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we really are pushing the boundaries here informally if we race all-electric cars and it's the only championship in the world where the car is powered purely by the battery and the electric motors the future is electric and the reason we're doing that is because of the environment by reducing emissions and about having clean mobility and it's an incredible platform to be part of it's an incredibly important mission for all of us to not only safeguard the future but do it in a way that gets people's attention and engaging and entertaining way you know come from a traditional background from a you know internal combustion engine background you know I've grown up through a guards uniform on three four months or so big v8 and v6 turbos in the whole life so it's been a bit different but racing wise it's extremely competitive so for the driver it's a great call to be Pottle we have a 52 kilowatt hour youthful energy battery that uses lithium-ion cells and much like your your mobile phone we then deliver that energy through an inverter into an electric motor delivering drive to the rear wheels but then uniquely also are pushing the brake pedal under braking for a corner the motor turns into a generator and actually allows us to put energy back into the battery so informally we start the race with not enough energy to finish the race and the reason we can it's because we're putting energy back into the battery as we race but it is a really important part of the strategy because you have to determine when you're attacking and going flat out when you can afford to put energy back in because when you're doing that you're potentially susceptible to be overtaken so it's really a kind of a game of chess at high speed from season 1 to season 4 we had two cars per driver so in the middle of the race that that driver needed to swap the car in order to finish the race so for this year season five it was the first time that we have the generation 2 car so in only four seasons we have been able to double the capacity of the battery so one of the unique things with formula is we have a certain number of common components the chassis and the 52 kilo our battery is the same for every team on the grid then be exciting with the weekend develop is the powertrain and that's the electric motor the inverter the gearbox the rear suspension and the software are open for our development so all the investment that we put in as a manufacturer is focused on the electric vehicle powertrain and that's why driving this technology forward to make the cars that you and I would drive in the future even better at JK race' we have already a number of learnings that we've taken from this program that we are applying to future production cars understanding how we make things lighter and more efficient so we can drive faster for longer that's not to mention the space race informally which is software development you know whereas it used to be about getting greasy and dirty it's actually now about the coating you put into these cars and makes you faster and that can be developed a race on race so these cars are getting faster all the way through the season because of the coating and the software work that we're doing in a state like New York is absolutely amazing I don't think any other champion from the world will be able to achieve that because of the nature of the technology having opti no emissions very low in sounds allows us to race in these city centers and that has really really cool Mitch Evans at the inside of that door I think he's got whatever this year we have done 13 races in 11 different cities and races have been in Saudi Arabia and Mexico and gone Rome Paris Berlin and now in New York you know in racing places like here in New York you have to stop the city but if you're stopped in the city for an important reason you're telling that the future is about clean energy and as a way of making a statement the way of indicating either regulation change or just a change of culture four or five six years ago Eevee's had different barriers the price the cars were not cool look the word perceive has not cooled and there were no quick Natalie didn't last for long so formula e is showing that they can go faster they're cool and that the battery lasts for quite a long time so breaking those barrier is the main asset that the formula e offers to the big manufacturers hey NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching


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