Germany v Argentina | Bronze Medal | Women's FIH Pro League Highlights

it's the final day of action in the women's 2019 fi h pro league and it's time for the medal matches first up it's the clash for third place as Germany take on Argentina Argentina and cholera back in under way pink art open it's taken by yang Kunis your killers into the circle and Kunis it for swagger not a Victoria Granato gets it strong and then just miss handles and it's over the backline balls to carvaka robber around saw the bomb to Haley gets the shot across or the cross in and here's a chance at gavrillac who takes an extra touch in reverse [Applause] and journey back on level times inside a minute and a quarter of this second half and Schroder finishing off the jar so further to God because cat-like took the extra touch a peach Dahlia wines one up it's fallen to a Becky what a touch from who sir the coal keeper puts it around the post give the reserve goalkeeper that's to see this at IKEA pitarrio flashes that one over there looks as if go there shoots out a second shootout between these two sides and the competition it's all over and the third place in the 2019 fi h women's pro league will be decided and by a shootout he is now Schroder then eight seconds in which to find the back of a net if she can into the circle she comes up against sushi and into Sookie's pair still there and she's run out of time has an Schroder – from three shootout attempt she scored across the season and drags it just wide missed one against Australia scored one against Argentina and here against Argentina in the playoff match she's hit the bar shootout attempt number two for Argentina three misses from three attempts so far what can her beef Duke her beef into the circle goes wide the right hand side Kapowski goes down she's missed as well can she do here the game quickly at the top unity wise well done Suchi almost got back and Carla Becky held an awful long time and here she goes Becky into the circle up against kopalski for Becky and she moved the keeper enough Kapowski stun wow that sours rebecky mertens into the circuit Mattern scores [Applause] and she score here goes quickly the stakes of kopalski it's still there for one day hey there but she's going to run out of time another who hasn't taken a shoot out in the regular season she sells sushi down what a finish for Victoria who sang beautifully calm and puts it over balance Ooty and it is Charlie that celebrates with a third place finish here one more after regulation time Germany win the shootout 3-1 to take the bronze medal you


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