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I've always loved fashion fashion makes a huge difference to the way you feel there we go hey guys I'm gonna need live from New York Fashion Week and this is it kicking off so come with me backstage front rows let's do it backstage with Marissa Webb the shows about to start so thank you for giving us a bit of high let us talk inspiration for the collection because I'm not kidding when I say it's one of my favorites every season I tried not to look for a new inspiration every season it's been consistent with our girl and what the brand is and we want that edge but at the same time being feminine how important is the hair in complimenting the clothes it completes the love and so every season it is coming up with a new inspiration or a new hairdo that enhances and complements the looks so much luck with the show I think can't wait to see the collection that was absolutely beautiful some high-waisted leather pants and lots of very girly ruffled silk tops and was just gorgeous just soft pieces falling out lots of twists I can't wait to learn how to do it myself because I think I can manage it and if I can you can what's the most beautiful runway show I think my favorite moves the web collection I've ever seen tulips how would you describe them each one had like twist on either side it was kind of like I would call it a shallow side part one version was this soft lived-in ponytail and then we did this super simple rope braided like loop top button gonna hold your arm out like this at the show we use the tray to extra hold hairspray and it is perfect I love I know one of the latest stories be sure to visit be online and download the key online app actually the question about the packages you're so cute you're still cute it's a lot of makeup yes it's Taylor Swift giving away her awards to her squad this is so true

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