video about hand embroidery I made a little kit so if you click a down
in the description box if you click on the if you click on there’s a section
down there called SHOP sewing reports favorite so any quilting products I’ve
linked to the kit and I have a profile kit and you can see all of my favorite
uh beginner sewing supplies dress making supplies sewing machines sewing in
quilting books best irons hand embroidery starter kit quilting supplies
even my youtube filming gear um if you’d like to check out some of what I love
and not again I’m only recommending products that I’ve used or that I really
like um check it out there and if you click on those links it will take you to
my Amazon affiliate account so if you if you want to support the channel in a
small way that is how you could do that and again I’m sorry to take up the time
with this up commercial but uh you know over time I’ve been doing this for about
a year and a half and you guys have been great and I’m really glad to see this
audience and community growing but again I would like to start investing in some
some better equipment and some more I also need to buy supplies for these
projects and by helping support me through this Amazon program you can help
do that just so that I can make more videos I want to make I really do love
making videos and also sewing and that’s why I combined the two but if you check
out my kit profile I’m gonna constantly be creating new kits like for next
week’s video you can see everything I am using for this hand embroidery um video
so you can see everything I used and I’m going to be making new kids so if I make
a certain project like say may I make a dress I’m going to create a kit just for
the dress say hey this is the pattern I use this is the fabric this is the
thread and I use any notions I’ll be linking them
in there and creating little kits for all of the projects that I’m doing I
think it’s a really cool website and it has a very clean interface if you’re a
blogger I would also link into it as well because you can embed your kit into
a blog post so that’s going to be doing is I will be embedding like my hand
embroidery starter kit um into the I’m going to be embedding it into that blog
post so that you can all see all the products that I’m using in a very clean
way I really like this website and I highly recommend it if you are looking
for a way to showcase some of your sewing items I think that is a good way
to do that and also it’s a good way for it’s a way a small way for you if you
would like to help support sewing your port that is how you do so I really
appreciate everyone watching and everyone tuning in every week to the
show it means a lot to me and I really enjoy getting to know everybody so that
is one way if you would like to support soldier part that’s how you can do that
um also I linked um I have a link on my Facebook page as well so if you go to
the soldier part Facebook page I linked um the kit in my profile and kit as well
so anyways sorry for the PSA but that’s just something done you know I I know
it’s like self promo time but at the same time um you know I realize if I
want to keep sewing up or going long-term that’s something that I’m
probably going to have to do more and more just to be able to create these
videos so anyways uh that’s that that’s all for me
um if anyone else has any comments on how to say no to people who ask you to
self feel free to leave in the comments also if you miss the live show don’t
worry you can still you can still watch the replay every all the time that’s
what I love about YouTube is that you can you know even though we’re doing
this live stream someone who missed it can watch it whatever they want
and this video stays up forever champagne twist um I have thought about
doing so alongs and in fact that is something that
really something that’s on the agenda um summary says glad you did that I’ve been
meaning to ask you about your iron and yes so if you want to see all the
products I use um check out the link to my kit under shop sewing a parts
favorite so any quilting products and you can see everything that I like to
use um okay so we got a couple comments yeah so champagne twins I am going to be
doing some hopefully some sewing long videos the thing about the so long
videos is that they do take a real they do take a lot of time and a lot of
production to produce and I want them to be good like I don’t want them to just
be like like okay videos I am working on some sewing machine videos just on using
the serger and using the Janome cover stitch machine and those are all linked
below as well but I really appreciate everyone tuning into the show and
watching every week and just for all the support and I think we’re building a
really great a sewing apart squad here and again yes if you have comments this
week is all about saying no to sewing requests next week I’m not sure what the
topic is gonna be um I was thinking about talking about selling your items
but it also feels a little hypocritical of me because I don’t actually sell
items um but if you’ve been following me in the blog world for a while I had
another blog called more approved that’s now more Jameses domain and I wrote an
article a few years ago about how to about quilt pricing and why quilts are
so expensive and I talked to some people I interviewed a few folks who are in the
quilting industry on why they don’t sell quilts why or why not and also you know
what more about like the data about the business dynamics about quilt pricey it
was fascinating for me too right and a lot of you read it um and that is and
that’s actually I put that on the sewing report blog too so if you haven’t read
that I do want to talk more about the business angle um and also and also I
was actually thinking about um I was actually thinking and I don’t know if
this would be more of a social experiment I was thinking about trying
to set up an Etsy shop just to see what happens and then doing videos
reporting back on like what happened with the Etsy shop like not like a
serious Etsy shop but like I would try to set up a shop just to go through just
to go through the experience myself and we’re trying to sell things and just
seeing what happens like are people willing to pay real prices you know do I
get any sales because you know everyone that hears you so the first question
they often ask is do you have an Etsy shop Juvonen see shop and you try to
explain people how difficult nc really is and like they don’t believe you or
they think it’s so easy so i think maybe i was thinking about making some videos
on like the reality of Etsy like what happens if you like when people like oh
you should try to set up an Etsy shop that I can say well I tried it and it
did not work so I was thinking about doing something like that maybe as an
experiment that I could blog about and do videos about to share what happened
to me when I tried to set up an Etsy shop because everyone always asks if you
have an Etsy shop and I think there’s like I think there’s good reasons for
not doing it just as much as doing it I could get a couple more comments here uh
champagne twist thank you for creating these videos I look forward to them
Alison I saw all kinds of cute pillows but tomorrow I will bring some design
and hope it catches I wish me luck well good luck to you Alison hopefully you
sell your pillows Brenda that’s a great idea Brenda we talking about the the
Etsy experiment and maybe I could call it like Etsy experimentation or
something and just try to set up a shop also although I don’t know if I want to
do that because that might also mean I would have to actually get like a
business license or something and I don’t really know if I really want to do
that so we will we will see and I apologize I feel like this light is like
really bright see yes so again going like undercover in the Etsy world to try
to set up a shop because people are always like oh you should set up a nexus
app and you could totally like people are always saying you could totally sell
those when if you actually tried to sell them
um that you could that would you actually sell any or would you get no
sales like I’m just curious to know like if I actually did set up an Etsy shop
would I actually sell anything or we should just go nowhere um so then I
could say like hey I tried to set an NC shop and it was not successful
hello hello Merritt Mary all right we got bread too here we got Kelly great in
phone comments today thank you very much Kelly
and then again thank you everybody for joining me but yeah I think I think one
thing um I would and I will I do have one personal story so I out of
some of the scrap knit fabric I have I made some baby outfits I made like some
little baby pants I posted the money Instagram before and I made little baby
hats free patterns and everything and has anyone met a Nazi millionaire
champagne twist I believe the company Grayson Lee
started out an Etsy a girl though Grace & Lace was also on Shark Tank – so they
haven’t been at the shark tank effect but anyways um a while back I had made
some baby outfits I made like the baby pants and a baby hat and I was using
scrap fabric so like I had bought a bunch of knit fabric so I would make
them out of fabric when I didn’t have enough to make like an adult sized
garment and I tried to sell a couple of them on Facebook
nobody bit so I I think I charged I think I put the price of like $30 or it
was like 30 or 35 dollars for a handmade baby knits that baby pants the baby hat
no nobody nobody even approached me about it like I didn’t even get these
ones saying hey I might be interested like I got 0 I got zero sales so I ended
up giving those items away as gifts and that was kind of my purpose for making
them anyways but I figured hey um I should well maybe I’ll try to sell these
and at least that it would recall recoup my cost of fabric um but nobody I got
out of my like 500 Facebook friends I got zero interest so you know I tried to
sell stuff and button you know what the funny thing is is that I tried to sell
something of fabric I chose a price I picked um instead of someone
saying like hey will you make me a skirt so I don’t know like I’m I don’t know
but I am curious to try to set up an Etsy shop just to see if anyone actually
buys anything and then if he is and maybe I would do a series of videos like
here’s what happened to me this was a disaster or like showing people like
what you know what all happened because I feel like if I did set up an Etsy shop
I don’t I really don’t feel like it would be successful um because the
prices I would charge high prices and a lot of these people that see are really
charging like very I feel like unrealistically cheap prices like I’ll
see you at quilt for $75 I’m like are they like on crack or something like
what are they out of their mind like cuz I would never sell a quilt for 75 bucks
I mean I do get people saying my sewing skills aren’t that great
so for now I’m charging a low price because it’s not a perfect diner in that
case I would not sell anything at all like if I didn’t think my if I didn’t
think the item was worthy of sale I just wouldn’t sell it like I have a lot of
bags I made in the clot in the closet of shame in my craft room that I would give
away I wouldn’t sell them like I would maybe like if someone wanted to pay the
shipping and get the bags I would just ship it to them Jun just have him pay
for shipping but the bags I’ve made in my early stages are not of a quality
that I would feel comfortable selling to people I’m just being honest here all
right we got penguin oh you got a few more all right so it’s secure sukhoi
sakuya says every time i try to make a neck see or Storenvy shop it always
fails and I always give up I don’t know what I’m doing wrong I have decent
prices so it’s not outrageous penguin and pear I used to sell handmade jewelry
I was much more successful selling on Facebook than I was on Etsy um Linda I
always miss calculate shipping when selling on Etsy yeah and I feel like I
do that too um so yeah I want to know so to any everyone who does sell things I
think we’ll talk about this next week selling on things what like I think we
should talk about what what’s but like if you do sell things what’s been the
best method for you do you have tips for people and you
know because I do think maybe maybe Facebook would be good like a Facebook
page and the Facebook page would be free like if you have a PayPal account you
could just do everything through PayPal and not have to worry about listing fees
or anything so I was even thinking this as well if I was gonna sell stuff
I would actually sell things probably an Instagram directly or on Facebook and
just say hey I’ll hang voice you through your paypal email address
um and then just once they’d pay you sudden that you said them whatever it is
so I might experiment with that um so if you see me start to sell stuff don’t be
like what the hell is she doing just know that it’s it’s probably going to be
for some sort of video um but and I also am also on this channel um just a quick
announcement I would like to start doing some more giveaways and more stuff like
that maybe some swag bags um so um by helping to support the so in report
channel through like my affiliate links I might be able to do some more
giveaways also like if I start getting some free stuff from companies um I do
want to give that stuff away so that’s sort of what I’m thinking about for the
future plans for sewing apart let me know what you think about all this
because I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want this channel
to be what I want this platform to be and how I can best serve the sewing
community um to add value to everyone here so if you have any suggestions for
me that might fit my skill set let me know and all right we got a couple of
comments yes Zoe dealing with customers on any platform can be a challenge I
that’s one of the reasons why I’m not that interest in selling things
Haley I’ve seen a few things being sold as handmade but we’re obviously imported
for China yeah and I do think that Etsy could
probably do a better job at policing that sort of thing I know it’s difficult
but um if X is supposed to be like a handmade retailer and if you’re selling
mass-produced stuff from China where where is the handmade in that anyways
guys I’m gonna check off check out right now because I gotta help James with some
stuff from his channel but tune in next week I think the topic definitely needs
to be selling all right next week I’m just sayin and now the topic is selling
things so join you next week at 3 p.m. and we will be back here again I will
see you guys all next week bye

  • COMMENTS FROM THE LIVE STREAM: (Yes, the format is a bit wonky but at least they're saved this way!)
    Karen Machamer​Repairing clothes. I HATE to do repairs!
    greentree202​I quilt as well as garment sew. I recently got a request to make a t-shirt quilt. I turned it down though because my friend wanted it in like a week. I work full time and have 3 small children.
    Gay McGee​Hi from Nebraska
    Dana Moore​Hello from Greensboro,NC
    Hayley Ryan​i am awful at saying no, but recently tried the line "my services are not for sale sorry" which worked really well
    Paula Johnson​If you sew well enough and have the time, go ahead and make what the person wants. Make it so expensive that they'll never ask you again.
    Denise Spigner​hemming pants, no problem. simple baby quilt okay, anything else I am not that good. Most of my sewing is done vicariously watching You Tube.
    Dana Moore​You and James are my kinds of friends!
    Kirsten Wolff​It seems a lot of people who haven't been exposed to sewing, view those of us who do as "lesser mortals". As if it's an old fashioned, throwback activity.
    greentree202​I am willing to sew my shipmate's uniform tags (name tag, service tag, & rank insignia) for tea. That is usually only a few dollars, even at a tailor.
    Milita Shearer​I was just thinking about this subject. I have decided to just say no. I have a couple of quilts to finish for people and then I'm done.
    Champagne Twist​Hi, a wise person once said "No is a sentence!"
    Marie Marie​I don't want to sew for anyone, because I only want to sew what I want to make.
    Hayley Ryan​i fellow sewist recently held a sewing party in her house where she invited people over to sew their own skirts so they would know how expensive the materials were and how much time and effort it is
    Champagne Twist​Question: How come some designers are questioned about their costs, but someone who sews for fun or a living are?
    Kirsten Wolff​Once people understand that sewing is architecture – but inside out & backwards, they develop a respect for it pretty fast. Teaching them a little works. & it feels really good when that happens.
    Hello AcL​Do you have a tutorial for strech fabric?
    Champagne Twist​For instance some wouldn't bat an eyelid over a cost of a Chanel skirt, but if someone makes it, it's an issue?
    Paula Johnson​A fun way of setting the unknowing straight about sewing would be to turn them on to haute culture
    Brenda does It​Maybe instead of posting pictures of finishes we should post pictures of all our seam ripping and redos.
    Zina Hardy​People see my machines and they assume I'm an expert at sewing. I'm still learning how myself. Very frustrating.
    Champagne Twist​One thing Ive noticed recently, that many sewing youtube channels are becoming more and more like catwalk/ runway shows.
    Champagne Twist​It's becoming less fun and more commercially orientated
    Hello AcL​If a person request to you for make a clothes, how you set the price?
    WinMichele4​I have someone who wants to do a trade. I'm scared. They will do come crotchet items for one skirt
    Champagne Twist​WinMichele4 – Hello, I think the fact that you're 'scared' means that you should really think about if this is right for you.
    WinMichele4​You're right
    Dana Moore​I bartered 2 pillows for a cross stitch. I got the deal-that time.
    Milita Shearer​I made a queen size quilt for a bench and entry door cubbies. It was a great trade.
    Paula Johnson​You're right about money complicating matters. If you're going to charge for garment sewing, you need a professional-level skillset. Whatever you make should rival high quality RTW.
    Champagne Twist​Have you thought about creating a sew along?
    Champagne Twist​Might be good to add to the kits!
    Marie Marie​Glad you did that, I have been meaning to ask you about your iron, thanks, now I know
    SakuyaLuigi​I wish bartering was still necessary. Money complicates everything.
    Champagne Twist​Thank you for creating these videos, I always look forward to them 😃
    Allyson Franken​I sew all kinds of cute pillows, but tommorow I will bring some design in the hope it catches eye. Wish me luck
    Brenda does It​Ooh that's a great idea.
    Kelly Montgomery​Great info and comments today😊
    Brenda does It​Yes deep cover! 😊
    jmarylastone​I am here at last!!!!!!!!!!
    jmarylastone​HELLO EVERYONE!!!
    Kelly Montgomery​Me too… great idea about Etsy
    Champagne Twist​As anyone met an Etsy millionaire?
    SakuyaLuigi​Every time I try to make an Etsy or storenvy shop, it always fails, and I always give up. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have decent prices, so it's not outrageous.
    Penguin & Pear​I used to sell handmade jewellery – i was much more successful selling on fb than I was on Etsy
    Linda Johnson​I always miscalculate shipping when selling on Etsy.
    SakuyaLuigi​So, would Facebook be a better option to sell on?
    Zoie C​Dealing with customers on any platform can be a challenge
    Hayley Ryan​i have seen a few things being sold as handmade but were obviously imported from china
    Peazy​loved this
    Allyson Franken​Zoie If find that very dishournable.
    Dana Moore​Thank you!
    Allyson Franken​I hate it when they do that.
    Champagne Twist​Cool, see you all next week 😃 Enjoy the rest of the day everyone.
    SakuyaLuigi​Everyone have a good day!
    Allyson Franken​Have a good one.
    rebeccagolfs​I love watching you, I've learned so much. Thanks

  • I also once read an article that was about crafting for pay that was titled, "I like sex, but why I am not a prostitute."

  • This was actually example was something someone wanted me to knit, but I was given a pattern and a sweater worth amount of yarn and the gift giver told me they bought it for me so I could knit them the sweater

  • As a stay-at-home mom, I don't have as much free time as people assume. I sew for myself, hubby and kids and will occasionally sew for others but it's on my time, not theirs.

  • I love listening to your videos. Your suggestion of encouraging people to sew their own projects is inspiring me to say "I can lend you my sewing machine!" 😀

  • My hubby's boss's wife asked me to patch some jeans, came over with like 10 pairs, and when they were done, she came over grabbed them and ran to her truck….just like the commercial…."Start the car!….start the car! I didn't even get to tell her how little I was going to charge her…..I was also a new mother…………..!

  • So glad I can catch up on your videos on Monday! When asked to sew something, I tell people "thanks, but this is my hobby. I already have a full time job. But I am happy to show you how to make [insert product]." Thank you for your show!

  • I just told a friend that I didnt even have time to sew my own stuff but that if she got a sewimg machine she could come over and we could sew together.

  • So glad I took some time to watch this! Love your perspective on the topics of saying no and selling (I don't sell for ALL the same reasons). Personally, I think laughing hysterically at their request is a good way to say no when they ask! Kidding, kidding… 😉 Definitely gonna watch the podcast because I have been asked to make 2 queen sized t-shirt quilts for my cousin's girlfriend (no), make and donate a baby quilt for someone else's private school fundraiser (NO), make blouses for a friend (have I EVER made a blouse? no), make baby burp cloths with an embroidered logo for a spouses club for all the new babies (no), hem pants (no) and the list seriously goes on. Thanks for starting the discussion!

  • I shop alone. When I used to go shopping with friends…I would waste time waiting for them to try things on, then things wouldn't fit and they be like, "you can fix this for me right?"… What?! Nooooooooo. So, solitary shopping is better.

  • I was inspired to make memory bears by a bear I received from hospice a few years ago made from a shirt my Grandmother wore before she passed away. I got the inspiration when two coworkers suffered a significant loss. I purchased a pattern from the Funky Friends Factory of their signature bear and offered to make them a bear each if they wished to submit some articles of clothing. It went around the department that I made these bears. At first it was very touching to be a part of something special but that ended when I got two requests of 14 bears a piece. It has now become such a burden and I can only blame myself for not saying no. I've decided once I complete the second set, (first set is done) I will have to limit any future requests to three or maybe four. I did get paid but I only charged for supplies because I didn't feel right making a profit from others loss. I really wanted it to be more of a quiet ministry. I made the mistake of posting a pic of one I made my brother from my Grandmother's last remaining shirt. Not 5 minutes after I posted it I was asked to make "some" bears for a former coworker. I had no idea he would ask for 13. He later requested an additional one for a friend that had passed away. It takes me about two days to complete a set of 4 bears. Bears have taken over my leisure life. Healthy boundaries are so important when it comes to these things. Otherwise you end up resenting the projects or even the people asking you for them.

  • First, I want to thank you for showing the live comments. I was in another state when this was on. Here are a few of my experiences sewing for others: 1. I made some maternity pants and a bridesmaids dress for a friend. That went very well. 2. I used to work at a fabric store and the bride and bridesmaids came into the store. One of them wanted to have her dress made just for her. I helped pick out the fabric, pattern, etc. I agreed to make the dress. BIG MISTAKE! They decided to change the color of the dresses! Thankfully I hadn't yet started on the dress. Fabric, etc. exchanged. The bridesmaid called me up everyday to see how it was coming. For the fittings, several of the women came over. I was so stressed out. 3. I was asked to put a new lining in a man's suit jacket. How hard could that be? It had welt pockets, which I had never done before. I really struggled with that. I still do a little bit of sewing for others, but I don't enjoy it. I'm always worried that I am going to mess something up. I prefer to sew for myself and my family. That includes my dog and cats. I can take my time and not stress out. Then it is fun.

  • I get requests more and more. It started of with dresses for people's kids now I am getting men asking me to make them suits. I tell the that I am really just starting out but if they want to buy the materials I have extra sewing machines and I can teach them. No one has taken me up on it yet.

  • I actually ran into an issue where I posted a picture of placemats I made for my MIL on Facebook. A bunch of people commented that they wanted me to make them a set. I just ignored most of the messages, but I had two people actually tell me in person that they wanted a set. One was my aunt, and the other a ‘friend’. This friend is famous for trying to get things from people for free or always trying to get people to do things for her, so when I told her, ‘Get me the material and I’ll make you a set,’ I knew the convo would stop there. Not only did she want a set of placemats but she wanted me to provide the fabric and batting and give it all to her for free! The worst part is that I know if I open up this can of worms in sewing for this person, it won’t end. Next month it will be something else, and I’ll be expected to pay for it all. In the meantime my Aunt said she was very interested in getting a set of placemats. I told her that I would do it at my own pace and that I wouldn’t charge her for the sewing aspect if she bought all the materials. She totally understood when I told her it will cost about $50 in materials and she understood completely, and we’re going to pick out the fabric soon! I don’t mind sewing for her because she knows that this stuff takes time and costs money, and I know that she won’t expect it again and again and again. This other friend however, would never stop to think that I can’t be an endless cycle of fabric and favours for nothing, and the second thought is what I have an issue with.

  • I only sew for myself, my daughters, my grand children and my husband. When someone asks me to sew for them I say sure. When I get finished with my projects. It might be about 10 years from now but sure…..

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