Funguy The Entertainer cooks Boneless Petite Sirloin Steaks On The Grill

My Kitchen we were supposed to do our show at the Jimmy Buffett concert we had storms roll through right is the concert you knows we're starting to pick up our stuff in everything we got two inches of rain in about an hour and a half by time by the time we got there because we were backed up because they wouldn't let anybody in during the thunderstorms cuz the dangerous lightning we end up not having time to do the show we just had to rush and cook the food for the people so I apologize for missing the show last week this week we're going to do something interesting we're gonna cook on the grill but before we do that these are called petit sirloin steak sauce they're all boneless petit sirloin steaks these are of course Angus beef which is what I like obviously from the pig Piggly Wiggly Steinberg's Piggly Wiggly Delavan through my location they also have Kenosha and Lake Geneva so they have four locations actually these are extra I'm seeing actually a lot our ninth apologize for that I'm still a little bit burnt out from the shows we had Dave Matthews Friday and Saturday then we had fish Friday Saturday and Sunday the following week last week we had Country Thunder Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday and Buffett on Saturday so we were absolutely nuts with the party bus business and of course I'd cook for all the concerts not country thunder but you know five show stud the two for Dave three four fish am the one for Buffett so it gets kind of stressful the way you do these about an hour and a half before you're going to cook them you take them out of the refrigerator and you pop them open this is really easy you want these to come to room temperature before you cook them the other thing you want to do is just salt them that's it salt nothing else no other seasonings you just saw while these are coming up the room temperature with the salt on them it will help relax the meat and and draw out more flavor into the surface or into the oh I got two more pieces here that aren't going to fit on the platter so let me watch my fingers here real quick pick up a small container with meat finger very simple just sprinkle salt on the top here does not have to be heavy these are thin steaks they're gonna cook really fast on the grill then you turn them over and do the other side same way again really light okay that's better do do see pretty simple I'm gonna take the last two pieces of meat lamb across the top like this yes I know I did not wash my fingers but if you look I've got the tips of my fingers past the bottle of salt so I realize I should have done that the first time go to save a little time okay just like that now I'm going to put these in the microwave I'm not going to cook them in the microwave I'm just gonna put them in the microwave so that it can relax and and come up to room temperature it's basically 90 minutes Pete well it's 80 minutes before I cook these so I'm you know anywhere now we're now in half his ideal these are thin enough that this is gonna be plenty of time so I'll put these in the microwave here so that they come up this temperature the only other thing you really need on these is pepper and I like using a little bit of onion powder but you don't do that until right before you go to cook it the salt is gonna do most of the work and the you know relaxing the meat all right so we'll be back just a moment for you obviously not 80 minutes for me all right fun guys I forgot my head that's right we're outside it's a beautiful day 84 degrees low dew point the grill is ready the meat has been sitting for 80 minutes so this is going to cook really really really fast because look how thin these are you know that's all there is to them this is really nice and thin so what we're gonna do is we're going to put it right over the heat and believe me these coals are hot believe the last three pieces off once it's on there Springs a little bit of onion powder Atum and a little bit pepper oops it was little loose now when I touch this meat it's almost room temperature that fight it's still a little cool which is kind of surprising me part of it might because want to put in the microwave even though the room temp of the Aires room temperature then me probably cooled off the air in the microwave doesn't prevent it as well as a result the temperature probably let up so we're actually gonna stand here for this because these are gonna cook like two minutes on the side that much that fast and I probably could put one more piece here but that would still leave me with two pieces we're just gonna do it this way it doesn't need a lot more seasoning on the other side its salt on both sides but the the pepper and the onion powder only needs to be on one side because of the fact that we're outside and this is not the type of camera that you can see the screen I'm hoping that even cut off the top of my head if I did I apologize most of what you're watching is to grill anyway which would be on the other camera I am noticing already that the meat is cooked on the edges here so this is going very very quickly which I figured he would so instead of two minutes this is probably only about 90 seconds I'm gonna turn these over yep look at that 90 seconds is all this cook on one side okay I'm gonna go grab another platter real quick because you don't want to put cook meat on the raw meat platter so I'll be right back all right figured since I went back in oh it's gonna grab my hat too so I've got my head back on better over here again this is probably only going to take another 30 seconds cuz I was gone for probably 45 seconds you do not need to cookies well done if you cook them well-done they're just gonna be chewing pieces of leather so we're gonna cook these medium at the most if they were thicker you could have stuck a meat thermometer in them they're so thin that's gonna be really pointless all you need to do is take a piece and turn it over and take a look at it it's not quite there but it's really close probably go another 15 seconds here you can see how it's bubbling through the middle here so this one's probably done already so let's pull these off and put the last ring each design yeah oops yeah it was a little heavy on the onion yeah the pepper okay yes all there's two of this will turn this in about a minute and a half and this will be ready the smokes of course close my eyes which reminds me the l5 le concert says no matter what actually on the Buffett concert the direction was perfect it was on a 45 degree angle over my right shoulder blowing the smoke way for me 90% of the time whenever you stand in front of a grill no matter what direction the wind is blowing you create a vortex and some of it does get in your faces nothing you can do about it but some of the concerts are so bad that you don't mind I nose is running my eyes are turning red but people think I'm on drugs which anybody who knows me is ludicrous I kept I don't even like taking prescription drugs if I don't have to ID actually have a hellacious big headache to even take you know ibuprofen err I actually I can't take our olive anymore I have to take it Steve ketamine that's what it is so what else are we forgetting not a lot we've got no more concerts for three weeks which is awesome is going to let me just do standard weddings and stuff like that with the party bus company I am hoping that our summer picks up here as far as good weather like we're having this week we have such lousy weather that will to actually enjoy anything so when this is done we're gonna take it inside you you could do two one or two things you could turn these into steaks our sandwiches I would actually tempted to buy some love hard rolls the long ones and our like Italian bread or whatever and turn these into petite steak sandwiches you can do that as a matter of fact since there's only three of us eating these it'll probably two weeks they'll be two leftover that'll probably what I'll be doing for lunch tomorrow I'll make a sandwich out of it but we're gonna have corn on the cob and a pasta side to go with this and that's gonna be our dinner tonight so the tie it took more time to get the grill ready than it is to cook the food and even prep the food you saw me prep the food earlier what does it take four minutes so four minutes of prep time four minutes of cook time you can't beat that right you know except for starting the grill that was a hard part and speaking of that I'm going to close the bottom the grill up because we're gonna shut this down in roughly twenty more seconds here and close it up and save the charcoal usually using the charcoal it's always a good idea so really this is it I'll take pictures of the plate once we serve it I hope you enjoyed the show I'm fun guy the Entertainer fun guy the entertainer cooking for you

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