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[Full Movie] 九浅一深 Nine Shallow One Deep, Eng Sub | 2019 Comedy Romance 喜剧爱情电影 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxi team. [Music] Starring: Wang Wanchen, Xu Nuo You son of bitch! May your sex life BAD Xiao Lei I curse you no vacancy for reservation, no happiness for your love, to be disabled by someone, to be unable when having sex. Hurry! Security! Security! What’re you doing! Room card for 206 What are you doing! I’m so sorry. I got the wrong room. Who you are? shut the door now. You continue… Movie Title: Nine Shallow one Deep Directed by: Huang Chao Damn you two, Hi, manager. Du Qian Qian, you don’t need to come here tomorrow, and I’ve made Lou replace you to guide the tourist group. But… But what? There are lots of complaints about you. You’d better reflect on yourself. F Word! Can I be worse? Hey, pretty, have meals on time. Damn meals! I fell on evil days. What’s wrong? My boyfriend is messing with my bestie. Not a big deal. You need time to find a good one. Should I worry about finding a boyfriend? Don’t be silly. I’ll show you soon. Date with me? Did you say you wouldn’t meet a net friend? A thing of the past. No more words. Just say yes or no. Of course yes. Why’re you staring at me? Drink. Come on! Drink up Cheers Are you drinking tea? With supping all the time. I… Actually I… I am not good at drinking Oh Don’t you call yourself Mr. Unrestrained? If you are not good at drinking What are you good at? ( What’s your blood type? )
[Chinese Pronunciation] Blood O I’m not telling that. I mean, all right. You know, what are we here for tonight, right? Don’t fool with me. Em, it’s my first time to meet a net friend. I don’t know what exactly to do. Aren’t you a man? Good looking but useless. You’re not impotent, are you? Great! Well done. Go ahead. Come on. One more. None of you male, is a good one. You rubbish. Xiao Lei You bastard. A totally crap. Me? Crap? I’m not. Maca, Viagra, and lot of kidneys for meal each day. I’ve tried everything and still not working. I really got my eyes blinded for fancying you. Again! You said you got blinded for marrying me. But at the vert beginning of our marriage, I was pretty potent. If you hadn’t asked too much, everyday, day after day, I don’t know why did you choose Bu Di What’s wrong with the vibrating spear? Is she all better than me? Isn’t it all better than me? Go! Get out! I wish to get fucking out all the time. Who are you blaming? It’s you! How dare you! Are you mad to say that? I’m not afraid of you. Then the Princess decided to say yes for mercy. Thank for you attendance, my Princess. See you evening. This should be the right one. Where are you now? See. I’m here now. You’re talking to me? Of course. Familiar smell. The perfume you’re wearing is of the same brand as mine. Is it? Really the same. What constellation you’re in? Capricorn. Capricorn? I’m a Virgo. We must be a natural fit. I think there is something wrong with your face. My face? What do you mean? Since it’s out first meet, I’m not sure if I should say that. Just say it out. I guess a plastic surgery is something you need. You also think I have a bit baby fat, right? Absolutely. Actually I really fancy your oval face. My oval face is is pretty unmatched and precious. You always speak in this way? Qian Qian Honestly, I’m quite masculine in my daily life. I’m really tired with those bitchy and troublesome people. And those call me sissy. He is sissy. Every time I think of this, I feel so painful. Excuse me I’ve got a phone call. Hello, honey. This looks great. Hello, Miss. What’s the matter, dear lady? Nothing. Your beard, looks so cute. You do look so gorgeous. Sorry, I want to take a shower first. Fine. It’s better. Go ahead. Hold a moment. Come on! I think I need to take a shower again. Come to whip me. Come on. I need a good normal one. Lady, your milk. Thanks. Sir, your watermelon juice. Is it freshly squeezed? I only drink fresh one. So terrible she is. You look so gentle. For me, they are casual clothes. What do you usually do for fun? I usually watch films. Listening to the music and browsing Taobao, or shopping with my bestie. But now it is impossible since she betrayed me by messing with my ex-boyfriend. Well, for me, I fancy literature. Sometimes, I enjoy listening some piano or symphony music. More importantly, ballet is a must for me. Sir, are you okay? Yes, I’m fine. Fine. That would be great. Excuse me, I need to go to restroom. I’ll be back soon. All right. A bottle of Snowflake, of the year 1982. Super X. Super X of 1982? I suppose no froth of bubbles in it. You old bastard. You got me angry and wanted me to cook for you now? Fuck you off! Bullshit. Maybe I need someone who is educated. What about this? Is it a surprise? No, it’s a shock. Mind your words. Such a huge difference. I spent much on this dressing, and prepared a lot for you. So exhausted. How do you feel? Disappointed? You’re such a shero. I consider you look a bit dreadful compared with your photos. With the terrible makeup and the freakish haircut, you are so attractive. I’m really mad about this kind of mix. I’m a quite low profile man. In this circle, they call me Master Chicken Neck for respect. Master what? Chicken Neck. Beauty. Your face is telling me something. From your face, it tells me that you belong to the Wood of Five Elements. It happens to me that I belong to the Fire. Since we are wood and fire, let us burn together. But I’m not qualified to match you such an excellent man. As wood and fire, let us burn now. Fuck off! ♪ If you ask me whether I really love you ♪ I think I can prove it only in my whole life ♪ If you ask me what love is ♪ I think I can answer you only in my whole life ♪ I want to be with you, be with you. Let me love you ♪ No matter how hard, If I am together with you, I’ll be glad ♪ I want to be with you This melody is great. You’re so great to write this. With the help of your wonderful lyrics. Of course. I’m always talented. Wanna sing it? Absolutely. But you have to promise me something. Again? Say it. Promise to marry me. No problem. I dare to say. Go and get ready. Great! Xiang Yi Shen? Du Qian Qian. It’s been such a long time. Exactly. I just passed by and heard someone singing this song. It was you as expected. I’m not singing it everyday. It just happened to be today. How is everything going these years? Excellent. What about you? Just like before. When did you come here? Why didn’t contact me? I’ve been here for some time. Shen, we’d better go to the stage now. All right. Just go ahead. It’s fine. Call me later. Don’t mind me. See you later. Bye. Go back to sing. Bye. Who is she? Your girlfriend? No. One of my classmates in high school. Di, I’m back. Hold on! Lei. Di. I wanna cool your passionate, no, your feverish heart with my cold head. Lei, a fragile you how to save a fragile me? Oh my god. Is there any fun? I don’t think so. Where you go? The game is not ending. It’s no way. I will find a good one. Take grape not take grape skins. Come on. It’s likely to get stuck. Besides, something must be wrong with his mouth. A tongue twister like this? It seems you know a lot. When you smile, you look your best. When we smile, you know, 43 pieces of muscles in our face move together. When we kiss, only 34 pieces of muscles. So, want less wrinkles? Less smiles and more kisses. Come on. Do you know what coffee you’re drinking? Civet coffee. Why call it this? Because there is a kind of civets in indonesia who only eats coffee cherries and get rid of them as coffee cherries too. Coffee made from this kind of coffee cherries is called civet coffee. Sounds a bit disgusting. Luckily, it is coffee made in this way. If it is Lao Gan Ma, it would be a misery. But could the civet bear with it? That must be a tragic story. Darling, hurry up. Come on. Soon enough. I can’t wait anymore. Come on. Such a hurry. Hurry I’ve been waiting for this moment for too long. A surprise for you. What? Lots of. You might be exhausted. Now, please allow to introduce the condoms and contraceptive pills that our company highly recommend. This one is of blue and white porcelain series. This one is strawberry flavor. This one is Star of Ocean. This one is rose flavor. Let’s go straight to the business. Let me talk first. We have screw-type for this one and dranular-type even ultra-thin type. Each one can give you Let’s go the point now.. Listen to me. Each has different flavors. Especially this one, it is durian flavor. So many series and products which one suits you best? It’s over? Not yet. If you buy and pay it with Wechat now you can enjoy a real experience of making love on spot for free. Great experience promise. Damn you. Such a freak. You haven’t paid the bill, lady. He’ll pay. Why is me? AA. All right. Go dutch. 250 to you. Call me if needed. 20 discount. Fuck off. Bitch. You need to pay extra 250 yuan, sir. Does your hotel need condoms? Call me. 20 discount. Little Door-God, I’m really hitting the skids these days. I had dates with eight men! All freaks. I’m so miserable. It’s fine. You still have me. You wanna date with me? We agreed to be good friends only in virtual world. Why should we do this? Cause the world is so brutal and our dreams are fragile. Don’t pretend to be thoughtful. It’s enough. You have had too much. Leave me alone. Or drink with me, hurry. Cheer up. Good homie. Life is so tough for me. So tough to have one night stay. I guess it’s likely for me to fall on evil days. I love it. So melodious. Well, today, would you Qian, the fill is about to begin. We should set off now. Got it. I’d better leave now. See you. But, I. Darling, let’s go. Why do you come here everyday? Nothing interesting. Come on. The movie is about to start. It’s all right. No more drink. Shen someone orders your songs. Okay, I’ll come soon. Just go. Don’t worry about me. Don’t drink more. Let me alone. No more drink. Don’t move, okay? It’s already half an hour. I see. I’ll finish soon. Soon enough. Done it. My love, dance for me. Don’t be silly. Fine. Fine. I’ll dance. Get music ready for you. Such a shame. What dance? This one. Come on. What the hell you’re doing at such a late night! I’ll call the police. Sorry for this. We’ll stop now. Hey, beauty, have a drink. Want this, right? Lots of money I have. Come on, drink this one. Stop. Wanna be a fucking hero? Do you know who I am? Mr. Liu! You bastard. How dare you to hit me. I’m telling you this is not an end. Please show him mercy, sir. Show me your solution. Or your bar is gonna be a heap of ruins. Leave here now. Xiang Yishen. Hurry. Stop there. Don’t leave. Hello. Hello. I got this phone in a bar. Oh, it’s my phone. Okay. set a day both we are free and I’ll give it back to you, is it making sense for you? Of course. So appreciate it. It isn’t supposed to be him, is it? Please tell me it is. Hello, lady. Are you Du Qian Qian? Yes. Your phone? Yes. Here you are. Thanks. I should leave now if there is nothing else. Sir would you allow to treat you a meal for your nice act? Shen I feel so sorry for you but I have no choice. Please, you don’t need to. It’s totally my fault. I was so irrational. It was me who should say sorry. Those people, you know, I can’t offend them. I see. Totally. By the way, what will you do later? Not decided yet. Don’t worry too much. Look, there is a business card. A record company? How could I They’re looking for singers. Go and take a chance. Can I? Can I make it? One of the brokers in this company is my homie. I’ve told him. Don’t worry. Just have a try. Qian Hi, it is so late to take a walk, isn’t it? Out to buy some vegetables and take a walk. Just go ahead. Your neighbor? Right. This guy is better. Richer than the last one. All right. Have a good sleep. Okay. Send me a message before sleep. Okay. Drive carefully. Bye. One more kiss. Love you so much. Hey, lady. Haven’t been talking for a long time. Something good happens? You know me so well. I met a good man named Zorro. So funny. So interesting. He’s so cute, right? Look, so funny, right? Funny, really funny. What do you mean? Nothing. Never mind. I mind! It is funny cause I say it is funny. It seems like I’m risking my life to watch TV with you. Look at my arm. It got red for your hit. What’s the problem of beating you? You’re a man. What’s the problem? I don’t bother to argue with you. But don’t touch me anymore. So brave, right? I’m beating you, then? And then? Then? Am I afraid of you? Shouldn’t have spoiled you. Dare to beat me now? Stop. Stop. You totally a virago. I? Virago? Then I’ll show you what a virago would do. Damn you. Don’t move. Stop beating. I love you so much and you hit me? Go to hell! It’s enough. Are you mad? Qian why not have something? I’m no hungry. Don’t bother. You always enjoy the prawn, right? Taste it. How did you know that? Here it is. It’s so nice of you. Qian I’ve got a new job. Really? Work for a record company. Excellent. Congratulations. Bad boy you are, baby. You said you work in a record company? Yes, I’m a singer. Singer? Shoot MVs? Need a leading actress? I’m not worried about showing too much. Too much what? Record… Recording studio. Oh, our recording studio is pretty closed to your home. Isn’t it? When you’re available, I’m happy to show you around. No problem. I wanna go with you. No problem. Next time. You’re at the entrance now? You fraud. Who believes. I should say goodbye now. Enjoy yourselves. But you didn’t have lunch. Work hard. Qian. Come on. Leave her alone. Have some prawns. Quite wild. I feel this is not what I really want. What’s wrong? Tired at cars? Fine. What about forests next time? Wild play. What’re you talking about? I mean our relationship should be more explicit. Like introducing me to your family. It’s not today. It suddenly occurred to me that I should go to gym with my friends tonight. Besides, after exercises, I have something important to do. So not today. Sorry. Got your home. Bye. After a kiss. I’m exhausted today. Sorry. Then get home safely. Got it. Bye. Qian. Don’t touch me. Who is he? Your boyfriend? What’s wrong? It’s none of your business. I know I was wrong. I feel sorry for what I did. Could you forgive me? I miss you too much. Miss me after getting tired of Bu DI? We’re, really, not meant for each other. You said the same words when you went away from me. You didn’t love me hard then you went away from me. You didn’t love her hard then you said you were not meant for each other. Listen to me, please. Hey, Aunt Zhang, out for walk? Exactly. Be full of remorse? No, he didn’t. Little Door-God, I couldn’t contact Zorro for several days. Don’t worry. Maybe he has been very busy. Just come to visit you since we haven’t seen each other for long. May I come in? Xiao Lei was here right? You two have an extremely happy life then how could he be here? If not so, why couldn’t I find him? How could I know. Maybe he is sleeping with someone at somewhere now. You’re telling a lie. How do you explain those shoes? You mean those old shoes? You’re right. They are his. I was about to throw them away while cleaning my house just now. If you like old shoes, just take them away. Who’re you blaming? I’m telling you, I did nothing wrong. He didn’t love you anymore so he broke up with you. We have hooked up. Nothing wrong we did. A bitch wants a good fame. You said who is bitch? The bitch knows. How dare you! I knew he came here. You must have told him something or he won’t leave me. This is my house! Get out. Get out. Fuck you off. Xiao Lei I miss you. I want to see you. Darling, what is this for? For something wild, okay? Absolutely. I love it. Baby, where have you learnt all of these? Why should I wear this? What’re you doing? Wait a moment. I’ll take a shower. Be good. Hurry up. Got it. Quickly. Darling, wash quickly. I can’t wait anymore. So amazing. Amazing feeling. So great it is. Sweetie A long wait. Baby Come on. Xiao Lei Where there is a pathetic one,there is a damned one. Dear It’s nothing serious to get such a bastard away. He is far worse than Zorro, who is taller, richer and prettier. Then I’ll get you well dressed and best makeup to have a nice date with Zorro. Li, sit here. Jason, how do you think of him? Quite excellent. Not let you down. Yi Shen, well done. OK. Come here. When did you come, Li. Where did you go these days? Not a single response to both messages and phones. On a business trip these days. But why not call me back? Every time you made a phone call to me, I was either having a meeting or getting busy with my work. Then how could I call you back. You’ll never know how much I suffered these days. I was unable to sleep until midnight. I wish you could embrace and stay with me at that time. Tell me if you’re falling love with others? Come on, Don’t be silly. You’re thinking too much. I’m back now after all. Anyway, you have to stay with me everyday. Wherever you go, I’ll follow. Answer my calls at the soonest. Come on, lady. We’re adults, not children. Please be more mature, okay? No. You should listen to me. Excuse me. My dear I’ve already on the way back. I’ll be there soon, all right? Calm down. I’m sorry for this. I’ll make up for you later. Darling, I have something urgent in business and have to leave now. Talk later. Hello, miss. Please follow that car. Hurry. But this is not the address on your order. I’ve changed it. Hurry up. Shen Seem the company is thinking highly of you. You’re highly potential. All attributes to your recommendation. So I really appreciate your help. My pleasure. I always consider you as a piece of gold that is bound to shine wherever it is. You know, I’ve been mad about singing since I was a child partly because I wasn’t talkative. I also have had a crush on a girl for many years. I wrote a number of songs for her but never had the courage to sing to her. But now I’ll have my own album. That girl is fairly lucky to have your love. Unlike me, not that lucky. Sorry. Shen Keep working and you’ll make it, I believe. It’s really kind of you. It’s enough. Give it to me. Why? Why did they treat me like this? I’m a totally fool. A big fool. None of you men is good. Right. All bastards. No, there are good ones. I mean, you should also reflect on yourself. Me? What’s the problem of me? You don’t have dignity. You love this kind of men. You blame me? My fault? My bestie betrayed me and hooped up with my boyfriend. She is even better than me. Better. You bastards. I feel bad. What happened? Might be the neighbor to pull the switch for it is so noisy. How much did I drink. So sick now. Hey, baby. What’s up? I’m pregnant. How could be so careless. What to do? Fine. I’ll give you a mount of money to have an abortion yourself. All right. I’m on business. Quite busy. Talk later. Dear, you really got angry? Several days later, that fat woman will give me a great deal of money. I thought to buy you a new car as soon as I get it. Really? But promise me not to hang around with others anymore. Only hang around with you. Don’t worry. Go back home first. I’ll help you. Hi, Yi Shen, Qian, are you okay? Great. But why are you crying? I have a baby. Zorro and I are over. He has been kept by a rich woman. Besides, he is a guy. What should I do? What to do? Calm down. Where are you? Wait for me. I’m. Qian? Excuse me. Who are you? I’m her It’s you who’s got my daughter pregnant. And made her baby aborted. Not me. You got the wrong person. If not, why are you so nervous? It must be you. You bastard. How could you have done this ? As an adult, you wanna dodge the column? No, it’s not what you think. I won’t let you go. You had almost killed her. My only daughter. You’ll pay the price. Mom, stop. It’s not him. How foolish you are to protect him, a bastard. It’s really not him. What’re you doing? You always don’t care about yourself. I’ve told you many times, but you never keep in mind. Each of your boybriends is bastard. Damn it. You never listen to me. Not a single word. What do you want? You’re ruining yourself, you know? My poor daughter. Hey, bro, you got your earphones lost. Thank you. Be careful. It’s very likely to hurt yourself this way. Then how should I do? First, you need adjust your position. Keep at the same length between your hands and the middle. Move this way a little bit. Right. Hold on. Keep your back straight. Exactly. Then your waist. Right. Then your chest. Stretch your shoulder. Use your chest too. Your shoulder. Move on. Well done. Great! I love it. This is for this. It’s for training your waist and your abdomen. Then lie down. Exactly. Use your left hand to support. Then right hand. Up and down. Hold on. Just wait a moment. Take a shower first? No problem. Be good and wait for me. Come on baby. What’s wrong? Hold on. I prefer some foreplay. Foreplay? Fine. A twister of twitsts once twisted a twist. You lose. Take off quickly. Don’t worry. Look these two characters. Peace and harmony. Next round. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. Come on. I win. Come on. Don’t be shy. Rita repeated what Reardon recited when Readon read the remarks Lose. Take off. Hurry. One more. The same one? How many you are wearing? Just a few. Go ahead. Fifty-five flags freely flutter from the floating frigate. Take off. Lose again. Hurry. Remove. Fine. It reads, “sex is zero”. I’ll get you with no cloth. Honey, then you’ve got none. That woman should be here soon. Come on. Still one more. A bellyband? So naughty you are. Fast. Security. That woman is coming again. Room card. Qian, I’m back. What’s the matter? Nothing. Just fell down when I was out for dinner. Have dinner now? I don’t want to. I feel a bit thirsty. I wanna a cup of mum tea, is that okay? What’s wrong? Go and get it. All right. Black tea, green tea and jasmine tea, each one is fine. Why was supposed to be that tea? Damn that violent woman. Hey, lady. How are you. Alone? Who the hell you are? Actually, I’m an actor. Just had an action. Got the same one as Liu De Hua? Absolutely. You actor? You’re nothing but a clown in life. Fell terrible. I mean you’re a terrible person, a bastard. Wanna play with me? Even you? You deserve? How shameless you are. Fuck. I didn’t expect this song to be a big hit. Just overnight, there is a surge in my fans of Weibo. So many comments that I couldn’t respond to each one. So I want to say thank you to everyone who loves my songs and supports me. Thank you all. Did you get inspiration from your own experience to write this song? Exactly. This song is about my sad love story in school. I miss that school time very much. Because love was so simple and pure at that time. I mean. Our company is planning to invest much on you to make you popular. So you must behave well at this turning point. Better no girlfriend. It’s hard to get where you are today. Don’t ruin yourself. Shen. Are you free? Didn’t sleep? What happened? I feel so useless. Never had a good boyfriend and even gonna lost my friend now. Perhaps I would stay alone forever.. Shall we meet? But you said we were only bosom friends in virtual world. It’s the time that dream shall shine into the reality. Oh my god. You’ve spent more than an hour on them. Is it necessary to be so cautious for meeting a net friend? You even haven’t met before. What if he is another baster. He isn’t. Although it’s the first time to see each other, he has been my friend for many years. Every time I was desperate, he would be there with me. He is a very important friend for me. Li. Why didn’t tell me you were in trouble? Well, I think, I can deal with it. You help me lot. It’s my turn this time. How about selling this pub to me? You’re a singer and can’t manage it at all. Then I need you. Actually I have emotions at this place and people around there. You’re here. How could be you? The Little Door-God? Exactly. Always be. I did have the courage to give you this letter and say I love you, then I missed a lot. You should marry me. No problem. Not a big deal. Well, today, actually. The film is about to begin. Let’s go. Soon. I should go now. It’s enough. You bastard. But now no matter what I’ve missed and will miss, I don’t want to miss you. Qian, may I be your boyfriend? Hurry up. Get it. ♪ If you ask me whether I really love you ♪ I think I can prove it only in my whole life ♪ If you ask me what love is ♪ I think I can answer you only in my whole life ♪ I want to be with you, be with you. Let me love you ♪ No matter how hard, If I am together with you, I’ll be glad ♪ I want to be with you, be with you. ♪ be with you always ♪ Wherever we go, If I am together with you, I’ll be calm ♪ The love stories in novels are earthshaking ♪ Many years later, I don’t admire that end any more ♪ As I know the most valuable thing is not a luxury ♪ But a person who accompanies you all the time ♪ I want to be with you, be with you. Let me love you ♪ No matter how hard, If I am together with you, I’ll be glad ♪ I want to be with you, be with you. ♪ be with you always ♪ Wherever we go, If I am together with you, I’ll be calm ♪ I want to be with you, be with you. ♪ Let me love you ♪ No matter how hard, If I am together with you ♪ I will be glad ♪ I want to be with you, be with you, be with you always ♪ Wherever we go, If I am together with you, I’ll be calm

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