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am I ready for the game of words now how do you play just play that game Albert Einstein once said play welcome to the game Awards 2015 and right now we're gonna get right into our first award of the night today's multiplayer games are so fast so adrenaline-filled that many have become professional sports Schley tune splatoon also wins best multiplayer Wow thank you so much right now you're gonna meet a new character from the world of uncharted 4 oh you're going to give it to me really I'm afraid I'm spoken for let's see what you've got say keel oh yeah this is Shaq foo a legend reborn hey yeah it's gonna be fire oh sorry optic gaming first and foremost we know that Call of Duty still a very young eSport all right congrats to a team optic here's AMD greenroom that we're playing a lot of Star Wars Battlefront kind of cool does it mean you really I do actually feel like you're in the movies been playing this game yeah yeah yeah for sure like right in there you're performing later yeah later so what you gonna perform anywhere in a world you can put up an office you can make journey Bane is a minimalistic exploration mystery game it's a game about this mysterious world and you're placing it and trying to discover what's happening and why it's happening the Empire of nilfgaard its armies cross the Aruba river in the south you think it's matter if you look at the sales graphs you can't always see this noticeable spike at the same time as there is incredible tension in the air you know are they going to click on your game it's both of a threat I think to call it the human race with a month on this website we got the gold award here whatever you'd expect this kind of big spike personal nemesis for Geralt a threat to Geralt in his loved one you know that is how much you're selling and the winner is her story partly a naive button it wasn't really thinking that there was anything special or different about this like I think for most in my mind was that this was a experimental piece of narrative this is churches anything you ever did was strictly by design I'm here tonight to present the award for favorite trending gamer here are tonight's nominees ridiculous is how I would describe it don't get offensive okay now this one Greg Miller the person I'd like to thank is Nicole tan Nicole tan is an environment artist for Crystal Dynamics I have never met Nicole tan I beat rise of the Tomb Raider this weekend saw her name go through the credits along with dozens of other names I didn't recognize and this happens all the time every time I finish a game hundreds of names I don't know so today I'm the trending gamer I am a duly elected representative you the gamers I would not be the person we would not be the people we are today if it wasn't for videogames so thank you each and every one of you who do does this make City games thank you for your arts and know that we are forever in your debt please check out our campaign at Figg CEO God funding platform fig which actually lets you invest so you get a share of the profits of the game that's right if we make money you make money so excited about the game and wing for Tim to make that for many years it has only grown you guys have to realize the community in this game is the best around I love to PvP more than anything I get to have a freaking ice melt I love it there's just better works we are giving away a million dollars to somebody who's complaining the Elder Scrolls online is this for existing players new players how's that work it's for everybody if you don't have the game yet you can buy the game and play it you know I didn't check out undertale I just didn't hear anything about it you know I need about three or four hundred more people on tumblr to tell me to check it out before I play it this is the future of video games right here I'm ok with this rocket League rocket leagues also wins best sports racing game how does one get into acting in video games wait for nolan north and i to die it's time to talk about something really important right now the Alienware steam machine is $100 off and play thousands of games on the steam machine earlier this year our industry lost one of its greatest leaders I'm talking about Conan O'Brien hello gamer Americans I'm talking about Satori whatta from Nintendo absolutely when mr. wada passed away i I felt compelled that we needed to do something to recognize what he what he's done for this industry so tonight for a few minutes we're gonna put the awards and the world premieres and all the marketing and everything aside to focus on go 90 it's a brand new entertainment app that's available to download in the US for free the man of the hour you and I were looking at old pictures yesterday to tell you more about Satori wada please welcome the president of Nintendo of America Reggie fils-aime the man was fearless remember how you felt when you first heard the name we you're working on a new game that is PC exclusive what do you think of the future of PC gaming uh I think the future's bright I'm well known in PC circles for talking trash about the PC as a platform in the past I was wrong okay let it go people Gears of War 2 is not coming to the PC ever the PC market is so scattered between the different hardware configurations and games like that PC is forever steam crushes it all the time and it's it's really the like if I want to play something and it sits on PC I get it on PC because now you get a high-end rig you can be beat so games that try and look at the industry in a different way and have a real message of meaning to them and the winner for that is a CD Projekt RED 43 all the way from Poland were sex on unicorns it's a common thing we wanted to make the rock band experience on oculus so realistic that the player actually feels like they are a rock star so realistic it's really amazing to feel like you're standing on stage looking out of the crowd cheering for you it's almost time to head live to the Microsoft Theatre to get ready for the game Awards 2015 Phil Spencer here are this year's nominees for the best art direction ha ha ha pretty incredible list of games there let's see and the winner is Ori and the blind forest thank you so much Hey hi I'm now joined by some of the lucky fans who leveled up with bud light tonight level up with Bud Lights pretty good seats right here in the front row are you guys enjoying the show very much you have it a favorite part so far the game Awards 2015 um I really cheered up during mr. iwata's favorite moment for you um besides the tribute um I would say churches has been great and everything I agree it's it's been a great night and there's more to come well glad you guys are having fun Chair Sir Donald shadow complex remastered and based on that it's available on PC right now well hold on so we're super excited to to be here and to finally be talking about shadowkhan blackest it's awesome but yes Shadow Complex has been remastered and it's coming to PC Xbox one and ok well that's pretty cool we're looking at halo 5 as more of a service every month you will be getting more free content oh and battlefront is a ton of fondly and it's a lot of fun be lightsaber battles and all the different multiplayer maps they have I had a ton of fun I mean it's just so much fun to have a favorite hero ah I mean I definitely love Darth Vader it to have so much fun just wrecking shop that's a lot of fun and that's a ton of fun so much fun well thank you so much thank you so much hey I have something special for you just wait really I've seen you talk a lot about different times and I want to introduce you a Disney infinity give you the first ever kylo Ren from the force awakens place at Disney infinity that comes out in conjunction with the film December 18th oh my gosh I think I'm gonna cry Wow okay no did someone say puke no no Luke look alright when char citizens squadron 42 comes out will I be on the poster uh I think so don't get too excited I usually lose Metal Gear Solid's as you noticed Hideo Kojima is not here with us tonight he was informed by a lawyer representing Konami just recently that he would not be allowed to travel to tonight's awards ceremony to accept any awards because we are thinking of you as some of your friends and I put together little surprise for you and here it is this is church's Stephanie Justin oh free now from Metal Gear Solid 5 here's the big boss please welcome Kiefer Sutherland it is an honor to be here back at the Game Awards surrounded by visionaries and dreamers this is Jade Raymond hi it takes who could imagine Metal Gear without the voice of David Hayter sorry that was bit me I am deeply humbled to be a part of your world and the winner of Best Performance is Viva c4 The Witcher 3 my tasted sweet one big award left tonight it is game of the year that's a huge ethnic role-playing games truly mobile industry a lot of what we ever watch around the world all you tweet Emilia Robin Rory I'm recording and you're watching the show here are your nominees thank you for sticking around he just shows the power and promise of gaming all right it is finally time for Game of the Year you guys ready fan choice and the winner for Game of the Year 2015 is The Witcher 3 The Witcher 3 wins a total of three awards tonight including best role-playing game developer of the year and game of the year I'd like to thank the team already did that all right and now to close the show it's my pleasure to bring out a man who's a gamer a DJ and this is deadmau5


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