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The UAE and Bahrain have given Modi the most prestigious of awards, right in the midst of the Kashmir crisis. Assalamualaikum guys and welcome to another episode of smile2jannah. Alright guys, before we jump in to the whole politics of the whole thing. It’s Modi you no what I mean? He’s not the most gentlemanly of people. Comedy was inevitable. Regret, boredom and uncomfortable chairs pretty much summarizes this clip. Ladies and gentlemen I think it’s finally dawned on him, that either he’s left the cooker on,
or that Modi is incredibly boring, or that he’s making a big mistake by
giving this wrinkly guy a medal. Personally I think it’s the second one. I often wonder what small talk these guys make during such occasions. -You are quite short for an Indian
-Thank you- yeah -Hey cool the wrinkles
-Thank you -Good job in Kashmir
-okay -you are a very old person
-thank you One hands not enough hold him with two yeah. Cheers. Well now we know Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the longest handshake … in the world… with a random Arab
guy. You win Even the guy in the picture seems
cheesed off by the Crown Prince. We all know this look. Straight after letting one rip you gotta check to see if you’ve gotten away with it. Have you? Hang on a minute why are all the serving boys black? Now that’s just messed up mate Every Muslim kid knows
what hand to eat and drink from, it’s an elementary practice taught to us by the
Prophet peace be upon him. So when the leaders can’t even drink properly, how can we expect greater things from them? Now guys come on we’ve all heard of the
stories of Romeo and Juliet. Laila and Majnu but… nothing comes close to this… Every Eid us ordinary folk fall victim
to this age-old question. What comes first the hug or the handshake? #Love of my life, don’t leave me# It seems
no one is immune to this paradox. Alright guys enough clowning about.
Bottom line is, with everything that’s been going on in Kashmir Pakistanies
are cheesed off, the Muslim Ummah in general are cheesed off at what the
UAE and Bahrain are doing. But let’s put things in perspective yeah. The US will support Saudi no matter what, whether it’s in Yemen whether it’s
with that whole khashoggi thing. Why? Saudi Arabia… and I get along great
with all of them. They buy apartments for me they spend 40 million 50 million. Am I
supposed to dislike them? I like him very much. we protect Saudi Arabia would you say they’re rich? And I love the King… King
Solomon. I said “King… we’re loosing our ass defending you king and you have a lot of money” And I’m not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with Saudi Arabia. That’s right guys it’s about money. It’s the same with Pakistan.
They supported China through thick and thin despite what China was doing to the
Uighur Muslims. What’s your stance on China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims? Frankly I don’t know much about that… …but you won’t speak out against what’s
happening in China? If I had enough knowledge I would speak about it. I actually- it is not so much in the papers. And now guys the same applies
to the UAE. They’ve got billions of dollars worth of trade with India.
They’ve got a high-speed train coming up and of course they’ve got loads of
Indians in the country. So until the Muslim leaders put the Ummah in front of
their money there’s gonna be no change. Every country is looking out for itself,
but until we step out of that box and we see ourselves as an Ummah.
Respect ultimately comes from Allah, look at our previous civilizations, we only
did well when we held on to the rope of Allah. Until next time guys… Asalaamu Alaikum


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