Four Greater Lafayette breweries medal at Indiana Brewers' cup

are in for the 21st annual Brewers Cup the competition is separated into home brewers and professional Brewers hundreds of beers are entered into the competition which is part of the Indiana State Fair News 18s Isabelle Caruso joins us in studio this morning it's Abela a few of the professional Brewers were awarded from our area yeah greater Lafayette really showed up to this year's Indiana Brewers Cup we have a lot of great craft beer being brewed in our area and that did not go unnoticed at this year's competition the art of brewing is a tough one to master yeah my beers my beers not perfect but apparently greater Lafayette is pretty good at it Murray is really for breweries in Greater Lafayette took home medals from the 2019 Indiana Brewers cup out of nearly seven hundred beers entered in the professional competition these guys Bruce stood out brokerage Brewing Company in West Lafayette took home two golds and a bronze diamond Wagner in Lafayette was awarded a silver you feel like you can actually do this like you actually belong in this industry Hayes River in Lafayette was also awarded a silver the main thing is just to keep improving as a brewer and backstep Brewing Company in Crawfordsville was recognized as the second best brewery in the state I take a very scientific approach rather than a creative approach trying to make the same beer every single time all four of these guys are working to bring the craft beer community to Lafayette and while these four Brewers each have their own style of beer they all agree that the customer's opinion will always trump a judge's if I have a beer that the judges you know think is garbage but the people love and enjoy and socialize here then I'm not going to change that quality is really what was to be less important to the consumer I could grew the most true to style person of B Rex in the world but if it doesn't resonate it what the folks who are sitting at the bar then yes it's a one-and-done sort of deal ultimately I want to make people that come in to drink our beer happy and and if it prevents that beer from say picking up a medal because it's not quite in that style and that's fine well in the spirit of keeping it local another fun tidbit to share about all of these breweries is that they all operate with bleakman engineering from Lafayette you gotta love that but it's no doubt that there are a lot of breweries that have been popping up all over the state and especially in our area within the last few years or so but apparently we still don't have as many breweries now as we did pre-prohibition I'll tell you more about that in my next report that's coming up in 30 minutes isabella Caruso news 18 all right Isabelle thank you very much

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