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From Grammy Awards to winning an Oscar, Jamie Foxx is Cool! Check out our Fun Facts about Jamie!

Going from being adopted at an early age,
to winning and Oscar; stay tuned for more with fun facts about Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx is a comedian, actor and singer,
born on December 13th in 1967. Starting off with fact number one, Jamie Foxx
was adopted at a young age by his maternal grandparents at only 7 months old. This happened after his parents didn’t get
along and his grandparents stepped in and adopted Jamie. With sports like many young men, Jamie Foxx
enjoyed playing them. As a young man he enjoyed playing basketball
and football and became the youngest player at his high school to pass for over 1000 yards With fact number three, Jamie Foxx many have
seen him play the piano including his role in Ray Charles, but that was not fake work
his pants skills. Jamie Foxx began playing the piano at the
age of five and even played with and led his church choir. With fact number four Jamie Foxx’s career
as a comedian came from a dare. That is where a girlfriend challenged him
to participate in an Open Mic Night and his career blossomed from there. With our final fact Jamie Foxx has received
many awards, but on the highest level of acting and in the world of music Jamie Foxx has received
an Oscar for his performance in Ray and also Grammy Awards for songs with Kanye West and
T-Pain. Hey, that is all for my friends and thanks
for hanging with us as we share fun facts about Jamie Foxx. We hope you enjoyed hanging with us and for
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