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former UEFA president Michel Platini has been detained in connection with an investigation into the award of the 2022 soccer world cup to Qatar in 2010 now Platini is being held for questioning by French authorities at the anti-corruption office outside Paris the decision to award the tournament to Qatar was highly controversial Latini has originally said he was going to vote for the US and then changed his mind after a meeting with the leader of the Gulf State for more on the story I'm joined by Jonathan crane from DW sports desk welcome Jonathan first of all how significant is this development well this is a very major develop they're very significant developments I think in a story that's never really gone away because ever since Qatar was awarded the 2022 World Cup back in 2010 there's been this shadow of alleged corruption hanging over it Michel Platini was one of the people as we said who voted for Qatar sitting on FIFA's like his Executive Committee at the time Platini is a legend of French football he was the way for president the head of European football's governing body back then so he had a vote he was even ticked actually to replace then FIFA president Sepp Blatter before the PES downfall in 2015 so he really is a big fish a big fish in tell us now about the investigation what's going on well beyond his detention we don't really know too much at this stage as you said he's been taken to this anti-corruption office west of Paris that story first reported by the French outlet media Park has now been confirmed by French judicial authorities but because it's an ongoing ongoing investigation they really can't say too much more at this stage where were yet to hear from platini's lawyer Platini has consistently denied any wrongdoing what we do know is the French authorities have been investigating the bidding process into the 2018 and 2022 World Cups looking at things like corruption influence-peddling also detained a Sophie Dion who was former sports advisor to then French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his right-hand man for right Herman Claude gale also been taken in for questioning but as a witness and I understand a Johnathan that the investigators are particularly interested in a meeting Michel Platini had back in 2010 what happened well there's always been a lot of intrigue over platini's choice to vote for Qatar back in 2010 the meeting as you mentioned was held in secret in Paris just before that vote it was hosted by then President Nicolas Sarkozy Platini was present so was the then Crown Prince of Qatar who's now the Emir now basically Platini had promised Sepp Blatter according to Sepp Blatter that he was going to vote for the United States there was this gentlemen's agreement Platini then according to Blatter rode back on that promise to vote for Qatar now he's denied it was because Sarkozy told him to specifically no Platini himself as admitted he knew it was probably the right thing that he should be doing but Jonathan back in 2017 FIFA's own investigation found no corruption in the bidding process so what's changed yeah this is the Garcia report finally released in 2017 is that there was no evidence of improper activity by the bid team and though it did also say didn't quite meet the standards required but alongside this FIFA investigation we've also had other judicial investigations the French one there's a Swiss one we know the FBI in the United States is also looking into FIFA because the decision to award Qatar this tournament has always raised eyebrows temperatures in the summer reach 50 degrees hardly ideal for playing football and though the tournament has now been pushed to the winter I think the questions about Qatar have never gone away and this is the latest development in this long story and we'd have to see where this investigation goes Jonathan crane from DW sports says thank you very much

  • not surprise there, FIFA and many other sport organizations are corrupt and lack of oversight, but FIFA is a whole league different because there are huge money in football.

  • Germany bought 2006 against South Africa. USA must wait. Or do they think regime change will for them again?

  • If it wasn’t for the USA pulling the plug, and ignored by all the other other so called clean countries the corruption would still be ongoing.Too many milking the cow.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • everyone knows that Qatar bought the world cup, not the first won't be the last. But the reason the
    vote to hold it there has to be rerun. Is because the votes were cast for a summer world cup.
    Then its changed to a Winter world cup, which makes the vote void. As long as we allow, a group of self selected corrupt people to run our game what chance is there of anything changing.
    Infantino is as bad as Blatter. There should be strict rotation system. Europe America, Asia, Africa. Australasia.
    and Countries from those continents invited to put their names forward, this should then be decided without any visits any meetings and no contact between Countries. But in 100 years we will still have thieves travelling the world staying in the best hotels paying 1000 euros for a bottle of wine, and accepting bribes. Shame.

  • If it’s only Europe to host World Cup, then the tournament is useless. Just name it European cup too..
    If America the country that rarely participate sees Africa and some Asian countries hosting the tournament is a crime then we wonder why we still have to. I think there’s something wrong with us too.

  • US isn't behind football like other countries we still call it soccer thanks to all the Moms! Pele would be like what's that?

  • FIFA Organization is the most corrupt in the world because its Headquarters based in Switzerland . Swiss is well known as the most corrupted people in this planet so they know the subject .


  • It's because the US lost the ballot and now accuse Platini of corruption. This is typical Assmerika way of saying "I am jealous".

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