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f(x) in 2016 Golden Disc Awards [CC: ENG SUBS]

Luna: First, we would like to thank Mr. Lee Soo Man and SM Town’s sunbaes for always taking care of us. Luna: And manager oppas who work hard for us Luna: and stylists, Seohyeon unnie, Jihyang unnnie, Director Shim and Moonjoo unnie Luna: and Victoria unnie who could not be with us right now due to her schedule… Luna: We would like to share this honor with all of them and we love our fans and thank you for cheering us always. Jun Hyun Moo: We would like to Amber to speak please. Amber: And our dearest dancer unnies, Joohee unnie, Miyeon unnie, Sunhwa unnie and Minjoo, we thank you very very much. Amber: Our fans! See you soon! Leeteuk: f(x) is having a comeback soon. / Jun Hyun Moo: Krystal should speak too. She has reversal charms. / Krystal: I was hosting as an MC and rushed to here to receive the award but Krystal: I feel so great and we will be the f(x) that continues to work hard. Thank you. Congratulations!!


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