Funguy The Entertainer As The Easter Bunny

happy Easter from the Easter Bunny I'm here today to remind you why I the Easter Bunny became the icon you all loving a door every spring its eggs and not just any eggs but bright colorful eggs some are hard-boiled for healthy eating some are plastic gates filled with yummy treats some I hide to make a great game of it for you to find others I leave in baskets at your door or in your rooms or even at your grandparents all depend on what works best to make your day happy some people think chicks are cute and it's true they could be in your basket in the form of sugary marshmallow treat or made out of chocolate so they give you your basket right alongside the jellybeans or make sure you always have all theirs think lambs are ideal as they can be made into the shape of delicious cakes or even part of an Easter display we could even sit together and be good friends discussing the weather and enjoying spring but they did not bring you your eggs only I the Easter Bunny bring you the eggs and chocolates and jelly beans and I'll never treat you deserve every stir it is my job and I do it well and this is Easter Bunny season it off every year we should be good enough and bringing you the greatest days and making sure that you had a very happy Easter so happy master to you all


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