General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Awards Desciplined, Best Performing Soldiers at Kabamba – MUST WATCH

you're most welcome your acceleration the president dysfunctional commissioning oboe piece of debates [Applause] [Applause] next best in the class average nan Bobby Sumire in the field of certain age with the Getty holdings this ahead a minute sight dear and the last one is the best discipline officer debate of Saturday's nugara congratulations to those biscuits you can win you obtain become change agents in your families will have time however you I immediate work now is that you have a chance to be a leader in the other people the transposes I can tell you this is a real opportunity for you if you use it well your future will be bright you heard what the lipstick city of what told you in details and also the commander UTF is the force that was historically needed in the event otherwise use and would have by now disintegrated now the PDF was able to reverse the decline of the render because of our ideology and our strategy and our discreet the so were able to without any money were able to build a very strong force which same in Uganda but also has contributed to regional peace there are for you to be a part of this is a very very great honor it should not take it lightly and you should not misuse you are your chance in addition to thwart the NIP the city of told you which was detailed in terms of you are over the past on your navigation his life he needed to tell your parents to leave you alone I was at the Americana Peninsula visible monophonic Alamo Montalvo related waited and waited yeah I was ugly you tell you apparent that I don't have enough money that you go back and cultivate a karma will explain how to quarrel now when I will remember that when we talk American Revolution in Croatia reduce masala Guevara I was a new Caravan machinima had a new story rotary robot whenever you have time but I suck at my booty no one quando Mucha for warrior they've avoided I was at Dayton Park in Omaha me – little india by gamma Vova of the Carolingian little militaries are no good when you operate a particular afternoon Monica that Attila Kazakh moon really hot WOM will move for Allah families leave over pizza Ivana families next I will use that word and also be careful about your wife weather-wise you can also make you steel or the husband oh the other Republican why don't we ever have which part of my big know what one build prisons and phobia let us live within our means otherwise things are very moving well together this Academy is going to be transformed into a military university or you can get bit both the leadership qualification in army but also an academic qualification and the course will take 3 are 0 1 year and it will be shared by East Africa therefore the opportunities are now mainly for you people for us we have to learn military science without all these facilities that's why we are that some of us are to go to Mozambique to to get relief from there here you are getting free here there are four don't wish use this opportunity the double trees will be built the additional buildings and also the transport of the colleagues we worked on for the Commandant told me about the issue of the duplicity efforts toward me what is needed in the past we fought what without resources now that you ran is stable and progressing we are working hard to expand the economy so to build a more modern I mean cause it has not build a more modern era without good economy fertility the economy is doing is growing and were put in place in the basics especially electricity we are working on transport and we're also working with the cost of money I've been going around trying to wake up the families your your parents who only work for the stomach what they call subsistence farming that's not good at all some of these areas are very profitable person even a raven Ivanova man nevada vicente rojo safer datacenter maneuver is not singleness is vodka real important poses oxidizer consider a vow of a dossier to invent a garden a car scene on Amanda Coolidge good everyone's in ways that way I avoid impossible at once all I did was tell value that I'm going to do moon and tell them when they were killed walking home to where I'm a comedian and a day that Mike and Sam who college women I'm a car a gorilla or would on a shady Queen when a district where is this tree kardama to did you know I would walk in walk in call they may be Tiana well I think Jennifer Jennifer of service organism but would it is a Moroccan government Imahara Anna banana who would eat food Bhumika receive diversity whatever are tired of Akuma they are very fond of you Nana who are married no silly maybe we can do a McCartan Omar will go to Nova Coppola a chip a joke they don't use the resources they have to get out of poverty but we are struggling with them so for you you concentrate on the ugly I've told them the very key to immortality now look was a visa that was that began with the world yes cause it was so we are walking on the only on the holiday fortunately the one before for one to in the surface or 2014 in the whole of Uganda the families which were in substances activities where 68% that means the father's which were and in the manual 32 passes but if after two percent of individuals a four year the economy is growing at 6 percent 7 percent so you can imagine if all the families were immoral the economy will grow at maybe 13 14 15 percent but we are moving we are moving and foreigners are coming and called the countries peaceful which is the work of the 3df foreigners when the foreigners come they blew a lot of work they produce a lot of things which you knew you could produce produce doesn't matter since their provision here they are benefiting us there are four by strengthening the economy we are also going to be able to support the amiable and supporter military industries so to calculus our own systems instead of always buying and buying and buying from foreign


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