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Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy 2019 Trophy Thruster Division Highlights

Yeah, having the contest here in such a beautiful location is so cool. The deserted little islands with beautiful blue
water and amazing waves, it’s exactly what you expect when you come to the Maldives. And it always delivers it. The QS is such a tough, tough life and…you go to an event and there’s a thousand people that are going ‘Aaargh!’. And here there’s 5 people
and going ‘Ah!’. And the waves are pumping so it’s the complete opposite in every way, it’s an awesome experience Surfing with Pele’ here at his home spot in
the Maldives is so cool. I mean everyone here is incredible, they’re so
welcoming and warm-hearted, it’s it’s unreal. And Pele’ is such a ripper as well, we were having such a good time the last few days, just swapping waves and
cheering each other on, and that’s what surfing’s all about, it’s sharing the experience and riding perfect waves. Jeez, that the Maldives are the ultimate
playground. Just every type of condition for every type of activity and on top of it,
you know when the surfing is ‘supposedly’ not good? It’s firing. And on top of
that here they people are incredible, I mean where we’re staying at the Four Seasons,
it’s just like probably one of the nicer places I’ve ever stayed for any
surf trip. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be hard to top, so I better just
enjoy it while I can. Ah jeez, it’s definitely confidence-building when you are able to compete against, you know, some WCT legends and take out a win in any conditions, and especially in really good waves, it feels really good. I’d love to definitely do some more QSs just because it seems like competing against the best in the world really brings the best surfing out for me. I love to compete. I’m super competitive so it’s fun, to, you know, throw my hat in the ring

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