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Game Of Thrones Cast Presents Supporting Actress In Limited Series Or Movie | EMMYS LIVE! 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, the
cast of “Game of Thrones.” [MUSIC – “GAME OF THRONES
THEME”] [applause] It’s an honor for us
all to be here tonight. I think all of us agree how
amazing the entire last season was for us. We had no idea how it would
end, who would betray whom, and who would end
up with the prize. As much as we wish the show
could have gone on forever, our time had come. And tonight is a
chance to once again thank all of those who watched. [applause] And now Limited
Series and Movies. The very best of these
arrive and become an important part of our lives. Their stories show
us love, tolerance, and empathy, alongside
war, greed, and despair. They don’t just entertain,
but also educate and empower us. Their characters
become part of our lives and their journeys stay with
us long after they’re gone. It’s our honor to present the
award for Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie. And the nominees are. (SINGING) Living in
the day of [inaudible]


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