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#FridayReads, Update, & Liveshow! | March 25, 2016

Happy Friday everybody! Today I’m going to
do Friday Reads, a liveshow announcement, and also thank yous to people who have subscribed
to me over the last week and the people who have mentioned me in videos. Thank you everybody!
I’ve had an influx of subscriptions so I know new people are watching me now. I feel like
I should reintroduce myself! My name is Rachel. I read science fiction and fantasy and short
fiction, and that’s probably why you subscribed. It’s pure coincidence that I went on a week-long
video making break right after last Thursday’s video. I had to take some time off to just
relax and do some other things. I should be back to my usual video making schedule soon,
but how soon depends on how much time I have this weekend to get back in the groove with
filming. Liveshow announcement: Nicole from Nicole’s Adventures in SFF is hosting kind
of an impromptu Hugo nominations and stuff liveshow this Saturday, the 26th, and I’m
going to be participating in it along with a bunch of other wonderful BooktubeSFF creators.
It’s going to be at 1:30 PM Pacific Time, which is 3:30 PM my time in Central, and 4:30
Eastern, and I believe it’s 8:30 [???] in the UK. With Daylight Savings Time, I’m really
confused about international timezones right now! But if you’re interested in Hugo nominations
and award related things, join us because I’m pretty sure that’s all we’re going to
be talking about. And now for Friday Reads. I haven’t had as
much time to read this week but I am in the middle of three things. The first one is I
am rereading Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner, but this time I’m listening to it on audiobook
because Winx mentioned how great the audiobook version of this was in her Top 5 Wednesday
audiobooks video. And I had an Audible credit, I was just like I want to go listen to that…
Ellen Kushner narrates it. She used to be in radio; she has a great voice. I love listening
to her talk. There’s also a full cast with other people doing characters’ voices; there
are sound effects and music. And I’m really enjoying it. I’m going to take this one slowly
because I already know the story, I already know the characters, I know what’s going to
happen, which means I can just relax and listen to the audiobook. Oftentimes I have a hard
time keeping track of characters and plots in novels on audiobook. It’s just too much
for me to take in just listening to it; I prefer to read those kind of things on the
page. But – this time I already know everything, so it’s a completely different experience. My main read right now is Kingfisher by Patricia
McKillip. This is her new fantasy novel that came out in February, and I’ve been looking
forward to it ever since I discovered it was coming out. I really like McKillip’s type
of fantasy and this is no exception. It’s a very McKillip type of book. It is set in
like a contemporary fantasy world, but it is a secondary world or more like alternate
history. I would describe it as modern day Arthurian court and like adventures, like
there’s actually a quest for a magical item in this, it’s just super Arthurian and Knights
of the Round Table. But it is contemporary and modern, in that there are cars and highways
and cell phones, while at the same time that there are sorceresses and knights and kings
and magical artifacts. The story so far is focused on Pierce Oliver, a young man whose
mother is a sorceress and she has hidden him away from the rest of the world. But at the
beginning of the book she finally breaks down and tells him who his father was, that he
has other relatives out there, and he suddenly leaves home headed towards the capital city,
Severluna, where he is kind of told he’ll have a place at the king’s court and along
the way he comes across people with secrets and those magical artifacts. There’s this
overwhelming sense that everything is trapped in a spell. There’s this secret, this thing
that happened years and years and years ago, and all the older people – the parents of
these characters – won’t talk about it, at the same time that they seem to think it’s
really important that their kids know what’s going on. But there’s a veil over everything.
There’s this spell that needs to be broken and the right person needs to walk into the
story and free everybody so they can do something and talk about it. So far I’m really enjoying
it; it’s incredibly easy to read and I’ll probably finish it this weekend. And yes, I am still reading Pandora’s Star
by Peter F. Hamilton! I was doing a group read with people and I think I’m the only
person who hasn’t finished the book yet, so… I’m sorry, guys. I’ve talked about this book
– mentioned it – a couple times in previous videos and I’ve never actually said what it
was about, so I should do that! This is a hard science fiction novel. I believe it’s
the first book in the Commonwealth Saga but Hamilton has written multiple series in the
Commonwealth world that he’s created. In this one, it’s 300 or 400 years in the future.
Humanity has been colonizing the galaxy in waves because we now have wormhole technology
and one day an astronomer notices that a star just disappears. It doesn’t explode (or whatever),
it just disappears in the blink of an eye. They theorize that it has been enclosed in
a Dyson sphere, which indicates that there is a very technologically advanced alien life
out there. And humanity starts building a space ship – with a wormhole generator on
it – to go to the star and discover what’s going on and if there is a threat to humanity.
And there is apparently a group that wants to sabotage the spaceship project. There are
a lot of characters. There are a lot of storylines. And since I’m only about a third of the way
through, most of these plotlines haven’t converged yet and I don’t know how they’re connected.
For example, there’s a detective who’s investigating a cold case murder — I have NO idea how
this is related to the Dyson star project and the spaceship at all, but I will get there
eventually. But it is a very dense, complex book. It’s very long, and I’ve been in a strange
reading mood in the month of March, where my brain just can’t get into this very well.
I just forget things too much or I’m disinterested in just reading long things. But – I keep
chipping away at it! Those are my plans. This is Easter weekend
though I have zero plans for Easter. I will probably just stay home… and read a book!
But let me know how your Friday is and what your plans are for the weekend, and I will
talk to you again soon. Bye!

  • No you've got the GMT right at least according to the internet. It's currently 8.30pm in the UK and 3.30pm CST. Kingfisher sounds really interesting, may have to add that one to the tbr. Can't wait to see you wrap it up!

  • Happy Good Friday! I would LOVE to join you this weekend and just read a book!! My in-laws and husband have bought so much stuff for the kids Easter baskets- that never happened in my family. We got a chocolate bar and a plastic Easter egg huntπŸ˜† CONGRATS on the new subscribers! Loved hearing everyone shout you out this past week. Totally understand taking a filming mini-break. As for the reading, certain months it's just hard to concentrate on elaborate plots/characters. Most of the time I don't even know why that's the case! Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend Rachel! Xoxo

  • We're still on GMT until after the liveshow (it changes that night) so I think you're right there πŸ˜€
    Good luck with all the booky books πŸ˜€ Especially that Pandora's Star… bleugh

  • A liveshow the following two weekends, should be fun πŸ™‚ I've taken the hint already, I'll try McKillip. Your enthusiasm for her is really impressive. Your description of Pandora's was really good, especially considering where you are with it.
    My plans are watching you and the others tomorrow and reading; lots of reading.

  • Oh yay! I'm excited you decided to try out the audio version of Swordspoint! Can't wait to hear what you think of it compared to the physical version! πŸ˜€ Looking forward to the liveshow πŸ™‚

  • hello to you as well πŸ˜‰ nice video and mentioned books seem really interesting πŸ˜‰ thanks for this video;)

  • Oh wow I'm curious about Swordspoint audiobook! I like when authors narrate their own books. Kingfisher sounds awesomeee. Hope you have a good Sunday! πŸ™‚

  • Hi!

    I'm one of the new viewers and I'm from Chile. πŸ™‚ I also love sci-fi and fantasy so I'm really looking forward to watching your videos and discovering more interesting books and, hopefully, a friend who shares my interests.

    Nice to meet you! πŸ˜€

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