Fred Astaire Accepts the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1981

mr. Astaire oh now comes the hard part I really I really have had such a marvelous time I don't know how to start or how to finish and I haven't had one drink um let me let me just get to it this way this is a wonderful way to celebrate 75th I thought seventy sixth year in show business as was mentioned before as some people may know my sister and I had a vaudeville act for years and I have to say that that my sister Adele was most mostly responsible for my being in show business she was the whole show she really was they're all abroad relax we had on the musical comedies we did together Delhi was the one that was the signing light and I was just there pushing away and then all of a sudden she got married I went on by myself and I did all that I didn't I really didn't realize it it all right Christmas I saw things up things up there that I don't remember doing yeah and then I'm glad to say I liked what I saw I did I said my gosh I don't know that was that good it really looked good to me I think I think the one you when you do a movie I'm sure Jean would agree with me you go back to look at it I mean the dance stuff you you should go back and look at it on and you're a little disappointed in what you see you because a lot of times after you beat the floor to a pulp you you you think that you've done so much and you when you finally see it on the screen but of course that looks as if it's standing still just just like that you just do something don't just stick up there now I want to thank a laugh a lot of people the people that took all the trouble to come here tonight and from foreign countries and so forth and it's very difficult to go out through the names and since they've already been talking and mentioned enough I just I could I could cry I really could but I mean I'm if I had a know little thing that I could squirt in my I could I could cry I had a letter from from ginger saying that she you know it's sort of what you heard before and it was very cute it's about that long like I couldn't read half of it was her handwriting is was very fancy but I'm going to go home and study that when I again back press her heart she's a terrific gal and she works like crazy all the times he done and I love all the beautiful gals that I've danced with they're just well it's just hard to explain it it's just it's it's wonderful they're they're all so good so darn good now I'm going to say good night and I've forgotten something it's because I really did forget or have forgotten there's a lot more to say and I think it's getting late oh my goodness thank you so much I'm thrilled to death I can't explain it any more than that I really can't thank


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