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Fursa Thaniya (Drama Psikologi) | Marhain Entertainment

Hey Faran ! What’s up ? Do you have presentation today too ? Nahh. Not really. Just hanging around eventhough it’s Friday. Then? Have a seat first. So.. What’s up then? I want to talk about Fauzi. Ughh. That problematic kid. What’s up with him? What problem is he doing now? I don’t like how you’re treating him. Astaghfirullah al azim. O Allah. Tell me. What time is it now class ? 8 : 20 am. 8 : 20. What time does our class begin ? At 8 o’clock ma’am. 8 o’clock. Last week you were late too. And this week… I don’t know anymore. What’s your reason for being late now ? Actually I have a personal problem ma’am. Enough. Everyone have their own personal problem. Next week. I hope… I want you to stop repeating the same mistake again. Forgive me ma’am. Take a seat. Hey ! I’m the class leader ! It will be ignorant of me if I let him do as he wish just because he’s my friend. Our friend ! Do you even care that he’s facing a big problem now? So? Who cares if he has a personal problem? He should know that we as a university student. We should know our responsibilities. Despite whatever problem we’re facing. Now he’s just bringing external problems as a reason. Hey ! What is your problem man ?! Everyone else have problems too you know ! But don’t you dare use your personal problem.. .. as a reason for you to be late for class all the time. Do you even know what’s your responsibilites? Don’t you know that you will be questioned about this in akhirat (hereafter)? What will you answer then ? Those monthly allowance you received every months. You think all those are for free? You should remember that, that is your sole responsibilities. You have an obligations to attend classes and all the co-curiculums activities. You get that ?! It’s not that I’m letting him do as he wishes. and I’m not trying to pamper him. Do you know that he has depression? People these days.. using depression as a reason all the time. That’s a made up reasons.. .. even a made up sickness by those that refused to be responsible for their own mistakes. Do you realise that ? Ris. Depression is a serious problem most people are facing these days. It might not be true if a person admit themselves that they have depression. But those people who are still able to hide their sadness.. .. behind a smile. That’s what you call a real depression. Well then. Why don’t he pray? Do dzikr? or even read the Quran. From what I know you can find a lot of verses from the Quran.. ..that talks about depression and how to handle them. Don’t he know that? I’m not asking him not to follow the Quran or Hadeeth. But do you realise this ? Where were you when he needed you? Come in. Are you busy Ris? Not really. What’s up? Nothing much. I just want to talk with you about some problems. May I come in? If you think what you’re trying to talk to me about.. more important than the religious talk I’m currently watching. Come in then. It’s okay. Nevermind. Get out. Okay. You are busy jaggling about with your religious talks.. ..even give motivational talks to other people. But when you have a problem in front of you. You don’t even know how to solve them. Are you okay Fauzi? I’m fine. Everything’s okay. Fauzi.. ..I never knew humans originally have red eyes. I know you’ve been crying.. What’s wrong? Tell me please. You know you can tell me anything. Actually Faran, there are too much problems happening in my life right now. Problems at home. Problems at the university. I already gave you a one week chance.. .. yet you’re still unable to finish it. So what now? When are you planning to submit your work then? All your friends have submitted their works. It’s almost exam now. When then? It’s just too much.. Because of my bad reputation.. ..people started to talk behind my back.. ..even those that don’t know me personally are also badmouthing me. Eventhough I’ve never wronged them in any ways. Hey. Do you realise how lazy Fauzi is these days? Tell me about it. Not only he’s always late for class.. he didn’t even finish his works I don’t want to be close with him anymore. I know right. I’m worried we might become lazy too if we’re close with him. I’m tired of all this Faran ! Why do I have to face all this problems? Why me? Does God hate me so much? Astaghfirullah Fauzi. Don’t say that. I’m better off dead if this is how my life always going to be. Fauzi.. Allah gave you all this tests because He loves you.. .. not because He hates you .. You can see it clearly one of the signs that Allah still loves you is me.. .. Allah sent me for you .. So you won’t be alone in facing your problems. Don’t you even dare think to do anything stupid Fauzi.. ..cause I care about you so much. If no one wants to be your friend.. Allah and me are enough for you Fauzi. That’s enough. Go ahead and take some sleep. Make sure to wake up tomorrow for Fajr prayer when I wake you. Okay. Thank you Faran. Spiritual problems are not the only factors here..’s not even just about religion as well.. ..this involves his psychology, his surroundings.. can you even expect him to approach religion.. ..when you are not even guiding him? Have care what you said cause I did guide him ! That’s not what you call as guiding.. ..that’s forcing.. ..even Rasulullah taught us to guide people with good example. Hey ! Why are you not yet ready for prayer? I’m about to go actually. You wouldn’t be wearing this if you’re going to pray. You’re about to go out right? Oh God Haris. I really am about to go for prayer now. Don’t you dare lie to me in the name of Allah. Get that?! Tell me the truth. You’re going out right ?! I am going to pray Ris. I swear. If you really do want to pray you will pray right on time ! What do you really want Faran? I want you to give him a chance. What chance?! The same chance you’re going to get from your lecturer to do your presentation next time. Don’t you dare say your second chance came from Allah only..and not from your lecturer as well.


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