Fred Rogers inducted into the TV Hall of Fame

  • To all the adults reading this and have watched Mr. Rodgers, God bless you, for all these that haven’t, listen to those and learn, and God bless you too

  • Mr. Roger, God bless his soul, must be turning in his grave how the television enterprise has become. With social media and the ideology of leftist, marxists, lgbtq etc are using this to push their agendas, especially through the young children.
    We do need a Mr. Roger and others like him to step up for the sake of the children and of the whole world. For a real brighter future of love for one another. To love our neighbors as ourselves. And to love God.

  • Crying immediately with Jeff coming out. God Bless you Jeff and Fred. I'm old enough to remember the first memory – never saw this one, but the moment Jeff came out . . .

  • Fred Rogers represented the best of us. The best of what we could be. He always saw the best in us and always showed kindness and compassion regardless of who someone was or what they did. This world will always need more people like him.

  • The way his jaw dropped and how he climbed the stage when he saw him.. trully genuine, and what wonderful and heartfelt speech he gave too.

  • I Remember I Watched You As A Kid Mr. Rogers I Loved How Interesting Your Show Was And Fun Didnt Really Understand It But I Enjoyed Every Moment Of It Now I Know …Thank You Sir You Were An A Amzing Person With The Wisest Words Spreading All Your Love Kindess And Tenderness Soul God Bless You ..
    RIP Mr Rogers Never Forgotten🙏

  • This man is one of the most important people I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. I love you Mister Rogers

  • When I was in elementary school, every day they would tell us, “treat others the way you would like to be treated.” It’s such a simple concept but those words have stuck with me through the decades and I still live by that code- The Golden Rule, they call it. Just remember that one, simple phrase and this world will be a far better place. Remind yourself, every day, that people are just like you and have problems just like you. Arguing and fighting and calling people names is not going to help humanity in any way. The smallest gesture, such as helping someone walk across the road, will create a ripple effect and your small, good deed will cause so much goodness. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

  • Wow 171 people didn't like his speech,well guess what.? Mr Rogers still welcomes you in his neighborhood. Your very welcome

  • A beautiful man!
    I watched him as an adult.
    He was truly a special special man!
    We need his calmness and teachings so much now.
    We need a beacon like Fred Rogers today so badly!
    RIP Mr. Rogers and thanks for all that you did.

  • Ehrlichkeit währt am längsten. Deswegen glaube ich an die menschliche Intelligenz! ❤️… #Nächstenliebe

  • We need more Mr. Rogers and less Hollywood in our lives. He is saying not to hate and love each other because its our only chance.

  • The utter silence while Mr Rogers talks… The one person who has ever been so universally respected and loved. There will never be someone quite so warm and kind as this man.

  • 🙏 Mr Rogers is the best. the expression on Fred's face was priceless when Jeff came out. I grew up watching Mr Rogers. Nothing will ever compare. Sad that Jeff passed but he and Fred are together I'm sure.

  • That moment you feel Mr Rogers just being overwhelmingly happy to see his friend , being himself , I’m speechless, this man was more than a legend
    We would need him now more than ever

  • I was born in 1972, and grew up with Mr. Rogers. It was a safe place. It was a loving place. He is missed. I wish to be more like him, with a kind heart.

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