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Fotografía de producto para e commerce – Curso online de Andrés Calderón

Hi, I’m Andrés Calderón, a photographer and audiovisual director
specializing in products. I own an audiovisual workshop
and we love taking on highly technical challenges,
adding special effects and working with production teams, but also more simple projects,
with nothing but my face and sunlight. I worked for important brands,
both national and international, such as Starbucks,
Beckett Simonon, Nestlé, L’Oréal and many others. I love product photography because it affords me
great freedom in my shots and, with nothing but
a camera and natural light, I can achieve forceful results. I love studying the effects of light
at different times of day and knowing the right treatment for the different materials
of our products. You can achieve incredible results
and professional photographs with nothing but the light
from a window and a cellphone, and the best thing is that
these projects are inexpensive and easily set up. In this Domestika course we will use
the light coming in from a window to generate high-quality
product photographs. As final project, we will portray
three products in different positions for an online shop. First we’ll learn about
the geometry of our products and then I’ll talk about
my personal approach to natural light. We’ll do a checklist of all our tools and set up
our composition next to a window. Then we’ll take general
and close-up shots, and learn about overhead shots. In post-production,
we’ll select the material and then we’ll color and develop it. Finally, we’ll clean up
and export the material. At the end of the course you’ll have a professional photo session
ready to publish on the web. For this, you’ll need
a good command of your camera, but if you don’t have one,
you can also use a cellphone. You’ll also need a tripod, styrofoam, white and color paper,
tracing paper and tape, a table, a computer with Photoshop,
and most importantly, a window. Beauty is in the details: you can start unveiling them
with a camera and natural light. Product Photography for E-commerce
A course by Andrés Calderón Sing up at Create. Share. Learn.


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