General Hospital Clip: Oscar Is Irreplaceable

  • This isn't the right way. She's trying to replace Oscar. I bet if she went through with it, and she has a boy, she probably would name him Oscar. Oh boy..

  • I think kim is going to lose touch with reality for just a little while she ask julian and drew for a baby they said no if she goes to Shiloh and ask him and he agrees but they make no baby then her next step will be to take someone's baby not meaning to her that mother but kim is so caught up in her grief that she can't see or think straight she might even try and take carly's baby. Kim is in a bad way she don't want to be helped right now all she wants right now is to be a mom and she will do anything to be one even if she have to sleep with Shiloh or kidnap one

  • Kim may want a child, but to create one just to be a mother again, that’s not fair to the child in any way.

  • Poor Kim. I think she's headed for a nervous breakdown. She really needs professional help with the loss of Oscar.

  • We all know this is her grief talking, but I can understand. She only has one child and to lose him is to lose herself and her purpose for living. She needs to probably go to group grief therapy or see a psychologist. A few years down the line when she is more mentally ready she can consider adopting.

  • Wow she's that desperate sperm 🏦. Why would she think that Drew what to give her another baby that girl needs to be in a hospital she needs some medical attention she is mental in the Head 🤣🤣😜🤪🤪

  • I get Kim is grieving, but this is not the solution. Next thing you know she'll ask Jason for a baby because he's Drew's twin.

  • This worries me that Kim is losing her mind ever since Oscar's pass. I think She needs therapy but i really hope this show don't end up making KIm crazy.

  • G.H. is known for bringing people back from the dead. Oscar would be a welcome surprize. They can think of something. He made alot of the show good. And kiki too.💕

  • Is hard what she us feeling losing and adult child No hearing his voice .is room empty. He was the 2 of then together for 15 years and suddenly she lost her only child she. Is having a breakdown because she never grief. She never let him go. this writer should have kill Sam and drew daughter no need for her. They should have recast oscar

  • Yes Kim will do something really bad and that's when Drew wil get his Memories Back and then go after Shiloh

  • This shows how desperate and heartbroken Kim is. She wants to have some sense of normal stability. For her that is taking care of and being a mother. But asking the men closest to her for a new baby isn't the way to find it. She needs therapy and a stay at a mental health facility.

  • I read Somewhere she Will sleep with Shiloh to get a Baby I Hope Not..this Is Similar to The Young and The Restless When billy's daughter got hit by a Car And died. Her Mom wanted a Baby and did whatever to get one and she got her baby

  • They should bring him back say that he never died, They welcomed him upstairs and told him to fight. The writers could say that someone else was cremated. Just bring him I dont care which way they spin it 👌

  • Dang.. 1st Julian and now Drew.. i feel bad for her. She just wants to be a mom again and the saddest part is..she's probably not going to be ☹

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