I sold miss me oh wow you made that that's crazy Oscar I mean if you want to buy cheap and reliable NBA 2k 19 MT please go to DVD J calm use the code wavy to get a 5% discount back another gameplay today we got this this starting line of a full wall a full starfighters the 88 drafting players or whatever I want to do a gameplay on LAN zone like the other guys but the auction house is broken the won't let me buy new cards every time try and buy a card it says card has already been bought by another user something like that Li every single time I do it and so I shall I give him I also might get Oscar they kept saying it I gave up I open one packet and I actually packed him alright so Oscar's that's where they are 97 3 are 96 three tiny bones newborn a seven baggies when he died ten gold moonshiners I want to get to the game boy already did any news gameplay mix go check that out we got Wiggins Aaron Gordon Rik Smits for Smiths let's team you got let's jump to a match okay so those guys damn you know they're yelling it's at the – oh my goodness Kevin Durant porzingis and curry there we go let's test out this new playbook baby so let's go for our one in let's see some other place they got in here oh wow it's a lot of the same place wow you flirt take em off yes sir is Foster find them Daniel it's gonna live oh I should have checked to see if Smith could shoot threes I mean look macho I soul that's all follow me now considers bromine's open easy yes let's go we're gonna run this guy off before get him out of my gym we go we're good can't do that excellent we're seeing some here can we get that double help my stretch waiting isn't big enough to guard him we do not target fist 81a let's see what this is oh we're good we're good we're good Katie good job Borden I'm looking for Wiggins skirt relax I sold I sold let me cook let me cook him he's gonna all ball me so he can okay thinking babe pick and fade we're good somebody's open get inbounds we got five seconds this guy's gonna eyeball me now so here we go you got us we got ourselves an off baller this is what you're gonna do to me man I saw her too quick why didn't I shoot that easy on one fist night you saw let's go Oscar Ozai Devin Booker come get it come get it come get it I sold media screams what am i doing get it turn over someone else more Wow can you imagine as crazy get this off baller off my courts yep cool let's go Oscar that's cool go Oscar who's got Jamal Crawford – he's got a nice team that's tricky here he's got a nice team I'm here good defense I mean obviously not better than mine but like yes give me that he has a lot of players on his team I didn't get that rebound oh my gosh what I saw miss me oh wow you made that that's crazy Oscar that was the five out I mean oh my god I'm gonna be baby this guy wants to off-ball me that's fine we'll just five out no biggie oh good it's now it's kind of short but I don't feel like playing another online game so we're gonna play a triple-threat game Oh what's freaky Pat it Simmons Anthony Davis yikes let's go baby Oscar's a little undersized but we're good we are good I feel like a machine well I think I played this go Tina oh good Yanis posture come on baby set your feet let me jump again gyro all right or up step easy come on hop step floater let's go I found out give me that I found out how to out a gyro don't the other day oh that sucks that's trash let's see if I can get a year old gun yeah yes and one no sir that's a great oh that is a writ that's a that's heavily contested has to me bro that was great defense easy mid-range oh I was not expecting to release me like that that's kind of smooth breath I pull up pull up Oscar yesterday twice that's the only is not soda what am i doing oh my god bro what is wrong with me man what's wrong with me come on we can get back to this game just stop being dumb just stop playing just just play basketball stop being stupid easy here we go right here really going to run right here thank you the pass easy come on come on baby back in this game that's Pettit nope nope Yanis come on thank you yes holiday remember tag girl yeah what excellent good oh my gosh it put me in that animation I was there let me stop trying to trim around and have fun let's just win the game why does that not go to Anthony Davis rope oh my god barrel ease thank you now for no way say I'll turn this off right now oh my gosh I hate this game get there good job back here oh I get you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate this game I hate this game I hate this game I've done slang come on baby it wasn't nothing simple wasn't it for you on this game – hands in his face water water water okay water water


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