Future of Events & What Are These Participation Trophies in Roblox?

what's up guys today we're gonna talk about these trophies that popped up on the catalog yesterday and events moving forward in roblox so stick around and check it out hello everyone and welcome back to dieter plays so I'm sure a lot of you guys were paying attention to some of the stuff that popped up on the catalogue yesterday maybe not if you go into the catalog you look at the recent and you can show the unavailable items you can see on the second and third page there's a bunch of these trophies that popped out yesterday the trophy of wheeled participation this other participation trophy and a bunch of golden like NFL masks basically so this is what we have here this is the 2016 participation trophy that you earned from getting a healy wheelie item that was available during the 2016 event some of these other ones as well we've got this trophy that is proof that the user earned a bone-shaking item that was available to during the 2014 event during the 2014 there was a Hot Wheels event and there are some items that people could have earned during that time Hot Wheels brand names that's kind of what we're getting into here most of these as we're starting to see there's better these were sort of like brand name trademark based items that people were able to get that were a part of a campaign that was sponsored by you know NFL or it could have been sponsored by by transformers or it could have been you know and so anything like recently we've seen that we've got some stuff sponsored here down FC Barcelona we've got a creator challenge that was sponsored by the new Godzilla movie so guys I think we've got some promising stuff you're going on I don't think events are over I know traditional events are over but I think there's gonna be campaigns and collaborations with a lot of different production companies and other other sort of companies moving forward so for example I remember this one the trophy of participation in 2016 it was during this their earned a friendly flinty item basically what it was was bowl of cereal it was the the Flintstones there was his cocoa pebbles they were basically promoting it and you were able to rent for a short period of time you're able to rent like the the car that they had in the Flintstones so it was just a rental item that's why a lot of these people yes they had it they can't buy it but they don't have it anymore because it was something that was based too on a rental item but these items were still in the can and I think the fact that they have these trademark items in the catalog they had to get those out because those were temporary sort of trademark things that they work together on like this one here you know Seattle Seahawks helmet it doesn't have any Seattle Seahawks like symbols it doesn't have any NFL logos or any of that stuff so I think that's kind of what they had to do and this was just a little two-month rental so that little deal that contract is over but guys I think this is actually an indication that you know there's gonna be more contracts and things moving forward they probably got a little bit more fun you know they tried to figure out how they're gonna work their contracts a little bit better and how to end some of these things with trademark logos and that kind of stuff later on because maybe if they were from they felt that they were promoting it or they were not allowed to use it or have it in their catalog anymore and so I think an alternative here that they had instead of just completely removing these things from the catalog then they just replaced them with a trophy of participation for that particular event for all these rental items that you were able to get so that's why you're not gonna be able to go in you're not gonna be able to buy these things you're not gonna be able to get them I don't know maybe some people have them in their inventory if they were links to a different type of item if it wasn't a rental item I don't know I don't have any of these in my inventory I checked through all my gear stuff and I've been participating in events you know in all of these events and I even got this yet on Seahawks one for rental but that's still not in my inventory so I'm not sure when if anybody has those in their inventory then let me know guys I want to know if you've got any of these that are actually in there and what it replaced if it replaced something in your catalog because I'm thinking whatever the case it's probably something that ended up getting replaced so who knows like this blimp trophy R from Nickelodeon maybe that one's gonna change to a trophy as well who knows how that's gonna work out just as long as I can keep my ban hammer I'm happy with my ban hammer and I shall keep that and that we're good to go that's the only gear item I really need anyway so I hope it's been useful for you guys you have any questions just let me know in the comments I'll be happy to try to answer any of those questions for you and if you're new we'll love to have you subscribe and thanks for watching we'll talk to you guys later


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