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Full Cruz: House Impeachment Is ‘Kangaroo Court’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

  • Ted Cruz did a great job keeping topic on point. It's so obvious Chuck Todd clearly hates the President. He proves to lack creditability to provide actual facts. I watched Chuck Todd twist questions and thought what a baby journalist to bring up the campaign differences, which Ted Cruz laughed off.  I watched this episode on u tube because I find Meet the Press liberal basis.  I'm glad  Fox News has quality journalists.  Tucker, Hannity, Laura and the Five great!

  • When did Meet the Press become Meet the Todd? This guy is a disgrace to journalism. He cannot keep his composer. He seems to be a sniveling child in a Walmart toy aisle. I guess its Kucks world and the rest of us are just in it. Watching Todd its hard to tell if this isn't just an SNL skit.

  • Chuck Todd's dishonesty and hyper partisanship is one of the reasons NBC has developed a reputation for being Fake News and an unreliable source of news rather than propaganda.

  • I heard enough over 3 yrs that Russia, Russia. Russia did nothing about U.S. election. American people voted for American president, why media until still claim Russia. I think they hated Trump so bad. Someone might answer me this, take a white sheet of paper and dot on it a black dot and show to someone and ask them what do you see on this paper? Give me an answer… Good luck.

  • I see from reading the comments that most of the listeners of NBC don't have any interest in truth. Surprise! surprise! BTW, great job, Ted Cruz. Truth needs to be declared in the dark places of the media. I do congratulate Chuck for being brave enough to have you on and let you speak.

  • Chuck the schmuck. It's like having a debate with a 6 year old spoiled brat. Everytime Cruise points out the media's impartial prospective, Chuck throws a fit. Starts screaming Russia! Putin! It's pathetic and sad to see what's happened to our mainstream media.

  • What is wrong with these politicians? They are treating the American public like we are stupid. Hate will destroy this country.

  • Chuck, you are an absolute misinformed political hack. You are an embarrassment to the people that came before you on this once worth-watching show.

  • A misdemeanor is the same crime as a felony except you don’t go to jail. You can’t get a job with misdemeanors on your background report. Chuck Todd is just as dumb as usual.

  • If you think chuck's hair is thinning now, wait till Trump wins again in 2020! Man looks like Dr. Leo Marvin towards the end of the movie.

  • Democrats: Just tape a banana to the hearing room wall and call that an impeachable offense. Makes as much sense as anything else you've been doing.

  • Chuck todd is fake news .. he wont press democrats. . Ask comey why he violated a us citizen rights .. everyone need go watch snowden movie this excally what he warn usa about Obama was doing spying on usa citizens. .

  • So I guess Chick Todd thought the Ukrainians didn't interfere…. what was Anna Chlupa doing over there then? On behalf of the DNC?

  • You are such a jerk. So rude , you ask a question and then immediately talk over him. Lie constantly. What are you going to say when the truth comes out about Obama, Pelosie, Kerry, Bidens and Ukraine. Your head is going to explode and it will come out.

  • Chuck Todd has real clown show going on …. I used to watch Meet the Press prior to the Trump Campaign and Election Win …. they have degenerated into a Democrat Circus with Bozo juggling platitudes and falsehoods … notice how Chuckles didn't respond to the Hunter Biden allegations but immediately tried to deflect and change the subject … every time Senator Cruz delivered facts Chuckles tried to throw out some garbage but Cruz wouldn't take the bait … MSNBC "Fake News"

  • Ted Cruz has argued in front of the Supreme Court 9 times. He was an exceptional trial Attorney in the private sector. Chuck Todd, on the other hand, is a moron and a Democratic spokesman.

  • I have a question for the Senator why are migrant children dying in cages in his state? I have a 1st amendment right to ask this question. why is the Senator prostrating for Trump defending his false narrative when real children's lives are being lost in cages in his state of Texas? Well, sir?

  • The idea that Trump hasn’t been tough on Russia is a straight joke if you simply look at the policies. The aid Ukraine is getting aid that Obamas admin would not approve in the first place.

  • Just for the record, who provoke Russia? who created the Ukraine's crisis? It is Obama! He approved the support for the Color Revolution in Ukraine and challenge the core interest of Russia. We create an enemy for ourselves.

  • Big Tech is trying to interfere with our elections, American political operatives are trying to interfere with our elections, illegal aliens are trying to interfere with our elections… It’s more than just hostile foreign powers, and America should look inward with respect to election security.

  • Chuckie boy got his lunch eaten. When he saw he was badly losing the argument, what did the goof do? He tries to drag up dirt from 3 years ago. Total slimeball and stooge for the Dems. Can he bend over any lower for Shifty Schiff? Drop those pants, Chuck.

  • Chuck Todd is the most unprofessional talking head out there. He's like a little girl getting upset, rolling his eyes, constant interruption..biggest baby on the news

  • Chuckie appreciates Senator Cruz "coming on and sharing… views." I would appreciate Chuckie coming on and sharing the news.

  • ted cruz what does trump have on you!? were you friends with epstein too or how much money has he offered you from the 35 million that he has withheld from the Ukraine? demon! liar!

  • If you are in politics you need to have a thick skin. Cruz is a politician so campaign rhetoric ends with the campaign. You want to hear something more outrageous than Lying Ted? Biden said Romney wanted to re-enact slavery. What about that? Pretty sure the former Governor of one of the most liberal states in the nation Massachusetts didn't get elected on the platform or re-enacting slavery. That is literally the most outrageous slanderous thing I have ever heard out of the mouth of a politician.

  • Cruz is nothing more than just another disgustingly shameless fascist sycophant of Drumpf’s. This goon obviously, strategically placed a copy of his nasty rag of a book as well as a copy of “Caesar” in the background for the camera. I’m surprised that a copy of “1984”, “The Art of the Deal” and Hitlers “Mein Kampf” are not in frame as well. SHILL!


  • I haven't encountered Chuck Todd before. We have a short time on earth, is that time best spent lying to people, so of whom actually trust you.

  • Full Cruz: House Impeachment Is 'Kangaroo Court'

    Cruz is misleading the public again. The House of Representatives is not putting Trump on Trial. They are gathering evidence of wrongdoing by the President and his appointees ( This is called an INVESTIGATION) . When the House has completed their INVESTIGATIONS, they then write Articles of Impeachment completing the impeachment part and then passes them off to the senate where the President will be ON TRIAL in a KANGAROO COURT run by REPUBLICANS to decide if he is to be removed.

  • Chucky is so pathetic it is funny…….all he knows is fantasy….
    and does nothing but interrupt Cruz…….
    what a loser…

  • Chuck Todd is covering for the Deep State Democrats. What happened to unbiased media, it doesn’t exist anymore.. There is no evidence for impeachment. Chuck you should be ashamed of your work….

  • Chuck why won’t you talk about Joe Biden & Hunter Biden and their corruption???
    The media doesn’t talk about c creepy Joe & his son Hunter why???

  • Clutches their pearls hilarious!!! Democrats attacked this administration because of something Trump said now they're looking for something he did/ is doing. They're going to turn America into Detroit!

  • Todd is the typical democrat moron who is still whining over 2016. Get use to the idea that Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

  • We the American people are turning away from MSM because you do not cover the news. Chuck do you ever talk about the jobs POTUS has created, the vet bill, the right to try Bill, job numbers or any of the great things POTUS has done for America. The Dems never do anything for the American people. Name 5 great thing Obummer did for the American people just 5. The Democrats are done!!! The American people will not take this crap anymore.
    Chuck avoids talking about Hunter Biden, what a joke! America turns to alternative media for the news!!!! MSM is over!

  • Ted Cruz has won me over, for now. After all that Trump did and said against Ted Cruz and still, Ted Cruz is willing to put that aside and focus on the evidence and issues at hand. That is a very impressive skill that I would suggest very few people have.

  • Chuck Todd is no journalist, he is such a democrat hack. Turned off NBC News years ago. He couldn't shine Tim Russert shoes.

  • If this A-hole knows ALL the answers then why does he even bother having guests on to ‘interview’?!
    Just an observation: My 8 year old son’s hands are bigger and manlier than Shmuck-Wads!🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻

  • So, when you're out of arguments – start laughing at your opponent, put labels on him, and dig out some garbage stories from, literally, the Enquirer. Is this the best liberal media can do?

  • Hey Chuck, you would do well to accept that Cruz is one of the best in the world at debating. He has also written on our Constitution and holds a law degree. All you have is the MSM narrative and 4am talking points. Politico reported on Ukraine interference in the 2016 election shortly after it occurred. The Ukrainian government says the interfered in our election. Why bother arguing? I know you're there to support the Democrats. But could you please be a little more factually accurate?

  • AMAZING! When you do not allow some one to speak, there must be a reason, clearly this hack of a reporter fears on many levels just what Sen T Cruz might say 'the Truth". How can any honest person with moral value not see thru this bag of Schift.

  • Chuck Todd over the past 4 years has gone from left leaning to democratic operative. Really over the past year. He wants ratings he wants blood. He’s stupid.

  • These promoters of the democratic party are so bias. Where was all their hate for Trump 5yrs ago? 8yrs ago? How is he all these bad things they say only since becoming president?

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