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[Full Movie] The Back-up Boyfriend 备胎狂欢劫 | 2019 Romance Drama 喜剧爱情电影 1080P

Please find “setting” icon to open Closed Captions when available I had my best love before But I didn’t cherish her If everything can start again I am an actor Any characters for me are not problems For example, on Chinese Valentine’s Day there are a lot of girls who hire me to act as their boyfriends And a character of a gangster punk collecting debts I must be the best one Pay your debt Those producers and directers don’t know Art is from life A good acter should be chosen from ordinary people The is an own principle of a normal crewd Monkey, go with me to collect the property fee Okay I am an actor, in real life Property Management Are you collecting the property fee? Miss What? It’s not a business of money We should promote the customer relationship to close comrade relationship What do you think? Say human words Have a date? Get out of here The Back-up Boyfriend So I need a car to date girls There is no place to charge phone fee OK Hello 2nd Dog (Nickname)? My cellphone was down I just charged the fee Let’s sit together some day Okay, bye Beijing Unicom You are great Do you need a car Is this car for sell? Yes Can this car take girls It can take 3 girls How much is it? 35,000 CNY Cheaper please Give me your offer 25,000 CNY OK Get the girls Baby Do you think I will let you go easily When you get on my handsome and cute car? Come on, give me a kiss Hi Miss Damm house boy! Please don’t go Are you talking to me? Will you take my car? Hey Do you like doing something in the car? Fucking freaky rogue Miss… Miss, Do you want hitch a ride? Ok, thanks Get in Hurry everyone, somebody can take us 2nd Dog, I ask you You say, Am not I a handsome guy? Why no girls like me? Fuck you, call me 2nd Brother Understand? Yes, 2nd Dog Look at your shit mouth No girls will like you Just look at those male stars There are a lot of girls following them They are fans, do you know? Are you a male star? even not a crowd It’s your fault, my agant Don’t say that I don’t give you a chance Tomorrow night, there is a powerful producer Lin Shuanger Did you hear her? If you can approach her You will be famous at once Wow Then you will be the National Husband Wang Sicong will change his title I heard that she liked the Alice Jewelry the Alice Jewelry? You mean I will send her those? So expensive Are you stupid? No Pains No Gains You are my hope of my life Dad, it’s colder and colder Please dress more when you are out later Okay Keep the clothes closely You dress more too Mr. Bai, they have arrived Meng Yao, find a place and take a rest I will find you when I finish the work, all right? Okay, Papa It’s Okay, Don’t worry


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