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Gabriele e Oscar Buratti, Thetys Salone del Mobile 2018 IT+EN subtitles

I’m Gabriele Buratti and with my brother
Oscar, we are Studio Buratti Architetti collaborate with Living Divani
to me it means to reflect on the matter of “essential”, as
I’m sure, expecially in this Company, finding the essence of the project
is the fundamental goal this year we worked on the theme
of tables, Living Divani naturally has sofas as core business, but
around the sofas there’s a whole word the topic is the relationship planet/satellite
and the project is Tethys Tethys is a Saturn’s natural satellite
and the idea is to create a very low circular table, which has
a sort of crater in the middle, which is the main panet, surrounded and engaged
by different satellites smaller, taller, different materialities,
that together conform a small system of satellites I consider Living Divani a wonderful Company
I really like it, as the topic of working on essential is fundamental and I really like also the relationship
with Carola Bestetti, who is my main interlocutor in the company,
the one I talk with about main contents as “beauty” and the value of a project, often we start with Carola with
an object that then evolves and becomes another, the research ot the beauty I think
is one of the fundamental concepts of this firm, and I often share with Carola
and it’s really interesting, trying to develop simple projects,
essential, but with a soul and a value I’m not interested that much on the concept of modern, much more the concept
of contemporaneous and I believe that this company works on this topic
and for the circumstancies, there’s a kind of affinity, as the perspective is the contemporaneous one
we need to work during our time, for our time and
try to contribute, always a little further on our contemporaneity

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