Fortnite Champ Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf Wins $3 Million | E! News

the fortnight world cup happened over the weekend in New York 200 young people fought it out for a variety of very large cash prize as well I guess very large the highest-end but the winner was a six-year-old named Kyle who took home the grand prize of three million dollars I mean it seems like it pays for some people to be playing video games but like what kind of message does this send to kids everywhere that you could play more for a fortnight yeah then you could have a teenager game is sports yeah anything you want to be like this is a whole new playing ground it's the same I deal with like YouTube where back in the day that first came up parents are like stop uploading those videos through that website stop talking to your camera my kids locked up in his bedroom for hours at a time talking to a DSLR or rebel Canon and now we're seeing kids being paid millions of dollars just to unbox toys like it's just a different the other the other beat in this story was this kid in South Korea who was it Oh me but we're not doing it oh yeah she's a youtuber who bought like an eight million dollar home because she has a YouTube channel where she just plays with toys yeah yeah and that Nord that notoriety like if you're you know whatever I'm just gonna pick a toy company Hasbro and you're like you know you're like playing with toys hazards like we're gonna send you all the toys we're sort of tacitly sponsors and sponsoring this thing and then you hit like seventeen when you're kind of figuring stuff out and you're like here's this racist thing that I just thought you know I put it out there to the world it has bros like oh no no no not okay with us I mean but that's like the that's like the exactly we're just talking about you're in a you know the money the eyeballs puts you at a at a level where maybe you're not ready to be at yet good on this kid for good on good for this kid yeah I'm making three million dollars is this is for this one for the solo portion of this tournament that's more money than the purse for Wimbledon it's more money than the purse for the Masters Skol tournament by like a substantial a fairly substantial amount and he would have had less training for it oh that's what you need hours he's been locked up in his room going every night maybe less physically he's had maybe had to do less push-ups but his thumb games the the second the runner up guy their owner up who came in second to this dude is 24 and at 24 he's like I'm the old guy in this competition because your reflexes and you're like Garrity is like it's gonna peak at some point look I think that you get better with age but like for video games you might you might H out at like my pottery because pottery is a lot of some work it's almost like good training oh girl are you about to join next year's competition yeah Melanie Bromley fortnight also by Monster Energy I'll do it Swedish Cassady Cassie's as pro gamers train mal they train as hard as traditional athletes may have a short career like gymnasts oh I do it I would totally do it Lumiere's is well hopefully some of that money goes towards his education Marla says II eSports career stop at like 25 yeah I don't necessarily know this like well I don't know I would say I don't know this is a lifelong thing that you can do maybe do it for a short period of time but you know there are YouTube gamers who make Ninja is it is a YouTube gamer who makes like the most amount of money on YouTube and he plays video games and people watch him people watch as defining this kid certainly is on that track my five-year-old loves for tonight I now have high hopes for him that's right play as much as possible II I have to study for a test tomorrow have you finished your fortnight


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